Pokemon Court Chapter 887

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 887th chapter of the Sandstorm core, Juan stone, floating astronomy
    Borrowing this video call, Terrance spoke with Mr. Brandon.

    When Terrance asked about Desert Ruins, but did not elaborate, Mr. Brandon stopped him.

    "About this, I need to look at the historical text of the area."

    "Then where are you now, I am going to find you."

    Mr. Brandon's simply let Terrance feel happy, it seems that there is a play, and it is true that looking for professionals.

    Soon, Mr. Brandon discussed with Terrance, but it wasn’t Terrance looking for the other…

    Because Mr. Brandon set the meeting place in the desert.

    “Regirock reappears, I have to go to the desert just to confirm something, we will be there, and I will be there in about two hours.”

    For two hours, the time was not long, and a blink of an eye passed. After Terrance nodded, the four adventurers behind him couldn’t help but open:

    "Mr. Brandon, can we go?"

    "If I just came to Battle Pyramid, I would be very welcome, but I need to do something in the desert, I am afraid I don't have much time to entertain you."

    In this regard, the four adventurers dare to have too many requests, nodded.

    Two hours later.

    Banguia has recovered from injury. As for physical recovery, it still needs to be cultivated for a while. Terrance has not left it in the center of the elf, but took it away with it, intending to let it slowly recover in Poké Ball.

    On the outskirts of the desert, Terrance and the four adventurers looked up and saw the Fly in the air as the Battle Pyramid of the battleship Normal.

    "Enough to pull the wind."

    Mr. Brandon's Battle Pyramid is a huge figurer. It's no secret. The cost of this Battle Pyramid is definitely not affordable for the top top Trainer. Only Brandon has collected the legendary elves. The strong, only have this capital.

    After a while, with the wind and sand, Battle Pyramid landed and stopped in front of Terrance and others.

    Then, a ladder leading to Ground was lowered, with brown hair, Black pupils, and a serious middle-aged man in a green adventure suit walked down.

    "Mr. Brandon!!"

    After Brandon stepped down, the four adventurers quickly stepped forward, and Terrance saw the urgency of these guys, but they laughed and understood, after all, they saw idols and seniors.

    "If I have half the enthusiasm for Mr. Brandon, I am obviously handsome."

    Looking at the few people who had passed, Terrance laughed at himself.

    "I am sorry, let my assistant entertain you in the pyramid. I should not be able to come back in a short time."At the same time, Brandon is slightly sympathetic, facing the four humanity.

    "It doesn't matter, you go with Master Terrance, don't care about us."

    At this time, Terrance also came over. He looked at Mr. Brandon and nodded to each other and said goodbye to the four people.

    "Do you remember the ancient text I translated?"

    Walking on the way to Desert Ruins, Mr. Brandon spoke.

    I remembered .Terrance recalls.

    Four years ago, in order to investigate the beginning and end of Regirock by Imprison, Terrance passed the ancient words recorded in the ruins of somewhere to Cynthia, after some twists and turns, and finally translated these ancient words by Mr. Brandon.

    During the trip to Desert Ruins, the two men licked it again.

    “The Imprison was a millennium ago, and the history of this desert can be traced back to 10,000 years.”

    Mr. Brandon was not anxious to say that when the two came to the place described by Terrance, Mr. Brandon suddenly stopped.

    Seeing the terrain in front of him, Terrance also showed a sly expression.

    After a few hours, the ice here has melted, but the water has not evaporated, making the road here extremely distorted.

    Fortunately, Mr. Brandon was only a slight glimpse, not paying too much attention to these details. After crossing the place, the two quickly came to the hole in the ruins of the collapse.


    With Mr. Brandon throwing a Poké Ball, a Regirock appeared here. At the moment of the Regirock, Terrance smashed directly. This Regirock is definitely stronger than the one in the desert. The momentum, it shocked it.

    But Terrance believes that one day, Banjara will surpass these guys.


    Then, this Regirock began to feel the volatility of Mr. Brandon under the command of Mr. Brandon. It didn't take long for it to pass to Mr. Brandon some messages that Terrance could not understand.

    "it is as expected."

    Seeing Regirock's reaction, Mr. Brandon shook his head in a complicated way and said to Terrance: "Let's keep talking."

    It turned out that a long time ago, almost a thousand years ago, the Hoenn Desert was home to a splendid ancient civilization.

    At that time, it was also suitable for human habitation, and the environment was far from being bad.

    But in the passage of time, because of the weather and the special terrain, the depth of the earth has spawned a core with powerful Sandstorm power.

    Because of this Sandstorm core, the environment here has gradually changed, and the wizards that attracted many Rock Type, Ground Type, and Steel type have arrived here.

    According to Mr. Brandon, Terrance guessed his Larvitar, probably at that time.

    At that time, human beings, in order to prevent desertification in this area, built the Mirage Tower with the power of ultra-ancient civilization. The effect of the Mirage Tower is to suppress the power of the core of the Sandstorm.

    In a short time, because of the power of the Mirage Tower, the power of this Sandstorm core can no longer affect this, but as thousands of years passed, the power of the Mirage Tower and the core of the Sandstorm dissipated at the same time, during the dissipation process, radiation The energy that went out gave birth to a special mineral called "Juan Shi".

    Having said that, it is related to the reason of the Reprock Imprison.

    Juan Stone, an ore that is well suited as a building material, because of its low cost and high resistance, almost all local buildings use it…But who knows, this stone is a great complement to Regirock, that is, at that time, two Regirocks were buried in the remains of Imprison because of the human habitat invaded here.

    Regirock, which Mr. Brandon conquered, is one of them.

    The Regirock that Terrance encountered was the other one.

    The birth of the Sandstorm core, the establishment of the Mirage Tower, the birth of the Juan Stone after the energy radiation, and the Imprison of Regirock are almost the entire history of this desert.

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