Pokemon Court Chapter 880

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the so-called 848 chapter of the body, the use of spiritual power, floating astronomy
    “The richer the experience of Trainer, the stronger the strength of the elf.”

    "This sentence is widely circulated. It should be the foundation of Trainer's own accumulation. Like the Float Stone Breeder method, one of Steven's many heritages, and Sabrina's technique of using Psychic to increase her elf strength is also her. One of the heritage. As for the grass starry sky, the essence lies in the secret of the genre that he is in, which is the skill and training method of the grass. My heritage, in addition to the four special training methods of the weather, and the training methods for coordination, others are insignificant. ”


    Terrance found that it is at a certain level, that is, the top level, the top Trainer level.

    The basic qualities of most of the Trainer's main elves are not too wide, depending on the combat power of the elves, often the accumulation of elves.

    These basic qualities refer to responsiveness, resistance, endurance, explosiveness, coordination, physical strength, etc…These basic quality training methods are much simpler than those of the odd moves and the Ability.

    Every top Trainer, through long-term experience accumulation, is no stranger to the improvement of these basic qualities. Although the training methods may be different, the molding time will be different, but the ultimate goal is to make these basic qualities the elves. Move service.

    For example, if you want to exercise the speed of an elf, practice coordination, and use Quick Attack to move the trick, you can maximize the spoil's mobility.

    As for further reinforcement, you can focus on exercising explosive power. If you want the elf to maintain this speed for a long time, you can exercise endurance…

    All in all, for the magical creatures of the elves, the trick is their fundamental, basic quality, serving the trick, not depends on an important factor in the top battle.

    Therefore, the basic quality must be taken seriously, but the use of the trick is fundamental.

    The basic qualities of the elves, the tricks, and the foundation of the Trainer are combined with each other, which is the essence of the elves.

    Terrance's Altaria is not as explosive as Arcanine, and its coordination ability is not as good as that of Beautifly. The level of control over energy other than Fairy energy cannot be as subtle as Mismagius, but its power is stronger because it has accumulated a lot of foundation.

    Dragon talent, autonomous Mega Evolution, Fairy Aura, the fire of life, the sound of annihilation, plus the basic tricks that have been tried and tested, although Altria can not surpass Terrance's other elves in all aspects, but on the overall strength, Altaria is Terrance's absolute Trump Card.

    Gardevoir took the lead in taking Ninetales into the top-level field, but Ninetales came up later and the gap between them emerged.

    Eat a lack of under-reported, if the battle, Gardevoir's chances of winning is minimal.

    In the match against Sky, Gardevoir would have a hard time if it didn't take advantage of Attribute and the other party didn't understand Gardevoir's fighting style.

    MaybeThis is a direction…"

    Just as Terrance arrived outside the desert, he suddenly remembered the spirit of Gardevoir.

    "Gardevoir it…With blue, purple spirit. ”Terrance fluttered, perhaps because of the influence of the power of Mewtwo and Mew when evolved into Kirlia, Gardevoir's post-evolutionary spirit, Confusion ray, turned blue-violet.

    This kind of mental power has not shown anything special so far, and Terrance has not been deeply pursued before.

    But now, Terrance is reminded of Gardevoir's next Breeder direction because of the spirit of this special color!

    “Gardevoir was born in the Mewtwo experiment, and Mewtwo also has a certain affinity for it, which shows that there is still some correlation between them…”

    "The spiritual power of this special color reminds me of the shadow of Mewtwo and Mew's Confusion…"

    “The huge Hurricane rain that I encountered during my trip to the new island was more terrible and terrifying than the Hurricane rain made by floating bubbles, and the Hurricane rain was controlled by Confusion…”

    "With the strength of Mewtwo at that time, although the mental strength is very strong, but it is not strong enough to look up to the point, the Mewtwo was just born soon, even Altaria can compete with it for a while, it is the learning ability. And what the Rockets value is also the potential of Mewtwo to gather the genes of origin. Otherwise, the Mewtwo at that time was still the same thing against the Elf Corps of Giovanni. ”

    “Speaking of Psychic's learning, Sabrina once told me that Psychic is the most widely used of all Attributes. I should probably learn Sabrina, learn Mewtwo, and let Gardevoir delve into the use of Psychic…After all, Gardevoir is very likely to inherit the spiritual nature of Mewtwo and Mew, and it is extremely malleable. It is better to try Gardevoir than to use the spirit of the inherent Psychic tricks that were previously summed up by people…"

    “Coincidentally, Gardevoir can master the Rain Dance moves. If it has the mental power associated with Mewtwo and Mew, why not let Gardevoir try the power of Mewtwo? It doesn't matter if you can't achieve the power, mainly to confirm the difference between Gardevoir's mental power and other elves. ”

    “The combination of Psychic and weather-like moves may reveal a new path. When Gardevoir can use the Confusion to manipulate the Hurricane rain, maybe we will get started and determine the feasibility of this road!”

    Using Gardevoir as a legendary elf of the Mewtwo, with the power of legends as the target Breeder, it has to be said that Terrance's ideas are bold.

    This thought just emerged, and Terrance's expression stretched out. It was because of the rapid progress of Gardevoir that it lacked the process of accumulation, but it is not too late, everything starts from the beginning.



    It's here!

    Returning to Terrance in Desert Ruins, he took a deep breath and looked at the hole in the center, revealing a hidden smile.

    In the past few days, he has to fully explore the secret of this Desert Ruins.

    Speaking of this, the mystery of this desert is really much, and Terrance has not forgotten the attack that was encountered in the phantom relics.

    The experience of straying into time and space cracks made Ternce's memory especially deep. Unfortunately, after several arrivals, Terrance never found the shadow of the phantom relics even if he was interested in searching.

    “It’s strange to say that the desert is so big, can the phantom relics run out of the desert?”

    Terrance guessed that the phantom remains because of his own glimpse, not to enter the ground, or to be hidden by the culprits of the murder of himself into the crack of time and space.

    And the culprit, now almost certainly is Unown.

    after awhile.

    In the desert of Hoenn, in a remote relic, a sound rang.

    Then there was a steady stream of noise coming out…

    "Pupitar, give it to me!"

    Terrance pointed to the hole in front and said that Pupitar was released from the Poké Ball.

    Pupitar is also very rude. The ore here is delicious for it. If it is not enjoyed for a few days, it will inevitably be missed and urgent.

    I saw that Pupitar instantly ejected and fell into the abyss. It didn't take long for the following to smash.

    "Unfortunately, Rotom Pokédex is not here, or you can be responsible for testing the energy fluctuations underneath."

    Terrance shook his head slightly, although it was faintly felt through Pupitar's reaction that it was about to be eaten, but there was no exact progress.

    However, Terrance is not in a hurry. He is well prepared to start his practice here.

    However, just as Pupitar continued to hollow out this place, what Terrance didn't notice was that somewhere in the desert, a giant suddenly woke up, and if Terrance saw it, he would be surprised.

    Because this elf that is slowly coming in this direction is Regirock who has had two sides with him!


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