Pokemon Court Chapter 877

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 877th chapter of the magic stone fragments, floating astronomy
    Location, somewhere in Ever Grande City.

    Characters, Terrance, James, Jessie, Meowth.

    Terrance sat on the sofa on the left side of the table, and James, they sat on the sofa opposite Terrance.

    Looking at the box on the table, Terrance snorted and said:

    "Magic stone…Piece

    In fact, the Rockets trio had already stringed their lines before the visit, and compiled a tragic story of their accidents when they tried to find the magic stone, but at their fingertips.

    In this story, James did their best and did not fear the dangers. They tried their best and invested a lot of money, but in the end, because the stolen hunters stared at them, the magic stone was destroyed and divided into three graves…


    James pushed the box down and pushed it to Terrance.

    I saw that there were three stones in it. If you look at the shape and color, there are many similarities with Terrance's fictional magic stone. However, Terrance's fictional magic stone is complete, but now by James et al. What is taken out is broken.

    James and Meowth spent a lot of time researching and couldn't restore the magic stone described by Terrance, but if the function of the magic stone is broken down and given to multiple stones, they can still do it easily.

    However, the effect of such a magic stone fragment and the original magic stone is too far…It has become two things.

    Because they couldn't make a whole piece of magic stone, James and Meowth found that after the time was tight, they had no intention of using these gravel to make a difference. These gravel also had similar functions to the magic stone described by Terrance, but the functions were all scattered. However, if there are these pieces of gravel, it can be said that they have tried their best.

    As the saying goes, there is no credit and hard work. They feel that Terrance will be moved by their efforts…

    "It’s a pity…"

    Terrance took one of the three pieces of gravel out of the box, with some sturdy openings.

    From the point of view of color and shape, it is indeed a fragment of the magic stone, but…

    "Yes, it's a pity…Their functions are scattered…This piece of gravel can absorb sunlight by itself, but the amount of absorption is small…And it can't be stored, it will go out immediately…"

    "This piece contains some light energy, which can store light energy perfectly, but it loses its ability to absorb light energy and other functions…"

    "There is also this piece, which can Purify light energy, but also allows light to fuse with other Attribute energy and does not conflict, cough, but it seems that because of the broken stone, light energy and other Attribute energy fusion did not even have a little reaction…"

    James's eyes are open, and these stones are combined to be the complete "magic stone", but even if they do, they can't do it.

    The functions of these three stones can be replaced by machines. Under the brains of the three people, they have given the functions of these machines to the stone, but that is all.

    I want to make the three functions form a system, keep on looping, and operate. They struggled and did not complete this complicated work. Even on the machine, they didn't succeed, let alone give it to the stone.

    Autonomously absorbs and stores solar energy, Purify light energy and combines light energy with other Attribute energy to enhance the destructive power of energy. The whole process of Magic Stone is this. In a sense, the Rockets have completed, but…The actual value is very tasteless.

    "what a shame……"Terrance took one of the stones and cherished the opening again, while the corners of his eyes continued to twitch.

    Also, what do you expect from the very beginning? Now think about it, the magic brake stone is fictitious after all… The z power system is the product of the power of Lucas's power and the wisdom of Alola's life. If only the Rockets trio have been researched for a few months, then Lucas Big Celestic Alola Life should also jump.

    This…I am sorry to have failed to bring the complete magic stone, but please accept these fragments so that our hearts will be better. We will continue to inquire about the news of the magic stone, Terrance…"James, Jessie, and Meowth suddenly stood up and groaned, and their expressions were so sincere. If Terrance didn't know what abacus they were playing, it was estimated to have been deceived.

    "No, I am not so urgently in need of the magic stone, you really do not have to find it."Terrance laughed helplessly.

    The trio got out of these three graves, and it is estimated that they have already paid a lot of money. Terrance is really embarrassed to continue to embarrass the other party, and he challenges Elite immediately, backed by the Contest contest faction, he also wants to see, at this time Paragraph, how Giovanni will continue to arrange for the three groups to contact him.

    “Ewww.”Terrance's words, James, they face each other.

    no need……

    This is naturally a good thing, but they always feel something worse.

    "Don't say this, it's time for lunch. Let's go have a meal together. I also have a Present who wants to give it to you. It has been hard for you for so long. I suddenly don't need the magic stone. I am in my heart now. I am also very unwilling to go."Terrance laughed.

    "No, in order to repay the promise of life, this is what we should do!"Meowth waved again and again.

    However, for dinner, the trio did not refuse, the best chance to contact the relationship, is not at the dinner table.

    After Terrance got ready, they booked a big meal at the hotel next to the hotel, and Terrance also gave back a Present.

    Toxic Secrets Improved!

    The elves of the trio are mostly poisonous. This Toxic secret can extend the toxins of various effects and has a very wide application space. The talents of these three people should be used very reasonably.

    Terrance has been thinking for a long time, even if the Rockets trio get the Toxic secret, they are absolutely no match for Ash's electric bead Pikachu, so that they will not break the balance between them and Ash.

    But then again, although they can't beat Ash, they can quickly accumulate their roots with Toxic as the core. In this way, they can be more self-protected in the big event brought by Ash's protagonist. Forced.


    "Don't rush to refuse…"

    Terrance and the Rockets trio were so polite, and eventually, under the toughness of Terrance, the Rockets accepted the Toxic secret.

    “Terrance not only received three pieces of magic stone, but also gave us the Present 喵, and the chat atmosphere is basically like a better friend. Does it mean that our first stage mission is successful?”Meowth picked up the fork and forked the fish and secretly picked it up.

    “It seems that the research of the magic brake stone has not been in vain, and Terrance’s good feeling has obviously been brushed to a certain height…”Jessie is also calculating.

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