Pokemon Court Chapter 876

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body chapter 876 victory! Rocket visit, floating astronomy
    As the Ninetales Contest Condition slipped, the leaf storm collided with Blizzard, constantly offsetting, and soon rolled up an amazing storm.

    At the same time, Exeggutor threw a bomb, screamed with Wood Hammer, and numerous bombs exploded in front of Aurora Veil's defense system with ice and snow walls.

    "Hong!" "Hong!" "Hong!"

    Within a second of the snow-defense system, many holes were blown up, but with the continuous recovery of Ninetales, Exeggutor still could not break through.

    "In the consumption of Ninetales?!"

    Seeing Exeggutor's aggressive offensive, Terrance calculated that Exeggutor is much more physically fit than Ninetales, and the other side is hopelessly winning and picking up the idea of defeating Ninetales at least.

    "Can't fight war!"

    Seeing Exeggutor's faint Synthesis in the Fling bomb, Terrance sinks in his heart and immediately sends a counterattack command because he doesn't want the other party to succeed.

    Soon, the snow and ice walls condensed into a spear of ice and snow, running toward the flying bomb!


    The spear of ice and snow, easily running through the bomb in the face of Ippei, went to the Exeggutor, but the rest of the bomb quickly slammed into Ninetales.


    Ninetales, who condensed Aurora Veil's defense, chose to withstand the bombs that were blown up, and was swallowed up in the aftermath, but the spear of ice and snow also hit the Exeggutor.

    boom! !

    Exeggutor's gaze, Wood Hammer's truss eased the force before the ice spear, but the force of ice and snow, but still insanely invaded its body, making Exeggutor uncomfortable.


    At the moment when Exeggutor flew the ice spear, the snow and ice exploded, and countless snow fog swallowed the Exeggutor, and the ice and snow energy continued to erode its strength.

    “Giga Drain !!”

    "Freeze Aqua Tail!"

    In the snow and fog, two energy vines rushed toward the Ninetales in the smoke, and the bombs attacked the severely injured Ninetales. Immediately, the nine tails were shaken, and the water appeared. Then, under the force of the snow, the Aqua Tail was frozen. The layer is sturdy and entwined with two energy vines.

    Under the erosion of ice and snow, Giga Drain couldn't break through the ice to absorb physical strength, but the sky ash had a deeper plan. I saw him smile a little, and a Psychic wave filled. Through the energy vines, Ninetales and Exeggutor established contact. At this moment, Ninetales temporarily lost control of the snow, and the power of snowfall was directly deprived!

    Is Skill Swap!

    “Unfortunately, the Skill Swap tactics are useless for Ninetales.”Terrance smiled back, and the other person was clever and clever, only to see the next moment, Ninetales screamed, and countless snows reconverged on its tail. In an instant, the force of ice and snow broke out and the Exeggutor was frozen directly! !

    Role Play moves, launch! This trick is to use the Psychic Role Play Rival to make your Ability the same as Rival, because the snow itself is the atmosphere of Ninetales, and at the time of Linyi, Ninetales is almost instantaneous.

    Countless winds and snow came along, and Exeggutor was so frightened and struggling to resist, but still unable to resist, and eventually became a crystal ice sculpture.

    "Exeggutor loses combat power. Because the Ashes lose all six elves, the winner is a Terrance player."

    The referee's voice just fell, the audience was boiling, a Ninetales, defeated the other four elves, with the grass star master for Rival, Ninetales used its strength to tell the grass masters its invincible side.

    "congratulation."The sky gray looked at the silent grass star flow in the audience, and shook his head with a smile, and came forward to shake hands with Terrance.

    "Thank you."

    At the time of Terrance and Skyshine, the rest of the Masters were silent except for silence.

    They have a scale in their hearts.

    Terrance's Elf lineup is not difficult to find, according to the data records, Beautifly, Altaria, Mismagius, arcanine, floating bubbles, Gallade these six elves first followed in Terrance, but also these elves in the Elf Alliance and the contest competition jointly held the mega celebration, but now, only Beautifly appeared, and showed a good strength, then what about the rest of the elves? This is not to say…

    "Elves such as Ninetales are the main force of his new Breeder. His strength has only shown the tip of the iceberg."

    After releasing the handrails for a long time, these Masters players turned their heads away. This strength made them curious. Terrance and Norman, who are known as Elite barriers, were weak and weak.

    "Terrance won."

    At the same time, the Rockets trio sighed with relief, and they even forgot to sell because of the intense fighting…

    "Not for sale, let's go to Terrance, or he should leave."Meowth throws a basket of snacks directly off the corner.

    "Let's go……"James and Jessie also nodded quickly and threw.

    The trio directly forgot how they worked hard to get the job and entered the venue…


    "Mr. Terrance, let's go here."

    At the end of the game, assistant Sharan took over Terrance as usual.

    At this time, Sharan is delighted, and the stars are obviously different from the previous Rival, but Terrance can still be easily defeated, so that the chances of Terrance becoming Elite Four are even greater.

    "I am a little tired, let's start tomorrow."Terrance sighed, not only was his command tired, but the Putipar, Ninetales, Gardevoir and other elves also needed a good rest.

    Although Poké Ball is slowly recovering, but Pupitar and Gardevoir are not hurt, it is best to check it in the Wizard Center.

    "Okay, arrange it for you right away."Sharan nodded quickly.

    After the stadium, Terrance handed over the Poké Ball to Nurse Joy. Although the injury was not light, but it did not reach the level of fatal injury, that is, in order to compete for the victory, the Masters players tried their best but still stayed. A measure of size.

    The Trainer who won the victory in the Masters and Elite games is not without, and some people are vying for the purpose of killing the other elves, but such Trainer, even if it wins, will not get the support of the audience. After all, in the big In some people's minds, elves are partners, friends, relatives, and comrades, not tools.

    "Mr. Terrance, someone is looking for you because it doesn't seem to be the media, so…"

    "The other party said, look at the communicator and you will understand."

    In the hotel, Terrance, who was preparing for a shower, suddenly slammed and picked up the communicator that was thrown aside. There was an unread message.


    "How did they get to Hoenn, and it’s hard to say that they have succeeded in researching? NoSure enough, the chance of failure is even greater. ”Terrance scratched his hair and sank, saying: "Prepare a room, thank you."

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