Pokemon Court Chapter 871

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the chapter 871 Elite level of battle, floating astronomy
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    When Beautifly was filled with a breeze, the gray eyes lit up.

    “I went through the investigation and found that the Flying skills that your Beautifly showed in that celebration were very expensive. For the Beautifly elves, even if it lasts for one minute, how long can you persist?”

    "I am also very curious."Terrance haha opened.

    He is curious as to whether Beautifly can defeat each other's elves under this Contest Condition!

    “Quiver Dance!”

    "Vine Whip!"

    Beautifly's wind domain skills broke out completely, and the Quiver Dance process was like a phantom. At the same time, Rival's Vine Whip came quickly, and Beautifly didn't evade. If you just rip open the Wind Vine Whip power, you can't break the wind. The field!

    As Beautifly slid around, Carnivine's two Vine Whips came directly into the field of sharp winds. Instantly riddled with holes!

    “The strong wind pressure is almost a few times that of Silver Wind, and even the Vine Whip of the grassy stream cannot break through.”

    "No, look seriously!"

    The two Vine Whip straight into the wind, originally should endure the endless wind pressure, completely crushed, but the next moment, the two Vine Whip is like the hormone Normal, Vine Whip size suddenly expands, re-emerges strong The strength of the road broke through the wind to the Beautifly deity in the Quiver Dance.

    This change made the audience exclaim, and a small number of Masters players saw the clue.

    The combination of Vine Whip and Growth, the Vine Whip that withstood the wind pressure brought together the power of Carnivine and made a partial growth trick that gave Vine Whip unexpected damage.

    This skill that gives the Vine Whip explosive power is only as good as the grass star disciple.

    For this powerful Vine Whip, let alone the wind pressure and the sea of fire, I am afraid that even Oreburgh can easily run through.

    "Use scale powder!"

    Terrance's attention has been on the Vine Whip, and when the Vine Whip changes slightly, he immediately yells.

    It’s hard to break through the wind pressure, and it’s harder to break through the wind pressure that Beautifly superimposes through the vibration technique. However, the other party has done it. The destructive power of this hand Vine Whip, the other party’s Carnivine is a veritable top force. .

    The speed of the other side is still slow, the field of the wind is to quiver Dance, quiver Dance speed, fast to unthinkable, in the other side did not react to come before, quiver Dance success, this is beautifly become the root cause of the top combat power, not only so , this moment, the wind pressed a little silver light, became violent up, this change, successfully blocked the other side of the reinforced Vine Whip, green Shadow and Silver Shadow collision, immediately attracted everyone's attention.

    Beautifly's field of wind is a fusion of three phases of practice.

    The first phase of practice is the foundation phase, Assist Gust and Tailwind move, using the flow of airflow to enhance flexibility.

    The second practice phase is the intensive phase. The Quiver Dance is used to roll up Silver Wind to create a violent airflow and strengthen itself for greater flexibility and destructive power.

    The third practice stage is the sublimation stage. Using Bug Buzz's vibration technique, the two wings are swung at high speed to superimpose the air waves together, and the explosive force is obtained from the compressed airflow, and it is Acrobatics, U-Turn, Aerial Ace, etc. Tips for flying tips! At this stage, Beautifly can predict Rival's next action through changes in airflow, and the speed of reaction, speed of movement, lethality, and explosive power limit sublimate.

    When Beautifly is in the third stage, the second stage of strengthening will be the performance of its ultimate outbreak.

    The wind pressure of the Flying system and the scale powder of the Bug Type are combined to form a silver killing trick. Even if this Vine Whip is more powerful, it will eventually be defeated on the Attribute and completely crushed!

    “Beautifly is easy to integrate scale powder into ordinary violent airflow, but it is a test for it. It is a test for it, and it is more expensive for itself, but fortunately, it has physical source skills. It repairs its damage all the time, so that it does not exit too quickly."

    This top-level self-healing ability is more significant than the fire of life, but the disadvantage is that it can only be used by itself, relying on the Totem gas field.

    The details of the battlefield, invisible to the naked eye, is that Beautifly is decomposing a little bit of light into itself and self-healing. Unfortunately, the consumption of the wind is greater than the repair of the source of physical strength. Otherwise, Beautifly will be able to take the field of the wind. As normal!

    The wind pressure is coming to an extreme speed!

    In the face of the wind pressure of doped scales, even if the wind and the Vine Whip were chopped from time to time, the wind pressure threatened itself, Carnivine did not give up the resistance, I saw it instantly Ingrain, entered the Stockpile Contest Condition, and used it at the same time. Synthesis.

    This wind pressure is much faster than the Vine Whip attack, and it is too late to evade. Carnivine naturally enters the Contest Condition which is almost tempered to become instinct.

    The wind devours Carnivine, and the whole body is covered by the silver wind. The next second, Carnivine, who was seriously injured, appeared in front of people.

    When Terrance saw this scene, he suddenly realized that it was not good, and Beautifly did the same.

    I saw Carnivine, who was seriously injured on the field, slamming his mouth open, and Spit Up, a destructive beam of light, swept through.

    This amazing destructive beam, if hit beautifly, even if it has the source of physical skills, will definitely be killed in seconds, the good thing, into the field of the wind contest condition Beautifly and wind fusion in order to one, in this "feeling of power" under the Beautifly No longer rely on the brain's response, and its various parts of the body automatically act in a reflexive way and judge.

    The Beautifly, who has discarded the command of the brain, speeds up the reaction speed and the speed of movement, and avoids this fatal blow when it is in the blink of an eye!

    Beautifly, who has a lingering heart, looks at the light waves that traverse through the clouds and slowly flaps his wings.

    At the same time, Carnivine fell weak.

    “Ingrain and Synthesis are not meant to restore Carnivine's injury, but to speed up Stockpile. When attacked, Facade has retained a sense of consciousness and broke the accumulated power out of the way, even if Rival is stronger than itself. A grade, the chances of bearing this move will not be too big, it really is a good calculation."Terrance opens the way.

    Spit Up moves, the power of storage will be Spit Up, the power depends on the energy of Stockpile.

    During the period, Rival used Synthesis and Ingrain to speed up the Stockpile speed. The basic power of the attack was far above the destruction of the dead light. It can be said that Carnivine broke out with all strength.

    "Can still be escaped."As the referee announced that Carnivine had lost his fighting ability, the sky was serious and the flexibility of Beautifly was beyond his expectations. He assured that this Beautifly was the most flexible wizard he had ever seen.

    In just a few rounds, two Elite-level elves scored each other's successes, and the gray was sent to the next elf, because the beautifly showed more power than the data it investigated.

    Moreover, this kind of intensity battle, he still did not see the exhaustion from Beautifly, this is the place that makes him most worried, the Flying skill, he feels very tricky!

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