Pokemon Court Chapter 875

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 875th chapter of the snow, the astronomy
    The third elf of the sky was Venusaur, and Terrance considered it and took back Ninetales.

    Including the principal force of Pupitar, Terrance's 10 main elves are all replaced with special Poké Ball.

    For the Trainer, the elf is injured. When it is over-consumed, the elf will be sent to the Poké Ball and sent to the Elves Center, because the Poké Ball can get a better rest.

    This ordinary Poké Ball is not very obvious, but some high-level Poké Ball has the effect of restoring the elf's strength and suppressing the deterioration of the injury, such as the Great Ball and the Ultra Ball.

    Of course, even with Ultra Ball, the speed of restoring physical strength is better than that of ordinary Poké Ball, but it is very slow, but it is better than nothing. Take the injured elf back to Poké Ball to avoid the deterioration of the elf injury to the maximum. The treatment has an important foundation.

    Terrance's Ninetales Poké Ball is made of seven Ice Type-related materials and four other special materials. Ninetales is equivalent to a weakened version of the snowy environment with several materials. It simulates the effect of the body of ice and snow, allowing Ninetales to slowly recover strength in the Poké Ball.

    It can be said that this special Poké Ball has a much better recovery effect than the Ultra Ball.

    Terrance has experimented with the exhaustive Ninetales, and without using other recovery agents, it takes hours to restore physical strength to the Contest Condition, provided that Ninetales is not injured and does not fall into the Status Condition.

    If you get hurt and fall into the Status Condition, the speed at which you can recover your strength may have some effect.

    However, as Ninetales becomes more physically fit, it will recover faster and faster.

    Altaria, Beautifly, their Poké Ball is similar to this effect, although the principle is different, but all have a common feature, that is, can quickly restore physical strength, reduce the deterioration of the injury, inhibit the spread of the Status Condition, and even if it is relatively slight Status Condition, Terrance These 10 special Poké Balls can directly eliminate their effects.

    In a fast-paced game, although this effect will become insignificant due to the short duration of the battle, it is definitely a big advantage.

    This advantage may change the direction of victory.

    Even with these special Poké Balls, the constant replacement of the elves can also lead to a variety of tactics.

    "Go, Gardevoir!"

    Terrance also sent a third elf. Unlike the Ashes, his first two elves did not lose their combat ability.

    In the face of this ardent Gardevoir, Sky Ash did not mean to test, directly ordered Venusaur to launch a strong attack, Venusaur two thick Vine Whip shot!

    “Venusaur’s Vine Whip is even more terrible than Carnivine!”

    The combination of Growth and Vine Whip got even more horrible play in Venusaur. Two thick Vine Whips, which flashed the invisible airflow in an instant, produced a whistling whistle. In the face of this fierce attack, Gardevoir's Confusion was on the power. Not able to distort the Vine Whip direction, causing the other to run directly through Gardevoir's Confusion shield and take it out.

    "Satay -"

    After being pumped by this huge force, Gardevoir resisted the pain and quickly used Confusion to stop himself in midair and stabilize his body.

    "Double Team !"Terrance quickly shouted that the strength of this Venusaur has a tendency to suppress Gardevoir, and they may be struggling in this round.

    As the Trump Card of the sky, this Venusaur is a good player even in the Elite class. Gardevoir, who has just entered the Elite field, immediately fell into the trap.

    Unlike the Breeder, which has been used by Venusaur for more than a decade, Gardevoir has not been more than two years at the Boreder time in Terrance. Although the strength has entered the Elite field, the accumulated accumulation is not enough, and the strong attack methods are lacking.

    This Venusaur is very strong, and the two thick Vine Whips are wielding with a terrifying power. Although Terrance succeeded in avoiding each other's moves, they never found the right time to attack.

    After a while, Gardevoir was distracted by the action and was again taken by Vine Whip, and the injury spread further.

    PoisonWhen Gardevoir paused while avoiding it, Terrance instantly remembered the first attack that Gardevoir suffered…

    Is that time? Toxins invade Gardevoir through Vine Whip?

    "Use Healing Wish."

    In order to slow down the consumption, Terrance had to issue an order.

    At this moment, Gardevoir's Double Team not only acts as a bait, but also releases Heal Pulse to restore the deity consumption and Status Condition, but at the same time, Gardevoir is under greater pressure.

    "With the power of Gardevoir, it is not difficult to find a chance to break the game. Before that, you must keep the opponent's aggressive attack…"

    Under the Vine Whip waving in the sky, Gardevoir retreats, but it and Terrance look calm and calm, observe the opponent's attack trajectory, and constantly push –

    If the ever-moving Vine Whip combines into an impenetrable barrier, what Gardevoir is doing now is to find or create a crack on the barrier.

    Centering on this crack, this barrier with spikes runs through it.

    "Over there!"


    Terrance, who had reached the telepathy with Gardevoir, along with Gardevoir, found the opportunity to break through the Vine Whip.

    "Use Psyshock!"

    After careful calculations, Gardevoir found a flaw in the Vine Whip flurry of the opponent's fast-moving set attack and defense.

    On the field, a Vine Whip defeated the next moment of the split, and the Confusion energy that formed the avatar did not dissipate directly. Instead, it became the coordinates of Gardevoir, letting it come at a very fast speed. At this time, Vine Whip just waved. Next bait.

    Gardevoir's Psyshock was immediately released, forming a blue beam, moving in one direction towards Venusaur!

    Around the blue beam, numerous purple arcs entangled and creaked, showing the power of this shot.

    "The attack at that location is the corner of Vine Whip."

    When the sky was gazing, Venusaur's Vine Whip couldn't change the direction to break up Psyshock. At this moment, Venusaur made a special move.

    In an instant, Venusaur's Vine Whip blasted quickly, ejecting numerous venoms from it, swallowing up the Psyshock, and the light condensed on the field. At the moment when the two tricks burst, countless venoms flew to the field. Let Ground come up with countless white smoke that is eroded.

    "Misty Terrain !"Intuition tells Terrance that the venom on these Grounds will also threaten Gardevoir. With this gap, he makes Gardevoir create a layer of pink mist, Purify takes up the venom on the Ground, and by the fog, let Gardevoir take his body. Hidden.

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