Pokemon Court Chapter 883

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 883th chapter is the monarch, Banguia vsRegirock, floating astronomy
    Leading Regirock, the chief culprit of the desert riots, is naturally Terrance.

    A few minutes before Regirock appeared, Terrance was still gathering…

    Oh…I said Pupitar, everyone eats together, you don't want to eat stones, but here is also prepared for your share, do you want to drink a little help with the digestion of juice. ”

    Terrance sat on the ground and shouted Pupitar, who called "hard work" before dinner.

    This comparison is beyond the expectations of Terrance, because Pupitar responded to his voice, but it was a screaming Growl.


    This Growl contains complex emotions, but Terrance hears excitement…

    Even so, this screaming almost made Terrance and the other elves spit out the things in their mouths and was shocked.

    Gardevoir covered Conlight with the first time. Through telepathy, Terrance saw that Pupitar had unearthed something similar to evolutionary stone.

    But Terrance can be sure that there is no such a yellow-brown evolutionary stone, and its size is much larger than ordinary evolutionary stone.

    "The secret of the remains is this stone?"Observing the stone embedded in the ground, Terrance frowned, Pupitar was still excavating, and seemed to want to dig this stone out, and Terrance looked at it quietly, and did not stop it.

    But the ground of this stone is destined to keep the remains quiet.

    During the excavation of Pupitar, there was a huge movement outside, and a familiar voice was introduced into Terrance's ear, which changed his face instantly.



    The harsh shouts and the sound of Sandstorm directly penetrated the ruins, allowing the Terrance within it to clearly feel the violent outside.

    The person is not good!

    "This voice, is it Reirock!?"

    It was discovered that there were countless fine sands falling from the top of Terrance, the brow was locked, and I knew that I couldn't wait. He took a deep look at Pupitar's location, as if he understood why Regirock came from.

    "We are still in the ruins, let Reirock go on like this, the entire ruins will collapse!! Must stop it! ”

    At the moment when Terrance made up his mind, in addition to Pupitar, he, Gardevoir, Beautifly, Ninetales, floating bubbles, Gallade, instantly appeared in the outside Soaring in the sky, overlooking the already mobilized Sandstorm, and immediately launched a fierce offensive. Regirock.

    "Sure enough, this guy!"

    Seeing Regirock's appearance, Terrance breathed a sigh of relief. Although Regirock's figure was more burly and the shape was more perfect, Terrance believed that he did not admit his mistake. This is the Regirock that he played against him!

    "However, what is the elf in the distance? Watching the fun? Still all for the stone? ”

    Other elves are far away, and the strength is not afraid, Terrance simply no tube, he observed sweeping in regirock side of the Sandstorm wise, eyes suddenly squinted, in four years ago, Regirock just recovered, lost some of the power of the case, Can still chase him and the Dream Round Adventure Regiment of a trainer hammer, and now, Regirock seems to have been nursed almost, even more than before being imprison.

    "With the strength of this Regirock, if there is a Rock around, with its ability to swallow the Rock, you can restore your physical strength without limit, and only the top Trainer's main spirit can deal with it, and it was broken by the trick. Regirock of the body repelled and had to say that it was really exciting."Terrance touched his nose, revealing a smile of nostalgia.

    This time facing this legendary elf, the situation is not the same as before.

    “Whether it is Gardevoir, Ninetales, Gallade, Floating Bubble or Beautifly, it can be dealt with, but in this case, it is best to give it to the floating bubble and Gardevoir. So, let’s take a look at what it has improved over the past four years. Degree."

    At the moment when Terrance issued the order, the floating storm rolled up the violent Sandstorm, and at the same time, Regirock was fixed by the powerful Psychic, and then the powerlessness of the giant Sandstorm that was condensed by himself.

    At the same time that Regirock fell, countless sands were splashed and fluttered, and a louder bang came out.

    Being smashed by Sandstorm, Regirock, as the legendary elf of the rock series, can be said to be very embarrassing.

    In the distance, the four-person adventure squad that came in a panic, Zhang Dazui looked at this scene with astonishment, and ate a few mouthfuls of sand unconsciously.

    "What happened, it seems that Regirock was attacked…"

    The power of the Sandstorm that Regirock ignited almost made a few people afraid to face it. This is a huge Sandstorm, the death in the desert, but only in a flash, Regirock was turned over by the huge Sandstorm that he had blown up. ? ! !

