Pokemon Court Chapter 874

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 874 chapter is the same, Sandstorm battle, floating astronomy
    “Petal Blizzard !”

    When the sky was gray, he quickly shouted. At this time, Venusaur canceled the Vine Whip and immediately called out countless leaves to form a storm. He wanted to scrape the fog. The total number of leaves was small, and it was a dozen pieces, but when Terrance saw it. After the blade cut the strength of the mist, it was instantly surprised.

    Even the fog is easily cut into a smooth plane by the blade, and the speed at which the blade is fired and its sharpness seem to have been trained to the extreme.


    The process of dispelling the fog was an opportunity. Terrance continued to give orders. In the fog, Gardevoir broke through all the blades and appeared in an incredible position and attacked Venusaur.

    This position makes Venusaur hard to defend.

    Like the Confusion impact of the torrent Normal, it instantly smashed the Venusaur and allowed it to continue in the Ground Bulldoze several times before it stabilized.

    “Venusaur may need sight in the mist, but for the powerful Gardevoir, it can be seen as invisible.”

    Vine Whip's two hits, Gardevoir finally returned, this battle, a turning point from here.

    “Plant Frenzy !”

    "Go in the air!"

    The next moment, the entire site was broken, and countless huge trees picked up from Ground, like a huge tentacle trying to catch Gardevoir.

    Gardevoir flies quickly to Soaring in the sky, but countless plants are still climbing wildly, almost in an instant, except for the place where Venusaur is located, Ground has nowhere to go, even in the air, all covered with plants.

    Soon, the plant rose wildly, and it seemed that Gradevoir would be seized immediately, but the next moment, Gardevoir figure disappeared directly, leaving the sky in the heart and quickly glanced at the audience.

    "Gardevoir, Psychic!"Sustained a Psychic, Venusaur did not lose the ability to fight, but the injury is absolutely not light, after the second attack, Venusaur will not lose the fighting ability, the combat power will not exist, unless you use Synthesis to quickly reply, but there is no such Opportunity is not necessarily the case.

    On the field, only Venusaur was able to stand on the ground. At this moment, Gardevoir passed the coordinates left by the previous attack, incredibly spanning Plant Frenzy, and radiated a strong Confusion light, and slammed!

    This attack, the blue and purple Confusion wave entangled, and constantly compressed, because the energy stimulated each other, more electric flashing, it is conceivable that Gardevoir is an attack with all determination.

    However, what made everyone stunned was that at this moment, Venusaur made a bold move in the face of threats. I saw that Plant Frenzy suddenly grew countless fruits, and at the moment Psychic pressed onto Venusaur, it exploded. Come, and countless poisonous mists spread.

    Counterattack from Seed Bomb!

    Numerous energies are intertwined, causing a huge roar, and the site is instantly smog.

    How is the hunt going?The referee looked at the venue.

    For a moment, when the smoke dissipated, two falling figures appeared in front of the audience.

    “Venusaur and Gardevoir lost their fighting ability at the same time. As the Ashes lost three elves, they are now in the intermission period.”

    "Is it the same?"

    "You are doing very well."

    Terrance took back Gardevoir and gave a slight glimpse. At the last moment, Gardevoir quickly condensed the Confusion shield, but was still swallowed by Seed Bomb's explosive power.

    Venusaur's indiscriminate attack at the last minute cut off the opportunity for Teleport to launch Gardevoir to attack.

    This change made Terrance sigh.

    However, although he succeeded in defeating an elf of Terrance, he paid a heavier price and became more heavy.

    The silent 5-minute midfield break quickly passed and the game continued.

    Sky Grey sent his fourth elf, Cacturne!

    Seeing this elf appearing, Terrance didn't even think about it and sent Pupitar directly.

    The battle began, and the sandstorms were rolled up on the site. The forces of the two sandstorms quickly gathered together, and a huge power broke out, which caused the site to be filled with layers of sand.

    "It really is Shaying Ability, but Pupitar will not give you the initiative of Sandstorm."Terrance is serious.

    Although Cacturne's Ability is Shayin, when Pupitar destroys the other's Sandstorm and makes two distinct Sandstorm forces exist, Cacturne's Ability not only does not exert its power, but also limits its ability. Because Sha Yin has become Cacturne's mobile instinct in Sandstorm, when Sandstorm can't provide Help, but instead is retrograde with its consciousness, Cacturne's overall rhythm is instantly messed up and hit by Pupitar's Stone Edge!


    With the arm blocking the Stone Edge, Cacturne listened to Trainer's order to cancel Sandstorm.

    The constant flow of Sandstorm between the two elves gave Pupitar a deeper understanding of Sandstorm. It was still in the high-speed learning phase, and this time against the enemy Sandstorm, it has a lot of significance.

    "Needle Arm !"

    The sky ash changed the order and confronted a few rounds. He finally found out that Pupitar was using the Cacturne to hone the Sandstorm skills! Pupitar didn't have much control over Sandstorm at first. But during the confrontation, Pupitar made rapid progress. He mastered Cacturne's Sandstorm rhythm through his mature Sandstorm control system, and quickly pressed Cacturne back.

    "This Pupitar is not strong enough to attack directly!"Sky Ash judged the strength of Pupitar through Stone Edge.

    The next moment, Cacturne waved his spurred arm and slammed forward. Under the Growth technique, his arm spurs soared directly through Pupitar's Sandstorm Shield and then swayed.

    "Jump up to adjust the angle of attack, take advantage of Superpower."Terrance said.

    The Needle Arm collided with Superpower, and Pupitar switched between skill and power to make the most of this trick.

    Pupitar leaping into the air, and soon collided with this hit!


    The force roared and the sand fluttered. At this time, Pupitar felt a strong force and was instantly thrown out and lost his fighting ability.

    However, Cacturne's arm was also knocked out of a large dent and shivered slightly.

    "Ninetales, I will hand it over to you."In order not to let Cacturne master the weather, Terrance sent Ninetales again. In the case of suppressing Sandstorm in the snow, Cacturne can't play the most, and can only use the most basic grass flow skills. Soon, it will be defeated by Ninetales. .

    "Victreebel!"In desperation, the fifth elf was sent, and it was one of the strongest players that rivaled Carnivine in addition to Trump Card Venusaur.

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