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Pokemon Court Chapter 882

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 882th chapter of the desert riots, legendary reproduction, floating astronomy
    At the same time, Mt. Chimney

    Rotom Pokédex is constantly flying across the cliffs, capturing Froakie and Togepi.

    The two little guys, under the chase of a black wind of Mismagius, fled.

    "Giggle" saw Togepi's evil and grievances, and Froakie's indifferent and sluggish expression, Rotom Pokédex laughed loudly and pressed the shutter quickly.

    “Curse, Destiny Bond, Ominous Wind, and Shadow Sneak are all 100% developed. Now, in addition to Gallade, floating bubbles, and Beautifly, all the other elves have absorbed the efficacy of the gene syrup. Thank you Rotto.”

    Looking at the picture of Mismagius practicing Ominous Wind, Rotom Pokédex said to himself.

    After Gardevoir first absorbed the efficacy of the gene syrup, the other elves gradually absorbed it.

    Altaria's voice talent development level reached 100%, Ninetales' ice, Fairy, mental, Hypnosis development level reached 100%, Arcanine's Reversal, Close Combat, Morning Sun, Thrash move development is also a perfect success. It shows that the strength of the elves has improved again.

    Ninetales Needless to say, the 1vs4 record of the Masters has confirmed its strength.

    Other elves, although still not able to perform, are also quickly adapting to their new strength, waiting for the next fierce battle.

    Altaria this side, has been in these two months to the flame beads in the flame energy all absorbed, Sunny Day's basic practice is therefore initially completed, in this regard, the destructive power of Altaria's fire has kept up with its strength, in addition, because of the development of sound talent, Altaria It has also begun to practice the technique of controlling sound tricks with fairy energy and grass energy.

    Like Altaria, the basics of Sunny Day are Arcanine. Because of the advantages of Attribute, the mastery of Sunny Day is still above Altaria. Arcanine's Morning Sun is well mastered and can't be related to Sunson's practice of Samson. .

    “Beautifly's vitality development is 91% when it comes to the same level, and Rotto is not far from the full absorption of the drug.”

    "Gallade's development, mental development with Calm Mind moves amazingly, has reached 100%, but Mean Look and Shadow Sneak are less than 50% Rotto."

    "As for floating bubbles, the four systems of water, ice, electricity and flying have been developed. The fire, grass and rock have basically reached more than 85%. It should be able to completely absorb the efficacy of the gene syrup, but I don't know. Now, Terrance took Pupitar with them and explored the extent of the ruins to Rotto…"

    Seeing that Mismagius left their sight, Rotom Pokédex slowly flew back to Mt. On Chimney, it was parked next to Carbink's giant python. Lucas was faintly eclipsed two months ago. It is now confirmed that Fairy energy is being absorbed by Carbink.



    Time, from Terrance entering Desert Ruins, it was a day soon.

    this day.

    A team of adventurers entered the desert.

    In recent years, this desert has rarely been visited by adventurers. This team is a rare rare guest in the desert. Interestingly, several people seem to be talking about this issue. In the face of doubts from their companions, the leader has wheat. The skinned female Trainer smiles and opens:

    "Have you heard of the 'Dream Round Adventure Group'?"

    "I know this, it is the adventure group known for death. It is said that they have almost finished several times, if it is not lucky…"Among them, the muscular man with the camera is open.

    "Well, speaking, this dream round adventure group is well-configured, and the members are also very courageous. They still have a certain reputation in the adventure world. It is our predecessor…"The female leader said.

    "Remember them, do you want to say the commotion four years ago?"Among the four of the team, one of the white-rimmed glasses with a map said.

    "Yes, four years ago, the dream Circle ventured into the Hoenn desert, found the legendary elf ' Regirock ', and fought a big battle with it, and also recorded a video to the network, because of that incident, many adventure teams, Lone Explorer, Trainer came to the desert, All hope to be able to took Demon Regirock, that year, Hoenn desert can be said to have been turned over, but in the end, people still failed to find Regirock figure, and in the search for Regirock, the desert secret has been almost hollowed out, here also lost the significance of adventure. ”

    “The only place that has not yet been explored is the “phantom relics” that are hard to find in the legend, but the location of the place is very different. Many professional adventure teams are not returning. This time we are also It comes, but it's best not to have too much hope, just try your luck."

    "It turned out to be the case."Like a team leader, the petite girl with six Poké Balls around her waist suddenly realized.

    It is also strange to say that the configuration of this team of adventure groups, the two trainers who are the main force are actually women…

    The reason why the Hoenn Great Desert Explorer was rare was that the four people talked quickly and quickly cleared it.

    Aimlessly walking between, a few people continue to do not know where the Phantom remains, holding the big sun, although very painful, but a few people warm is full, but after a while let, with a loud bang, a few people qi Qi stopped, dare not believe to look at the bottom of the ground drilled out, rolling sandstorm The burly elves who launched an offensive against a remote relic!

    The four people trembled slightly, like excitement and tension.

    "That is Regirock!!"

    The female leader of the adventure group stopped everyone and was delighted to speak. The next moment, she quickly took the video device in the photographer's hand and ran quickly.

    "Don't worry!!"

    "okay!! You are slower! ! ”

    Several people mentioned this elf in the previous exchange. Who knows the next moment, it happened.

    In the face of the legendary elves, the four acted as adventurers, and they simply couldn’t calm down and quickly rushed over. In the process, the surrounding dust storms were even louder. As the eyes were dirty, the faces of the four men suddenly became pale. ……A precursor to the huge Sandstorm.

    "Don't worry, even with the huge Sandstorm we have escape methods, but compared to that, you look at it…"

    White frame glasses man calmed down, did not be frightened by the huge sandstorm, but pointed to the distance, see, more let four people incredible picture appeared, after Regirock, countless elves living in the desert do not know where to come out, black whoop in the direction of the remains, and then surrounded by the remains, It may be the reason for the fear of regirock outside the ruins, and the elves then don't go on.


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