Pokemon Court Chapter 870

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 870th chapter of the wind field vs. grass stars, floating astronomy
    Next day

    The Masters were on schedule, and audiences from all over the world entered the scene one after another. Among them, some of them were strangely dressed. They were all Trainers who cheered for the sky.

    "The Ashesian brother has already lost 1 and this time, if he loses again, he will have no Elite race after Hearthome."

    Someone in the grass star stream is worried about it.

    "It shouldn't be, although this time Rival is said to be a master of coordination, but after all, it is a Trainer who is not much different from our age. The Sky Grey brother is the best Trainer in the past ten years."

    When a few people talked about it, Mia on the side couldn’t listen to it.

    "Give me shut up and watch the game honestly. I want to know that the city of Tanah is just an ordinary city in the Kanto Region. There are a lot of powerful Trainers outside. Some Trainers have become Elite Four and champions at your age. Don't be small. Look at anyone."

    Mia seems to have great prestige in the grass stream, and as soon as she opens her mouth, the rest of the disciples immediately calm down and bow their heads.

    This group of trainers wearing the track suits is naturally the focus of the audience. Mia really does not want to be laughed at because of these guys who have never seen the world, but can only helplessly teach.

    Coordinator Master Terrance and the Stars of the Sky are the most watched games of the past. Although they have not attracted the attention of the Trainer of the Elite Four level, some Masters players who have not played against Terrance are Nearly gathered at the Ever Grande stadium, I want to see something from this game.

    "Terrance, let's cheer for you."

    In the audience, three ghostly figures continued to wander around the venue.

    If Terrance pays close attention to the audience, you will find the true face of the three figures, James, Jessie, and Meowth.

    It is sneaky, but in fact, three guys are selling snacks, drinks, and walking in the audience.

    "Meowth Biscuits, Magikarp Soda"

    It’s not known how they got into the Masters class, but the original purpose of the three was not to cheer for Terrance.

    "What to do, the little devils have left the Orange Islands. We not only did not catch Pikachu, but Sparkling Stone did not study it. It took so long, and Terrance and Giovanni couldn't explain it."When the three met, James tangled.

    The Sparkling Stone research process slowed down because of the separation of research funding to make the Pikachu machine, but who could have imagined that Pikachu had escaped by investing in it.

    In the end, even the machines that have been heavily rebuilt have been destroyed…

    When the Rockets trio concentrated on Sparkling Stone, they found that they fell into a big pit, and they couldn't make such a thing.

    “Two months later, we have studied stones for a variety of purposes, but none of them meet the description of Sparkling Stone…”

    "If Giovanni Boss knows that we have invested so much money and have not yet reached the mission goal, will we fire us?"

    "Fortunately, Giovanni boss did not pay attention to our movements during this time, otherwise it is difficult to report progress."

    "Hey, it’s so annoying!!"

    The trio sighed, Ash left the Orange Isles, and they didn't have the heart to follow, and they planned to solve the Terrance problem completely.

    "Let's cheer for Terrance first. Maybe he knows that we came to Hoenn Region to cheer him up. It will be very moving and maybe…"

    With the discussion of the trio, Terrance and Sky Ash have come to the venue.

    Although Terrance and Ashes met for the first time, they were deeply curious about each other.

    Terrance is the first to get in touch with this kind of researcher, and Sky Gray is paying attention to the strength of Terrance, the talented Trainer.

    "Sky Grey ah, do not underestimate the honor of the master, the so-called coordination Master, is the collection of countless schools, our eyes of the genre, in his eyes is nothing more than a skill, this skill, they master a lot, the dojo is ultimately behind the product of the times, this can not be denied, alas, to develop the grass star stream, You can only see your new generation. ”If you want to draft the old leader of the star channel, the sky is even more dareless.

    The dojo, in fact, is no different from the Tianguan Academy. It is a product of the old times. However, although both are integrated into modern society, the concept is completely different.

    At the moment of the referee's order, the two greeted each other and Poké Ball quickly threw it up.

    "Go, Carnivine!"

    "Go, Beautifly!"

    With the Poké Ball thrown, the battle elves have been set, Carnivine vsBeautifly!

    Terrance's choice has made many people pay attention to the people he played before. This is Terrance in the Masters, the first time to send elves other than Pupitar, Gardevoir, and Ninetales!

    "This is the Beautifly that he dominated the Hoenn Region Contest."At the moment of Beautifly's appearance, someone recognized it.

    "Is this only Beautifly…"At the same time, the sky was so deep, he had a certain investigation of Terrance, and most of Beautifly's performance in public, he has collected.

    The peak of this Beautifly, in his eyes, is the Flying skill of the Coordinator and Trainer's entertainment.

    The level of the Flying skill is enough to threaten his elf.

    Of course, if Sky Ash knows that this Beautifly had played against the Trump Card Mega Gardevoir of the champion Dianta in the Kalos Region, I don't know what to think.

    Carnivine, grassy, shape based on the flytrap, yellow stems with green spots attached to the red and green vines, looks like the tentacle Normal, by the way, its leaves can be used like an arm!

    This is a very rare elf.

    According to Terrance, the hard part of Carnivine lies in its bundling. As long as the prey is bound by it, there is basically no chance of escape.

    “Beautifly, Silver Wind!”

    The next time the elf stood on the ground, Terrance took the lead to issue a command, and the silver storm instantly exploded like a torrent of normal from Beautifly.

    "Carnivine, Vine Whip!"

    The order of the sky ash is unpredictable. Vine Whip is against self-mutilation against Silver Wind, but when Carnivine dances and swings two Vine Whip like arms, the exaggerated scene appears.

    Like the tsunami swept by Silver Wind, directly colliding with the Vine Whip, these two Vine Whip, as if it contains amazing power, it will tear the whirlwind at once, it is extremely violent!

    "The so-called grass star flow is a kind of extreme exercise for the grass elves, so that their body parts are like the stars Normal 璀璨, right?"Terrance smiled and spoke.

    The grass star stream, and the second table, is literally meaning, one is the dominant part of the grass-like elf, and the other is the invisible part of the grass-elves. The Vine Whip tearing the whirlwind just showed it. The practical value of this Breeder skill!

    Obviously, this is a Breeder skill that is even more valuable than Steven's Float Stone Breeder method, no wonder it will be passed down to this day.

    Silver Wind was torn open, and Terrance didn't have any surprises or fears, because the storm that had been torn apart did not dissipate, but circling constantly, condensing around Beautifly.

    Soon, Beautifly wrapped around a wind coat.

    Terrance's 10th Masters match, and finally in the process of the sky in the wind vs.

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