Pokemon Court Chapter 885

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 885 floating bubbles, Ninetales play, floating astronomy
    This ferocious glimpse, let Regirock take care of it, even if it quickly strengthens itself with Iron Defense, with his arm to resist, but still flew out by this violent force! !

    Entering the Outrage Contest Condition to stimulate the nature of Sandstorm's beasts, the body weight is more than three times the normal class of Banjara, with the power of the terrible Sandstorm to push their own strength, waving an incredible amazing knife, amazing power ! ! Terrance's Banjara showed the brutal nature of Banjara, the ordinary Trainer's Breeder, which is the Sandstorm beast, this is Banjara! ! A face-to-face, will fly Regirock! !

    It's not just a simple fly, with "Hey! boom! ”The voice came, visible to the naked eye, and Regirock's burly body directly hit the ruins. Because of the power of Banguila, it continually broke through the wall until it was drowned by the Rock. The movement stopped and saw this. In this situation, Terrance “snapped” and worried about Banjara.

    "This knife is amazing, but it is not a wise choice to repel Regirock in that direction."Regirock has the ability to devour Rock to recover from injury. The previous stun is terrible and has a great damage to Regirock, but if it is allowed to hit enough Rock, then Banjara's attack is wasted.

    Moreover, Banguila's current Contest Condition also makes Terrance very worried. The Banjara who just mastered Outrage can't control this power. It can only be supported by willpower, it is dangerous, and it is enhanced by the power of Sandstorm. The skill of mobility also makes it consume a lot, and it is estimated that it will not last long.

    As Regirock fell, Banguia wanted to chase after victory, and countless Sandstorms quickly came forward with them, but Terrance worried about the situation. The next moment, Regirock's place broke out with amazing fluctuations, sweeping the dust of the sky. With Rock, swallowing Banjara, this is…Explosion ! Regirock, chose Self Destruct! ! This even more violent force, even Banjara is difficult to resist, was ruthlessly involved in it! !

    Unable to spread the force of the explosion, with a flash of light, Banguia, who was involved in Explosion, was quickly rescued by Gardevoir, but because of the partial power of Explosion, plus the excessive consumption before, Banguila Has fallen into a coma.

    Looking at Banguia, who was still stunned, even though he was in a coma, Terrance nodded gratifiedly.

    "You have done a good job, although we can't beat it now, but I promise that it will not be your Rival for three months!!"

    Because of the evolution, Banguila could not adapt to this heavy body and the newly acquired power for a time, and could not exert all of his own strength. For the next time, it was the outbreak of its strength, and that The stone that was swallowed by Banguila also made Terrance very concerned. It is estimated that the secret is also hidden, but it is not the time to explore.

    When Gardevoir's heal Pulse wrapped in Banguila, Terrance took it back to the Pokéball, intended to let it rest well, just evolved to go through the war, it is still too reluctant, but, if there is no rock as the backing to repair the injury, I am afraid that Regirock has been defeated in that cut off, from this point of view, Banguila this time will be their own fierce has shown the most vividly.

    On the ruins, Regirock used Explosion, but that was its trick. It was sure that even after Self Destruct, it would recover quickly. When countless gravels fell on it, the stones seemed to be Like a powerful suction adsorption, it quickly blends into Regirock.

    With the integration of the stones, Regirock stood up and continued to madly devour the surrounding stones, but in less than a minute, its physical strength recovered almost.

    "This ability is really useful, but the limits are also great. If you can recover your strength by swallowing the air, you will be invincible…"

    Terrance calmly watched Regirock recover and did not stop.

    When Regirock recovered completely and looked back at the screams of anger at Terrance, the four adventurers almost stuttered and couldn't speak.

    "This…this…"So can it stand up? It’s too exaggerated, and the scary Banguia has fallen. ”

    "After all, Regirock is an eternal elf. It's very rare to deal with it, but don't be afraid. We just need a photo, and we won't provoke it!"The muscular man carrying the camera said seriously: "But what the Trainer does, he is so close, it is estimated to be on Regirock Lock On. In the desert, the Regirock is invincible."

    This Regirock, even if it doesn't use the ability to devour Rock to restore physical strength, the combat power is very awkward. The ordinary senior Trainer has to do everything in its power, and only the top Trainer can regulate this guy. This existence is in its own right. On the site, several adventurers are worried that there is no reason…With their vision, this Regirock is already an invincible legendary creature! !

    Terrance naturally didn't know what the adventurers watching the war were worried about. When he found Regirock getting up and saw Regirock's unrelenting gaze, he smiled instantly.

    The reason for not taking the opportunity to leave is because Terrance wants to completely defeat this guy to prove his four years of growth.


    Terrance waved, floating bubbles and Ninetales played together. This time, the floating bubble did not use Sandstorm's power to fight against Regirock, but summoned the rain cloud.

    In an instant, the floating bubble was drilled into the ultimate rainy day, and it crashed! ! The downpour directly covered Sandstorm, and it was impossible to let Regirock feel the power of half-sandstorm.

    The next moment, "Booming in the air", Soaring in the sky roaring, the dark clouds are even bigger, so that the moment is shrouded in darkness. At this time, the desert is like a natural disaster, although the raindrops of the beans have not yet landed on Regirock. But it has already felt the power of this horror.


    After feeling this amazing power, Regirock had a retreat, especially after feeling the energy that attracted it, Regirock didn't want to fight insignificantly.

    But after hesitating, Regirock made a move that made it very regrettable. It chose to resist and try to beat the makers of the rainy day, but before he could make too much action, a bombardment directly bombed. ! !

    This thunder, scared the elves and the four adventurers who lived in the desert surrounded by the place lost their brilliance, the heart mad, and felt like they were going to die Normal.

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