Pokemon Court Chapter 869

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 869th chapter of the grass star channel is passed on to people, floating astronomy
    "Mr. Terrance, I’ve summed up your Rival’s most likely lineup of elves this time. Would you like to see it?”

    Ever Grande City, the day before the tenth game, assistant Sharan ran to Terrance with the latest information.

    "Is it speculative? Forget itTerrance shook his head.

    There are 13 Rival's common elves, and as long as this range is not available, everything is within the reach of Terrance.

    Well, okay then.Assistant Sharan was a little sad. I wanted to work hard to get praise. I didn't expect Terrance to need it…

    This match can be said to be a match between Terrance and the Masters. At the beginning of this battle, Terrance's Rival will be the real celebrity, close to the top Trainer.

    If Terrance does not send Altaria, the strength of this Rival has initially threatened Terrance.

    Three top-level combat forces, and can also combine different kinds of three elves close to the top-level combat power, Terrance this time Rival is not a small one, is a dojo in the city of the city of the dojo.

    Located in the waters of the Kanto Region and the Orange Islands, the city of Seven Miles is also a sea city.

    But there is another name there, which is the cradle of Trainer.

    With the advent of modernization, the city of Qilu has not fully developed science and technology, but has always retained the tradition of Trainer. The characteristic of this city is that there is no hall in it. Instead, there are various kinds of dojos.

    The so-called dojo is the predecessor of the pavilion, the name of the elf Alliance before its founding, and the founders are mostly the masters of a certain genre.

    Such as grass stars, water turbulence, rock flow, etc…

    The Toxic move was in ancient times and was one of the genres. The founder was a Ninja.

    Of course, the dojo has also fallen, and there is no glory in ancient times. The Fighting dojo that Terrance touched at Kanto Saffron City is one of the dojos. Its leader, Kiyo, is good, but it is far from the top Trainer.

    And Terrance's Rival is a specialized Trainer, also a grass star.

    “It is rumored that this city of Seven Miles is the town that has gone out of the Trainer and has long wanted to have a Trainer for a while.”Terrance said to himself.

    According to the survey, in the Trainer who successfully participated in the Kanto Region Indigo Plateau Conference every year, the Rookie Trainer in Qiyu City has the largest proportion. From this point, it is enough to see the extraordinary place.

    With the arrival of the second Trainer tide, the status of each of Dojo's dojos has also risen, and the deep avenues are not inferior to well-known pavilions.

    In the way of Terrance's understanding, the ancient pavilion chose the Trainer genre belonging to the Elf Alliance, and its owners were treated by the Alliance civil servants.

    The dojo is the Trainer genre that still develops on its own and does not have too much intersection with the Elf Alliance. This kind of dojo is mostly profitable.


    Ever Grande City, the day before the battle, Terrance did not train, but a rare relaxation, came to the city for a walk.

    Ever Grande City There are a lot of flowers here, and it is also the land of Zhong Xiu. There are often Butterfree and Beautifly flying over the sea of flowers.

    There are also quite a few Trainers who have released their own Butterfree and Beautifly to let them play in the sea of flowers.

    "It's beautiful, right?"

    Terrance passed by a flower field, stood by a fence, squatted on it, half-squinting, relaxing and admiring. Not long after, a fragrant wind came, a woman appeared next to Terrance.

    The women's dress is very strange, and the dress of the modern people is very different, letting Terrance think of the inhabitants of the ancient kingdoms and ancient peoples living in the remote Region.

    "you are?"For this sudden woman, Terrance asked the questioning opening.

    "My name is Mia, from Kanto City, and I am a disciple of Cao Xingliu."The woman smiled and said: "If I didn't guess wrong, you are the master of Terrance."

    Seven Mile City, Grass Star Streamer.

    Terrance's eyes are completely open, and the other side is carefully looked at. It is no wonder that there is such a big gap with the modern people's style of dressing. It turned out to be a disciple of a Trainer genre.

    As the predecessor of the pavilion, the dojo is also mainly studying a certain Attribute and a certain skill.

    For example, Terrance and Gallade, both of them are fully capable of creating a skill genre with the “home”.

    Or, Beautifly's “airflow genre”, Mismagius's “illusion genre” can be summarized as a skill genre.

    This kind of genre belongs to the extended use of Attribute and moves. It is similar to the style of Coordinator. However, the idea of the dojo genre is to dedicate a certain genre to the extreme, instead of the meditation of Terrance.

    "I am Terrance."Knowing the identity of the other party, Terrance didn't pay much attention to it and continued to appreciate the flowers.

    Although he does not know the other party's intentions, his Rival tomorrow is not the woman in front of him. It is estimated that this person is coming to Ever Grande City for the trainer of the same field.

    "I will fight tomorrow, is it hard that you are not nervous?"Mia wondered.

    She accidentally passed by here, found Terrance, could not help but came over, close to the battle, her brother is still studying Terrance's information, but I did not expect that Terrance himself has such a leisurely and elegant walk.

    Terrance smiled and said: "I have already seen the fairy tales of Mr. Sky Grey, and the style of the grass stars is also understood. The next thing is to watch the scene."

    His answer was very conservative, and people couldn't pick up the problem. Mia hesitated and said, "Would you still send the three elves?"

    What she is referring to is the only three that Terrance used before, which defeated all Rival's Pupitar, Gardevoir, and Ninetales.

    Just after asking, Mia regretted it, and she was troubled by how she stupidly asked this untimely question. This is already an inquisitive question, how can the other party tell.

    But what Mia didn't think was that Terrance didn't have anything to worry about, but it was very Solaceon saying: "Yes, why, isn't Mr. Sky Grey a means of targeting?"

    Mia stunned. She didn't think that after Ternce's simple answer, she kicked back a question and asked her not to answer it.

    Looking at Terrance's smile, Mia was speechless and shook her head: "I don't know."

    "Well, okay, let me ask Mr. Sky Grey for me. Tell him, I will have an elf that I have never sent, please let him be prepared."Terrance faintly opened his face, smeared a smile on his face, waved his hand, and left the room under the strange eyes of the other.

    According to the characteristics of the grass star, Terrance intends to change the lineup. He gave up the boring move of the three elves against the six elves. After all, this Rival is good, he plans to plan.

    The former Rival can be suppressed by strength, then from this battle, Terrance's Rival will have the capital to compete with him. For this Rival, Terrance will enjoy the process of fighting against it.

    These battles will be very rare and valuable experiences.

    The first round was a temptation. Compared to the information, Terrance was more willing to believe what he saw in the battle.

    So this time, the first elf he will send an elf that slashes the grass stars in all senses.

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