Pokemon Court Chapter 888

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 888th chapter of the ancient civilization, floating astronomy
    "If I didn't make a mistake, the special stone you saw was the 'high-quality Juan stone'. The Juan stone has disappeared for millennia. Only a few pieces are left as collections in the museum, but those are It is an ordinary Juan stone."

    "The ordinary Juan stone, and the high-quality Juan stone, the difference is how much radiation from the core of the Sandstorm, just let me not think that there is such a thing left in the depths of the ground."

    “Is there any relationship between Juan Stone and Smooth Rock?”Terrance suddenly asked.

    "Perhaps, Juan Stone, and Smooth rock, are all related to the power of sandstorm, and I suspect that Smooth Rock is the sandstorm core that has weakened countless times, and why there is such a big gap between the two, probably because of the circumstances in which it was born, but one thing, They all appear from scratch, while Juan Stone is produced by sandstorm energy radiation to existing ores. ”Mr. Brandon said.

    Mr. Brandon's words made Terrance fall into meditation. He didn't think that the stone had such a place.

    Sandstorm core high intensity radiation products?

    At the same time, Regirock's instigation, Terrance also suddenly connected with Juan stone, forming a clear vein, no wonder Regirock would care about this thing, ordinary Juan stone is a big complement to it, let alone Preserved high-quality Juan stone isolated deep in the ground thousands of years ago.

    Terrance is fortunate, if it is not a coincidence, he and Banguia spend several months to hollow out here, I am afraid that the high-quality Juan stone may have been isolated underground, so regret to miss a rare treasure.

    "This is comparable to Smooth Rock, no, even more precious than Smooth Rock. Oh, no, right. Juan Stone only makes a big supplement to Regirock. For Bangui, it doesn't necessarily have any benefit. what……"

    |||UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_START|||“慢着……|||UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_END|||In addition to Regirock, many elves in the desert were also attracted by the fluctuations of the Juan stone unearthed. Does this mean that Juan Stone is not only a big complement to Regirock? Moreover, when Banguia ate Juan Stone, it evolved. This incident still reveals many doubts. ”

    During Terrance's thoughts, Mr. Brandon has taken back Reirock.

    "I am so lucky that Banjara, what it ate, is invaluable."Mr. Brandon, who had learned a lot from Terrance before, looked at the pokéball of Terrance, and could not help but say, "Juan stone can be said to be a specialty of the Hoenn desert, the conditions are extremely harsh, and the only ones left are collected in the museum as mortal treasures." , although the actual value is not high at present, but it has a very high historical research significance, if lucky, may even be traced back to the power of ultra-ancient civilization. ”

    "But it's too late to say that, after all, Banguila is eaten."Terrance smiles.

    The two didn't have too much entanglement in this matter. In addition to confusing Terrance, Mr. Brandon had other purposes in the desert.

    "Regirock should have left from here."After the two left the ruins, Mr. Brandon walked to the place where Regirock Dig escaped and spoke seriously.

    "Well, yes, Mr. Brandon, are you going to conquer this Regirock?"Terrance asked, Mr. Brandon had been paying attention to this Regirock from a very early age, so his doubts were not unreasonable.

    However, Mr. Brandon's answer made Terrance very surprised, because it involved another singularity that Terrance touched.

    "No, I just want to borrow it to find Mirage Tower."Mr. Brandon looked at Terrance: "Mirage Tower, which is what people call phantom relics."

    Phantom ruins!

    "that place……"Terrance has been very confused since then, and there are countless lines in my mind that need to be sorted out.

    According to the historical text of Mr. Brandon's investigation, the Mirage Tower is the product of the power of the ultra-ancient civilization, which also shows why it is so ecstatic.

    "In the early years, I had entered the Mirage Tower, but because I touched some taboos and was banished by the ancient existence, since then, I seem to have lost the opportunity to enter the Mirage Tower, no matter how I look, I can not find that place, I have tried a lot of methods, Unfortunately, there is like a shielding place, simply can not be positioned, and the most helpless is that the Mirage Tower occasionally moves itself, whenever I approach, it will disappear. ”

    “In the past, I was looking for Mirage Tower to rely on Reirock. Perhaps because Mirage Tower has been in contact with the sandstorm core for a long time, Regirock seems to have the ability to feel the Mirage Tower, unfortunately from then on, not only I, even regirock also lost this perception, So after I've done a lot of preparation, I want to make the last try and see if I can track the location of the Mirage Tower through lock on other regirock, which is the only way I haven't tried. ”

    With the words of Mr. Brandon, Terrance suddenly roared, so that he could meet Regirock in the Mirage Tower.

    "Mr. Brandon, the ancient existence you said…Is it Unown? ! ”

    Unown, said to be the text of ancient civilizations, if the Mirage Tower is a product of ultra-ancient civilization, then it is not surprising that the Unown is inhabited.

    At this moment, Terrance vaguely grasped the key information, but could not grasp it completely.

    Like Mr. Brandon, he was also exiled by Unown.

    "Well, Unown is the word of ancient civilization, perhaps it is the power left over from ancient civilization, although now technologically advanced, but the power of ancient civilization is still very incredible, can not be understood things, tens of thousands of years ago, the world may exist a more brilliant human civilization, but unfortunately, everything has disappeared." ”Mr. Brandon took a deep look at Terrance. He continued: "One of the seven incredible worlds represented by Unown has always been the unsolved problem that Explorers have hoped to overcome. It is not only the dream of Explorer but also the understanding of them. The dream of the entire academic community."

    "Maybe, if you can conquer Unown, everything will be solved."

    Mr. Brandon's idea was not to conquer Regirock, but to conquer Unown. Terrance was shocked by the other's thoughts, but there was some understanding.

    But those Unown, can you really be conquered? Although Terrance didn't know how Mr. Brandon was exiled, he was exiled to the cracks of time and space…

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