Pokemon Court Chapter 872

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 872 Trump Card, astronomy
    "He also has a more powerful Venusaur and a Victreebel that is as powerful as Carnivine."

    Terrance looked at the sky and thrown Poké Ball, wanting to know which main force he would send him. The next moment, a Ludicolo appeared on the field.

    "Not his three strongest elves."

    Ludicolo looks like a green bucket with a poncho and a green, wide-brimmed hat that looks like a lotus leaf. Although it looks very strange, its ability is outstanding.

    At the moment Ludicolo appeared, he danced happily. In an instant, Soaring in the sky condensed a layer of dark clouds and quickly landed raindrops.

    Seeing the rain that constantly erodes the wind pressure, Terrance's eyes are dignified, although the wind pressure bounce does not affect Beautifly's Flying, but this will affect Beautifly's judgment, plus…

    “Lightweight Ability?”

    Lightness Ability: When it rains or rains, its speed is greatly improved.

    This Ludicolo is the darling of the rainy day, and has the ability to master the ice system. Although the strength may not be as good as Carnivine, the threat to Beautifly is even greater.

    "Come back, Beautifly."Even if Beautifly succeeded the Quiver Dance once and got a big advantage in advance, Terrance still took it back.

    "Playing the weather in front of me, no doubt the class is getting axe."Terrance's heart, while a Poké Ball was lost, this moment, the rain in Soaring in the sky seems to be frozen, the speed of the fall is very slow, the clouds are covered with a layer of frost, and began to transform towards the snow cloud.

    "Snowfalling Ninetales!"

    The sky ash is directly open.

    Looking at the Ludicolo advantage as soon as he appeared, he turned the battlefield into his own home Alola Ninetales, and the gray expression became more and more dignified.

    "Don't underestimate Ludicolo."

    On the field, Ninetales drove the snow and formed a mirror, directly using the killing trick, intending to suppress Rival, but who knows that Ludicolo quickly condensed a green energy vine, seems to cross the ice mirror to attack Ninetales.

    Giga Drain ?

    Rival's hand attack was unexpected. Terrance blinked and didn't want to understand the other's intentions. The ice mirrors condensed and the future reflected the attack. The other energy vines had already crossed. Terrance had to let Ninetales take the first effort. To stop this.

    The grass energy is undoubtedly inconspicuous against the ice energy. When the wind and snow condense, the energy vines are frozen. But when Ludicolo bursts into a heat wave, it burns directly along the energy vines, giving off a surprising heat. .

    This enthusiasm, because the grass energy was used as fuel, broke out of higher temperatures, causing the flame to quickly erupt from Ludicolo's fist to Ninetales. The heat wave rushed and Ninetales stepped back and was shocked. Lived.

    Under this heat wave, countless snow and ice melted, and the ice mirror was melted. At the same time, Ludicolo pulled out a thunderbolt energy and quickly swallowed the moisture of the previously melted snow, like the bombing of Normal and blasting Ninetales. among them.

    “Break the ice mirror and the snow with the combination of Fire Punch and Giga Drain, and hurt at Assist Thunder Punch?”

    "I have to say, very clever means."

    If Terrance didn't guess, this is the trick of "li".

    For the first time, Terrance felt that the Masters match was so interesting. This is a starry sky, and the strength is really strong. It is different from any Rival he encountered before, if the next Rival is also this level…That's interesting.

    In fact, what Terrance and Alliance did not know was that after the first defeat of Sky Ash, Sky Ash was identified as the heir to the Grass Star Stream and was passed down by the old leader of the Dojo. Now the strength has been greatly improved since then. Not the same as before.

    The ashes became the Rival of Terrance's tenth battle, not that the next Rival is better than him, but that Alliance also has the time to collect information.

    "It's no wonder that it's so difficult to be Elite. Only if you beat these powerful Trainers, you are qualified to challenge Elite, which represents the four positions of a Region's strongest Trainer. It's not so easy to sit on."

    The smoke of the lightning explosion dissipated, and an ice and snow barrier appeared in front of people, causing an exclamation. Ninetales did not suffer any damage in the barriers formed by ice and snow.

    “Ninetales’ use of Hail is also very clever.”Sky ash is serious.

    "War."Terrance Road.

    Soon, Ninetales and Ludicolo once again confronted each other. After learning about the opponent's firepower, Terrance took care of each other's Fire Punch. Ludicolo's Fire Punch was originally of little power, but in it it used the grass energy as After the fuel, it broke out enough to threaten the power of Ninetales.

    The most troublesome thing is that Ludicolo is perfectly able to control the power of this sudden surge.

    "But how about that!"Terrance does not deny the power of Ludicolo, but Ninetales is definitely stronger!

    At a certain moment, Ninetales directly condensed all the power of the snow, gathered a wave of snow and ice, and wanted to make a match with the other party.

    The force of the other side's flames has the effect of restraining the Ninetales skills. Terrance makes judgments after considering it, no longer saves physical strength, but directly violently crushes the past. Although it consumes a lot, it is the most effective and safest way to win. !

    "as you wish."

    At the same time, numerous small vines emerged around the Ludicolo Ground, and the snow slag of the Ground was drilled directly, and then entangled into a huge vine.

    Grass Knot !

    When the snow and ice waves swallowed, the vines were still in a crazy combination. Soon, several huge vines were woven into a large net. When Ludicolo burst into flames, Grass Knot was instantly ignited and formed a flame figure.

    The flame figure is retrograde, colliding with the snow and ice, Ludicolo is still madly offering fuel, increasing the fire, the combination of Grass Knot and Fire Punch, the skill of breaking out this power is not so simple, at least Terrance does not I think I can copy it as it is, but this does not prevent him and Ninetales from crushing each other!

    "I lost."

    The flames rushed away, melting a layer of ice and snow, but when the flame was resisted by the iridescent light in the center of the ice and snow, the ash was shrinking, and the ice and the waves were watching Ludigolo thoroughly. Cover, swallow!

    "Aurora Veil combined with snow…"

    "Ludicolo lost his fighting ability, Ninetales won, and the Sky Grey player sent the next elf!"

    The two-game losing streak of the sky ash made the disciples of the grass star who watched the war show their worried look. They still have the first look at this time.

    As the most outstanding disciple of Cao Xingliu, the next as the leader of the dojo, the goal is the Elite Four master. He wants to be the first Elite in this decade, but this road is more difficult than he imagined.

    "Go, Venusaur!"

    Taking a deep breath, Tian Shi solemnly throws a Poké Ball.

    His Trump Card, the first elf, followed Venusur for nearly two decades!


    At this moment, there was a huge red flower on the back, the thick limbs trampled on the Ground, the teeth were exposed, and the Venusaur, carrying the orange-red pupil, roared toward the Ninetales.

    Power, directly beyond any of the elves sent before the sky gray!

    "Coordinator, can you deal with it!"Said in the sky.

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