Pokemon Court Chapter 881

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 881 Fairy Domain, starts the simulation! Floating astronomy
    At present, in addition to the four elves that have played in the Masters, Terrance also carries Gallade and floating bubbles.

    Elria and other elves are placed in Mt. On Chimney, guarding the deflated Carbink, while Froakie and Togepi are also there.

    Although no poachers have given them a real battle, but with the existence of Mismagius, they are unlikely to be light.

    One after another horrible illusion, almost always improve the combat experience for two little guys, and no different from the poachers.

    This kind of simulation training is very necessary.

    Even if Froakie and Togepi worked well together, there were times when they neglected to almost die. If Terrance secretly shot, only the two little guys would be a pioneer, and once or twice they might succeed, but it would not be possible to succeed. There are also no shortage of savvy people in the enemy.

    Mismagius's illusion tempering is perfect for both of their current situations, both to accumulate experience and eliminate danger.

    "That said, Beautifly, have you felt any movement?"

    In the ruins, Terrance suddenly raised his foot and then slowly lowered it, revealing a puzzled expression.

    Oh…Beautifly heard a glimpse and shook his head.

    "Amount, yes, it should be an illusion…"Terrance smiled and said: "That's it, you go to train as usual. After four hours, we will have dinner again. Right, let the floating bubbles go with you. Without it, you want to encounter huge Sandstorm. Easy things."

    After all, Terrance put all the elves he carried.

    "Ninetales, your words, that Never-Melt Ice consumes about 20% of the energy, and you can continue to use it, but the practice method of simulating snow has not improved much for you, so then you can improve your training. Difficult."

    In the process of simulating the operation of snowy days in Never-melt ice, ninetales the opportunity to enter the top field, at the same time, in that process, never-melt Ice inevitably wasted 20% of the energy, this energy is not absorbed by Ninetales, But a pure waste, the reason for this waste is the lack of ninetales control ability, but now, if that kind of practice, ninetales no longer have a waste of energy situation.

    However, from another point of view, Ninetales no longer needs to master Snow Day through Never-Melt Ice, because it has mastered the application of snow, and at this time, it is no less inferior to the accomplishments of snow. Floating bubbles.

    "This time I simulated the ice mirror cage!"Terrance looked at Ninetales and said seriously.

    Once in Mt. In Chimney's experiment, Terrance envisioned a combination technique, or a domain.

    Fairy Domain, Mirror Ice Crystal.

    Inside the Fairy Domain is the main battlefield of Terrance's Fairy Corps. The core of the field is the ice moon of Altaria's Fairy Aura and Ninetales.

    In addition, the first line of defense that Terrance conceived was "mirror."

    Fairy Domain, wrapped in a "mirror" that reflects light, turns into a huge mirror cage, where the mirror can be used to maximize the charm of the Fairy system.

    This mirror can be Reflect, it can be Light Screen, it can be a magic mirror, it can be an ice mirror composed of ice and snow energy.

    On the reflection effect, the magic mirror is the best, but there are countless changes in the battlefield. You can't rely on a mirror alone. What Terrance is doing now by Ninetales is to simulate the ice mirror cage through the snow and ice energy in Never-Melt Ice.

    Terrance intends to let Ninetales try it first. If you can accumulate successful experience, then the day of Diancie's birth, Fairy Domain will be more smoothly formed.

    At the core of Fairy Aura and the Ice Moon, Rotom Pokédex has built 51 tactical templates for Fairy Domain, of which 44 tactical templates rely on terrain, and 7 tactical templates are widely used. Terrance guides Ninetales to build 7 types. A tactical template for a universal mirrored cage.

    "Ninetales's "Xinghai" in the Contest contest is inspired by the concept of 'domain'. Unlike the 'Xinghai', the ice mirror cage is called the field because it has nowhere to escape.Compared to the uncontrollable ' Xinghai ' combination technology, if Ninetales can all the ' Xinghai ' skills into the mirror, but also can play the same tactical value, after all, the purpose of the birth of Xinghai is more for performance, more contest ingredients, but in the actual combat, these complex things as far as possible to save, A simple mirror, is the best weapon … "

    Controlling the ice and snow energy inside Never-melt Ice simulates the cage of fairy Domain, the ice Mirror Array, which, in doing so, can enhance the level of ninetales control of ice and snow energy, while also allowing it to be more affinity for ice energy, which is a sublimation of previous practice, but The process is even more cumbersome, Terrance has been able to imagine that never-melt ICE's energy waste rate next estimated to be amazing, dozens of mirror cage tactical template simulation down, this never-melt Ice life may also be to the end.

    "Gardevoir!"The next moment Terrance called Gardevoir.

    "You use your telepathy and computing power to help Ninetales build the Fairy Domain shape while watching the changes inside Never-Melt Ice. After all, the ultimate Fairy Domain is supported by you, not just Ninetales itself."

    Gardevoir can also master the magic mirror, Light Screen, and Reflect moves, and it is also an indispensable part of the Fairy Domain.

    When they heard Terrance, both Ninetales and Gardevoir nodded lightly, and then Terrance took the Never-Melt Ice out of the enclosure inside the backpack and threw it to Gardevoir.

    The reason why Gardevoir temporarily assisted Ninetales instead of the new direction that he had just conceived for Gardevoir was because Terrance took into account the weather here. The desert is not suitable for Gardevoir to learn to pray, forcing learning, learning efficiency will only be half the effort, Terrance And Gardevoir is not lacking this time.

    "Gallade, you will stay here and carry out the absorption of genetic medicine."Terrance last.

    "Oh!"Gallade nodded.

    Soon, several elves moved, and Ninetales and Gardevoir took Never-Melt Ice to simulate the tactical template of the Fairy Domain, while the floating bubble went out with Beautifly to fight out, in addition to floating Bubbles and Beautifly They also have the task of teaching Pupitar to use Sandstorm, but that mission is not now, but after Pupitar is full.

    According to experience, if Pupitar wants to eat enough, it is impossible for a short time. As for the extent to which this little guy is actually eaten, the quality of the ore below the pit is getting higher and higher, and Terrance is not sure…However, it will take a while!

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