Pokemon Court Chapter 884

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the birth of the body of Chapter 884, the birth of the beast, the knives of Bangjila, floating astronomy
    200 million years ago, like Mt. Remarkable terrain such as Coronet, Regigigas moved the slate to form the various Regions, and created the eternal elves from clay, ice and magma: Reirock, Regice and Registeel, which may have happened in the Stone Age, Theo The era and the Iron Age.

    They are called eternal elves because these three elves can recover from physical damage and physical strength by eating the corresponding substances, and even extend their life to some extent.

    This Regirock has the ability to swallow the Rock and restore the damage. Under its swing, seven sharp stones flew towards Banjara, while Regirock himself kept approaching the remains made up of Rock.

    Stone Edge!

    Without paying attention to Regirock's careful thinking, in the face of this move, Banguila directly swayed the thick tail and smashed it into slag.

    This scene, in the eyes of the adventurers in the distance, is a very shocking picture.

    They carefully approached and came to the position where they could see the general situation. They looked at the two elves who started to kill with their eyes and eyes wide open.

    Solved the Stone Edge, Banjara striding in the direction of Regirock,

    At the same time, the two elves, the body lingering in countless fine sands, every move, seems to be able to resonate with the desert.

    Soon, the two elves colliding with each other were stuck together. At this moment, Regirock took the lead in raising an arm consisting of two huge gray Rocks, wielding strong and heavy fists, and slamming them into Banjara.

    With the "bang", Banguia was directly repelled, but at the same time, he saw that Sandstorm, which had just protected it, made it less hurt, quickly gathered up and was held by Bangui. In the hands, a sand spear was formed, thrown out by it, and inserted into the center of Regirock's body.

    The two elves, almost one after the other, were hit by the other side's attack and the body was smashed to the ground.

    But this still can't make the two elves lose their fighting ability. At the moment of falling to the ground, countless Sandstorms hold the Bangjila to get up quickly, while Regirock, the action is even more brutal, when the arms are lifted up, there are countless Sandstorms on the other side. Together, Ancient Power formed a huge rock mass and went to Banjara to suppress it! !

    … …Just want to get up the Banguila, roaring between the huge rock mass suppression in the ground, in order to expand the advantage, immediately after, Regirock trigger the power of the Earth, through the bulldoze to create a earthquake, soon, let Banguila position formed a constant sinking of the whirlpool, With the strength of the rock mass, the Banguila sank directly, suffering the fallout from the power of the constantly vibrating Earth.

    "Unexpectedly, Banguila's movement speed has slowed down a lot. It seems that it is not suitable for this new body…So far, Banjara has relied on the power of Sandstorm to fight against the enemy. The slow movement of the body has become the root cause of its downturn. ”During the Battle of Terrance, I realized the status quo of Banjara.

    The Float Stone Breeder method has to continue, but fortunately there are still a lot of Float Stone left, and it should be enough for Bangui to master the new body.

    As for the current situation, Terrance is too glaring because of the sun, and when she has a glimpse of her eyes, she is already in the chest, not too worried about Bangjila.

    Because he saw the Sandstorm that was constantly condensing toward the ground.

    "There seems to be someone coming over, oh, it’s unfortunate. Let’s see if they can save themselves. If it doesn't work, I will shoot again."As Banjara sank, Terrance saw the four people who had been careful in the distance, showing a helpless expression.

    The reason is that the next moment, the earth is more violently shaken. Although Ground is made up of sand, it exaggerates the cracks, and then the cracks appear here are like Spider Web Normal. A breathing effort, the crack spread to the four adventurers in the distance, and with the feeling of collapse under the feet, the four people panicked and sent the Flying spirit and climbed up.

    "It's Earthquake…The Banjara hasn't lost yet, and is using Earthquake against the Regirock Earthquake! ”The petite female Trainer was surprised to see her. As she gazed, in the distance, a monster wrapped in Sandstorm slammed open the crack and climbed out. Because of Regirock's suppression, Banjara became more violent. All of Sandstorm was mad at it, and Regirock saw this and some hesitated to take a step back.

    It’s the feeling…

    Regirock's mastery of Sandstorm is being deprived by Bangui!

    Regirock used lock on, directly see through the Banguila around the flow of air changes, fluctuations, the flow of sandstorm, all because of the Banguila body at this time that invisible horror air field, but more let Regirock unbelievable is that Banguila seems to be trying to sandstorm New use, so that sandstorm push their own actions, overcome the overweight body, give themselves greater mobility.

    … …

    After all the Sandstorm was in his hands, Banjara re-entered, but at this time it was flushed and saw the change of Bangui, Terrance frowned.

    No stranger to this Contest Condition Terrance, he has seen it many times in Arcanine, which is the response of Outrage!

    Awakening Outrage, Banjara will be in a chaotic Contest Condition for some time, but it will also gain top-level combat awareness, wildness will be completely motivated by Outrage, and at the same time it will break out beyond the horrible destructive power of the past.

    From the madness of the looted Sandstorm, it can be seen that Banjara is in a very violent Contest Condition. Under this Contest Condition, its mastery of Sandstorm is surprisingly amazing, as Sandstorm's beast is completely awakened to Normal, in its In the rapid progress, only a moment, it will consolidate the power of Sandstorm into a giant sword! !

    From the shape point of view, this Sandstorm sword is very similar to Gallade's arm blade. At this moment, Banjara clenched the Sandstorm sword and made an incredible action! !

    Quick-draw Cut


    At this moment, Terrance's pupils shrank and Gallade was surprised.

    By the power of countless sandstorm constantly reinforced sandstorm giant sword, because of the changes in the airflow, sand is also constantly flowing, this technique, gave the blade incredibly terrifying cutting force, at the moment, sandstorm giant Sword was Banguila full of efforts to chop, pull knife posture, is it to watch Gallade Training time learned, in the Larvitar period, it is very yearning for gallade that handsome pull knife chop, to now, Banguila finally found that they have the ability to mimic out!!

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