Pokemon Court Chapter 878

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 878 Project: Rainbow Project, Floating Astronomy
    Chapter 878 Project: Rainbow Project (page 1/1)

    This meeting with Terrance was a matter of heart for the Rockets trio.

    Although the experience is very rough, but the good is also completed the task of the Giovanni boss.

    So after bidding farewell to Terrance, they immediately went to the Giovanni boss to report the situation, and infinitely recited the promotion.

    "Is it the headquarters?"

    Ever Grande City Somewhere, after the call to the Rockets headquarters, the trio immediately laughed.


    Kanto Region.

    Rocket headquarters.

    In a conference room.

    The Rockets bossGiovanni is communicating with an old man in a white research suit.

    From the expression of Giovanni, he attaches great importance to this old man.

    "Although the system has been formed, it still lacks a vital energy core. If we have a suitable core, I think that within three years, this system will be available. But if there is no suitable energy core, this time may be delayed indefinitely. ”

    "The existing energy can't be the core of this system, the things in nature…Or the power of the legendary elf? ”

    Giovanni's eyes are dignified, and the project represented by this system is a plan whose strategic value is much more important than the existence of Mewtwo.

    The Mewtwo project failed, and this project became the main target of the Rockets.

    However, it seems that there is a long time to see the result.

    "The research team I led used simulations to simulate other energies, and the objects of nature that fit to act as the core of energy are not suitable, and as for the power of the legendary elves, I am not good at judging because there are no samples, but I think if the power of the legendary elves is to be the core, Then the value of the system is not so great. ”

    "Because this system theory system is based on Alola Ultra Wormhole, so far, sparkling Stone, Z pure crystal is closest to the requirements of the energy core, but after the experiment, but they still have some unsuitable, after a number of team exploration, we found that Suitable for the energy core of the system, the energy fluctuation changes are very harsh, you know, whether it is nature or artificial energy core, have a stable energy fluctuation, if the energy fluctuation changes, it shows that this energy is not stable, will not actually exist, which is very contradictory …Therefore, this issue is the most difficult part of the system we are currently studying, hehe. ”

    The old researcher has no choice but to explain that the result of the two people's exchanges can only wait until coincidences, so that this system has a chance to appear.

    "Giovanni boss…"Just as Giovanni sat in the chair and meditated, the secretary’s real bird suddenly knocked on the door.

    However, when she saw that Giovanni was communicating with other people, the real bird immediately planned to retire.

    "It doesn't matter, the rainbow researcher is not an outsider. It is okay to say anything directly."Giovanni spoke.

    ‘Yes!’The real bird nodded, walked in, took out a piece of information, and reported to Giovanni: "You have given the tasks of James, Jessie, Meowth, they seem to have finished…"

    and was completedGiovanni licked his head and suddenly remembered that he did have a test of the trio.

    “Um?ButAs he spoke, the real bird suddenly hesitated: "From the summary of the various reports, the total amount of funds they have mobilized for this mission is…"

    The real bird slowly opened, accompanied by a change in mouth shape, and said a number that made the old researcher be shocked.

    "Was I?Giovanni pretended to be calm, because the rainbow researcher here for this reason, he resisted anger, did not attack, took over the report from the real bird.

    The above is the whereabouts of the funds, recording a strange robot, and some strange stones…

    But behind the robot, there are three big characters written, which are damaged!

    Seeing this word, Giovanni was almost a blue-bellied violent, but he calmed down and continued to watch.

    With such a large sum of money, he would like to see how the three great immortals are ruined.

    “A stone that can absorb sunlight by itself?”

    "A stone that stores sunlight?"

    “Purify light energy, a stone that promotes energy fusion?”

    The more you look at it, the more ugly Giovanni's face is, these are all messy things.

    The stone in front is quite normal, and the stone behind it is even more problematic.

    What can be a water-absorbing stone like a wick…What can make the elf always excited and lose the ability to sleep…

    These are the failures made by the Rockets trio when they studied the magic stone.

    "A stone coin that can replace Meowth gold coins…The color will be improved with the temperature of the stone…Energy fluctuations will be autonomously changing stones, these are all things. ”Even Giovanni had a good attitude, but when he saw these strange things appear in front of him, he was inevitably angry.




    Suddenly, in the expression of the real bird, the entire conference room suddenly stopped.

    I saw that the old researcher raised his arm violently and twitched his ears, saying: "Giovanni boss, you just said…What? Will energy fluctuations be a self-changing stone? ! ! ”

    “The energy fluctuations will be autonomously changing stones…”Giovanni revisited the row of strange stones, and Lock On was on a round white stone, reconfirming the effect of the stone.

    "Giovanni boss is this. Maybe with this, our research team can create the right energy core according to its principle!!"The old researcher suddenly got up and shouted excitedly.

    I understandGiovanni sighed and blinked. He said to the real bird: "You immediately summoned James, Jessie, and Meowth to return to the headquarters, and they must bring the stone back."

    Yes I understandReal bird road.

    Following the Mewtwo project, the Rockets' second plan, called "Rainbow," is related to Alola's peculiar phenomenon.

    This plan is carried out by a team of special researchers. If the "Rainbow" plan can be successful, then the Rockets' foundation will be comparable to the Elf Alliance. Giovanni's ambition is never small. He deeply understands what this opportunity represents.

    The chief researcher responsible for the project directly used the program name as the code name, which represented the Rockets' determination to the project.

    At the same time, the Rockets, who were far away from Hoenn, were incompetently ordered.

    "I didn't say anything about Terrance, but instead let us return to the headquarters with a failed experiment??"

    "The stone seems to have been lost."

    "No way, I seem to remember the process, let's do one more."

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