Pokemon Court Chapter 879

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the shortcomings of the rapid growth of the 879th chapter of the text, Astronomy
    Chapter 879 Disadvantages of Rapid Growth (Page 1/1)

    It’s been two days since the battle between Terrance and the Grass Stars.

    Mauville City, Terrance is thinking out of the center of the elf, while still remembering the battle with the sky.

    The best performer in this battle is undoubtedly Ninetales.

    Pupitar is still a bit difficult because of his own combat power, and the senior Trainer is still difficult to fight, and Gardevoir is the same as the other's Trump Card and Venusaur.

    The key issue exposed in this battle is Gardevoir.

    Gardevoir has a top-notch Psychic because of its strong spirit and just evolved into the final form, making it easy to step into the top of the field.

    However, its roots have not kept up with this soaring spirit.

    From the Vulpix period, Ninetales has been focusing on the level of coordination. After evolution, it has mastered the top-level snow control ability, and the skills to combine the use of light and snow and ice energy. These are the foundations of it. It faces the fundamentals of the same level of strength that Rival can easily win.

    And Beautifly, its heritage is the source of the wind and physical strength.

    As for Pupitar, you can master the top-level Sandstorm maneuverability after evolution, and also have the light and heavy mode.


    The drawbacks of Gardevoir's rapid advancement have emerged, as the simple Calm Mind can quickly become stronger, leading to little accumulation of Gardevoir's growth.

    "With Gardevoir's superior computing power, it has a Confusion coordinate tactics that are a practical skill. However, this technique is mainly used to avoid and interfere, but it can not pose too much threat to the enemy. The most important point is The reproducibility of this technique is obvious, there is no difficulty, the Psychic sprites who master the same moves can succeed Mimic…While working with Gardevoir's computational power can show better results, it is far less valuable than top-notch weather control, and it is also highly likely to be cracked and needs to be used at all times, but not too dependent, unless Gardevoir's teleport Level can reach mega Gallade that superb level, but, Gallade is too special, this goal for Gardevoir is obviously not easy to achieve. ”

    Terrance tidy up the items in the backpack while sighing.

    The ability to apply a single move to the point of ecstasy is also a kind of foundation.

    This is the case with Gallade's Teleport.

    It's a pity that Gardevoir's mastery of Teleport is like having a bottleneck, and it can't reach the level of Gallade. This gap is the gap that can never be crossed. There must be a corresponding opportunity.

    Gardevoir's spirit is good, it is reasonable to say that it should be easier to control Teleport than Gallade, but the reality is due to the experience of Gallade, let it pay more sweat and gain a special sentiment to Teleport.

    Terrance has browsed the public video of the Psychic masters around the world. The Psychic expert's elves use Teleport, which is close to Gallade. However, more than Gallade, only Kalos champion, Diantha.

    This is a video of the open battle on the bright side. How many Terrans are hidden from the strong, but this also shows that Gallade's Teleport is a top layer.

    "Okay, let's go to the desert."

    After checking the Terrance, he carried his backpack and was ready to leave Mauville City. He had decided to go to Desert Ruins to find out.

    On this road, Terrance still did not give up thinking.

    "If you let Gardevoir Mimic Ninetales's fighting style, you can combine light Screen with dazzling Gleam, but Gardevoir's mastery of light Screen is not as good as carbink proficiency, Fairy Energy Mastery is not as good as ninetales, although the calculation force is well, but there is no corresponding coordination ability, obviously, gardevoir coordination talent is not ninetales strong, so that light Screen and dazzling Gleam combination of technology, Although you can play on the spot against the enemy, but want to act as one of the Gardevoir, is not enough! And this is also a very limited way. After all, Ninetales has a lot of lighting styles, but Gardevoir has no such foundation. If Gardevoir's pure Mimic Ninetales fighting style is the main combat mode, it will undoubtedly lose watermelon and sesame seeds. Gardevoir, it should have its own specialities! ”

    "The special features of Gardevoir…It is the powerful Psychic brought by its huge spiritual power. It is undeniable that even Fairy Type can't cover its Psychic Type Lucas! ”

    "But how to make this mental power come out is a difficult point…"

    Terrance is thinking that if you use this huge mental power with a pure Psychic move, Gardevoir is just an ordinary Elite-class sprite. Compared with other Elite-level Psychic Type sprites, it has no power but no special features. The lack of foundation. And, if you encounter an elf with great computational power such as Alakazam and Metasols, Gardevoir's only advantage will be gone.

    "Gardevoir's mental strength has slowed down, and it has not been able to make rapid progress like in the early days. In this way, Gardevoir's Breeder method has to be repositioned. Otherwise, only knowing the mentality of Calm Mind will be The efficiency of the transformation of results is too low."

    This question is something that Terrance is mainly thinking about these two days.

    Gardevoir's growth is much easier than Ninetales and Pupitar.

    Ninetales after a long period of coordinated training, the practice of top snowy secrets, the strengthening of fairy Aura, the combination of Ice type and fairy type style, and so on, this series of complex systems blended together, barely let ninetales into the elite level of the threshold, This is not worthless, these growth process accumulated in the background, but also let the ninetales means a lot, very difficult to deal with.

    In contrast, Gardevoir, just by virtue of calm mind, as well as Mewtwo and Mew Blessing, into the elite level, in Terrance view, this is certainly worthy of joy, but, but omitted a big step to accumulate the process, this process, now must be mended back, Because to this level, want to further, very difficult, improve the combat power can only start from the spirit of the elves, rather than delusional gardevoir can still rely on calm mind to quickly enter the championship level, even if it is one of Mewtwo's experimental products, not. It has been a long time since Gardevoir evolved, and Terrance has long found that its growth rate has slowed down completely. This is not a way to go.

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