    "Like, someone…"

    White-rimmed glasses male, quickly took out the telescope, looked at the remains of Sky, and then revealed an incredible expression, it is indeed human, at the same time, there are several elves next to humans…

    He can almost be sure that the person who attacked Retirock is the Trainer!

    "However, how could it be…"

    Just as the four were shocked, Regirock was furious.

    First, he was sneaked, and then he took control of Sandstorm and used himself to smash himself. Regirock angered, and the "h" pattern consisting of seven orange dots in front of his head quickly lit up, and then the deity issued The grandeur of Rage.

    The next moment, it went even more mad, because Regirock felt that something that seemed important to him was slowly disappearing…


    The violent dragging of the body, Regirock did not look at the front, quickly grabbed the air in the sand and clenched, forced to force over.

    The ordinary sand of this grain, under the wave of Regirock, broke out like the power of the bullet Normal, but it was all blocked by floating bubbles in the air.

    "Regirock, you can't go behind this."Terrance snorted and spent nearly three months on the broken stone, how could it be easily given out.

    However, feeling the deadly Captivate coming from the front, Regirock didn't know what to shrink and go crazy.

    In the next moment, two giant Sandstorms swept together, and the explosion broke out. The floating bubbles slowly flew up and smashed with Regirock.

    "What a joke…That is the legendary elf, Regirock! ! ”

    "With it, it is such a small floating bubble?!!!"The white-rimmed glasses man stood in the same place, and it seemed that he was not scared by the great power of the sandstorm, but was scared by the power of the Trainer.

    "Give me the telescope"

    "I want to see too!!"

    A few people rushed to the scene, and the situation changed again. Even when Terrance didn't react, there was a deafening noise in the ruins.

    At this moment, Terrance's expression changed slightly, realizing what was happening, with Gardevoir's Confusion and telepathy, quickly looked at the past, I saw, a pair of feet standing, with a Black diamond on the left and right sides of the waist, under the eyes Black stripes, the blue abdomen behind the fierce elf with thick spikes appeared in the line of sight…

    "Banjila…How could I! How did the stone disappear? ”Terrance's complex expression, seeing this sudden appearance of Banjara, has come to the conclusion that Pupitar has eaten the unknown Rock, and evolved.

    Looking at the card inside the pit, the crazy Struggle's Bangui, Terrance just wanted to save it, Regirock rolled the Sandstorm again, this time, Regirock's offensive is even more fierce, it seems to be aware of what happened, with A strong anger sparked the attack.

    However, what Terrance didn't expect was that this Sandstorm, without waiting for the floating bubbles to block, was like a pilgrimage Normal, madly rushing into the ruins and rushing into the cave! ! !

    After the influx of Sandstorm, Qiqi flew in the direction of Banjara. Terrance saw the change of the ground through Gardevoir's perspective. Banguila was crazy, Sandstorm quickly condensed, and directly brought this monster-level guy up… …

    "With the emergence of the Yangsha Ability, Banjara's control of Sandstorm is even more horrible…However, Banguila's Contest Condition seems to be wrong. ”

    After coming out of the hole, Banjara waved his tail and seemed to want to smash the remains and walk out of it. Under the control of Sandstorm, the force of Sandstorm became a terrible weapon, making Banguila look terrible.

    As the sounds in the ruins came out, the Terrance side and Regirock succinctly quieted down and looked at the Sandstorm beast that broke the exit and slowly walked out, Banguila! !

    "Banjila!!"Terrance couldn't help but scream, and at the same time, Banjara heard it and looked at Terrance. The next moment, Terrance smiled.

    It seems that I am more concerned about it.

    Banguila, who felt the movement of the outside world and worried about his safety, was crazy.

    … …Taking the line of sight away from Terrance, Banguira looked back at the mighty Regirock and shouted loudly, somehow, it had an inexplicable dislike of Regirock!

    "Loss–" is similar. When Banjara appeared, Regirock seemed to finally find the root of his instigation. With it, Bulldoze, the earth sank, and countless sharp stones poured out towards Banguila. Go quickly! !

    At this time, countless sands lingered around Banjara and Regirock. These two monsters, like those coming out of Sandstorm, have begun to kill! !

    Don't move!Seeing the floating bubble going forward to help Bangjara, Terrance shook his head and said: "Banjila wants to test his strength. This is an opportunity to play against Regirock and let Bangjila quickly become familiar with his strength. ,Simultaneously……"

    Terrance smiled: "It can also be decided who is the real monarch in this desert."

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