Pokemon Court Chapter 886

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the chapter 886 Pyramid King, Brandon, floating astronomy
    However, there is no imaginary astronomical Fissure. Without the imaginary thunder and lightning, when countless lives react, I only feel the unparalleled cold coming to me.

    All the elves thought that when the Thunder died, it was not. After this thunder, the infinite chill swelled quickly along the rain, and a mighty Blizzard blew, making this small desert area almost instantaneous. Become a domain of ice and snow.


    Frost spread voice, Regirock no chance of resistance, it was frozen on the ground, to pray for rain, floating bubbles and ninetales combined to create an incredibly terrifying blizzard, this frost force spread, countless spectators of the Battle of the Elves as soon as, In this extremely high temperature desert, feel the chill of the bone, no less than the end of the coming.

    "Well cold" When the cold wind hit the cheeks, the four adventurers looked at the red hands, these horrified openings.

    Seeing this horror scene, a few people almost forgot to breathe, so the powerful Regirock, was actually defeated in an instant? ! !

    Who is the Trainer?

    Looking at the frozen ruins and the Earth, looking at the countless cold haunting soaring in the sky, the four were silent, and as the frost broke sound, Regirock quickly break free from the ice and snow, but at this time, it has lost the war, in the desert, back to all the remains of rock , it is not afraid of any life, but when everything into ice and snow, around the loss of physical strength of the rock, regirock self-knowledge, directly drilled into the ground, fled.

    "This Regirock, maybe knowing the location of the phantom relics."Terrance looked at Regirock's figure, and if he thought about it, he met Regirock for the second time, inside the phantom.

    However, at this time he did not go to Regirock's mood, and he did not want to retain Regirock, or he would not give it a chance to break free.

    "It's time to leave."Terrance glanced at the elves who had dispersed and the adventurers who stood in the distance. After shaking their heads slightly, they took back most of the elves. Next, they had to go to Banjara for a comprehensive inspection.

    After Terrance left, after a while, I found that the adventurers who had not moved here finally dared to come forward, feeling the chill that had not yet retreated here. It was hard to imagine that a few minutes ago, the place was still exposed to the sun. The desert area where the heat rises.

    "I now suspect that I am in the snowy mountains."The female Trainer is incredible. "Who is that person?" Could it be that Glacia Elite? ”

    How come?That is clearly male. ”The white-rimmed glasses male eyes carefully looked at the image captured by the camera, revealing a puzzled expression. "But it is not clear. The appearance of the Trainer seems to be covered by a mysterious force. Perhaps the other party is not willing to reveal his identity."

    "In this case, we will delete the photo of the other party."

    Several people looked at each other and made a decision together.



    Terrance returned to the Elf Center in Mauville City and paid Banguila to Nurse Joy, asking him to check with his professional instrument Help.

    During this time, Terrance looked for the origin of the Rock in the depths of the ground. Although Banguia did not show any anomalies, Terrance did not believe that the Rock would be a simple item.

    Unfortunately, through the public computer at the Elf Center, Terrance looked at most of the information and found no ore similar to that stone.

    "Three hours have passed, and Banjara should have recovered."

    Disappointed to turn off the computer, Terrance sighed and walked downstairs, and as Terrance passed a video caller, he slammed down.

    "Mr. Brandon, do you know what we saw in the desert this time?! It's Reirock, I remember you seem to be very interested in that Regirock. ”

    "Mr. Brandon, I haven't seen you for a long time. I was the last time I challenged the Battle Pyramid."

    In front of a video call device, the four people were tightly surrounded, and excitedly said to the dark green adventure suit man in the picture.

    "Oh, it turned out to be you."Brandon recalled a little, remembering a few people, the other party only connected his assistant's communication method. If it wasn't because the other party mentioned Regirock, it would not be possible to contact him immediately.

    "What are you talking about? Regirock ……Does it appear in the desert again? ”

    “Yeah, not only that, but we also took a lot of photos about Revirock.”

    Brandon heard a few conversations and sank, but the next moment, through the video, he saw someone who made him extremely surprised.

    What surprised him even more was that this person actually smiled and walked over here.

    "Mr. Brandon, I didn't expect to see you talking here."Terrance smiled and went forward. After he saw Mr. Brandon through the video, he predicted that the origin of the stone might be clear.

    Mr. Brandon has a very deep research on the Hoenn Desert.

    Ask the other person, maybe you can get some unexpected gains.

    "Terrance."Mr. Brandon also smiled. "Maybe it can be called the Master Terrance now."

    "You are a senior, don't laugh at me."Terrance showed a helpless expression, and Mr. Brandon's strength is also a good player in the top Trainer. He naturally can't support it.

    The appearance of Terrance surprised the four adventurers who were talking to Mr. Brandon and looked at him.


    The master's name spoken from Mr. Brandon's mouth has a full amount of gold.

    "very young."When I saw Terrance's first sight, they found that Terrance was not even old enough. After careful observation, the white-rimmed glasses man had a new discovery in an instant, exclaiming: "Terrance Master…Are you the Trainer of the Ballabor Gym? ”

    "I am, how are you."Terrance smiled softly: "When I was playing against Regirock, should the people watching the game be you?"

    If Terrance's identity was just to surprise them, when Terrance said this, they were completely scared. The Yuwei of the big battle is still in their consciousness. Now the Lord appears, and the four people directly reveal the shocked expression. .

    "You…you……"The petite female Trainer patted her chest and stuttered.

    "Don't be so nervous, I won't eat people."Terrance had no choice but to speak. "Yes, I want to say a few words to Mr. Brandon. Can you talk about your talk time…Please

    Desert, Regirock, battle.

    A few simple words made Brandon curious at the end of the video call and looked at Terrance seriously.

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