Pokemon Court Chapter 889

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 889th chapter of the twenty-first pyramid, floating astronomy
    Mr. Brandon proved his determination with his own actions.

    When the wild Regirock left, he was the first to send his own three pillars: Regirock, Regice and Registeel.

    Terrance was the first time I saw Regice and Registeel, and I couldn’t help but observe it.

    Plus Regirock, there are three legendary elves, and Mr. Brandon is a good taste!

    "When the three of them coexist, the Lock On moves used together are much stronger than the Psychic sprites."Mr. Brandon saw the doubts of Terrance and explained.

    A moment later, Regirock, Regice, and Registeel encircled the location where the wild Regirock left and began to pass its route to Lock On.

    As the three legendary elves, there are complex and close connections between the three. After Lock On started, I saw the brown, blue, and silver rays from Regirock, Regice, and Registeel. In the sight of Terrance, these rays merged very quickly together and traced deep into the depths of the earth.

    After a while, Mr. Brandon took out a slap-sized, Scanner-like device and scanned the energy fluctuations of the three elves.

    this is the

    As the volatility of the Scanner changed, Mr. Brandon frowned.

    "What's wrong?"Terrance asked.

    “Lock On went to Regirock where it disappeared, but its own fluctuations suddenly broke down, very strange reaction.”

    “Is there a similar situation before?”

    “No, the Scanner was made specifically for Lock On Regirock, this is the first attempt.”Mr. Brandon followed the expression of doubt.

    After thinking, he sent a Shedinja and let it merge into the Ground.

    But not long after, this Shedinja looked very lost back.

    Taking back Shendinja, Brandon confirmed:

    "But it is certain that Regirock entered the Mirage Tower, otherwise it would be unreasonable to lose its perception of it. It seems that this Scanner needs to be strengthened."

    "Mr. Brandon, is it possible that Mirage Tower has disappeared into this time and space?"When Terrance remembered the existence of Unown, he couldn't help but say.

    “Unown has been proven to have the habit of inhabiting time and space cracks, and they may have the ability to hide the Mirage Tower into a 'subspace' that enters the Ghost system.”Terrance guesses.

    "Subspace?"Brandon glanced at the Scanner in his hand and said, “Thank you, this is indeed a new idea. Maybe the Scanner can be found in a device that feels the fluctuations in space, but I missed this opportunity and I will see Regirock next time. I don't know when it was."

    Without Lock On to the Mirage Tower, Mr. Brandon and Terrance were sorry, but did not show it.

    Terrance really cares about the experience of time and space cracks.


    on the other hand

    Since there was no gain, I also figured out the origin of the Rock that Bangui had eaten. Brandon and Terrance did not stay here for a long time and returned to the Battle Pyramid.

    Terrance was also invited by Brandon to be a guest. For Mr. Brandon's invitation, Terrance did not refuse because he happened to have one thing to inform the other party.

    "Do you want to enter the super ancient pyramid?"Mr. Brandon has a strange look.

    "Super Ancient Pyramid, what is that?!!"

    After entering the Battle Pyramid facility, the four adventurers who had been here before were also heard of Terrance's request. This was not something to hide. Terrance found an opportunity and said it directly.

    "Are you sure you want to go to that place?"Mr. Brandon solemnly said.

    "Yes, you know, I am currently challenging the Masters and I need more experience. I thought about it. In Hoenn Region, only that place is the best for me."

    With the decline in the number of illegal gangs near Hoenn, Terrance wanted to delay the experience by accumulating experience in actual combat, but after seeing Mr. Brandon this time, it reminded Terrance of an interesting place.

    In that place, entering may be a bit of a hassle, but after entering, it has a strong tempering effect on Trainer himself.

    "With your strength, there is no danger of entering there."Brandon sighed: "However, you still need to go through the normal procedures."

    QueriesSuper Ancient Pyramid…what is the place? ”The four adventurers showed a confused expression. They heard the term for the first time. Battle Pyramid They knew that this is the plane that they stepped on under their feet, but what about the ultra-ancient pyramid?

    "That is a super ancient civilization."Terrance explained with a smile, not thinking that these adventurers didn't even know the place.

    “Yes, the Battle Pyramid we are riding now is based on it.”Brandon Road.

    As the first person in the current expedition, the powerful Mr. Brandon has conquered countless relics, restricted areas and dangerous areas.

    Among them, the ultra-ancient pyramid, Mr. Brandon is the first Trainer to fully explore it.

    Maybe someone entered before him, but there are few who can live.

    "The five ratings of the lost Region's d~s level, you should be familiar with this."Mr. Brandon is four humane to the adventurer.

    For the risk rating of the wild Region, Terrance was only known when assessing the owner of the pavilion. What surprised Terrance was that the four adventurers were very clear about this rating even though they didn't know the ultra-ancient pyramid.

    “The ultra-ancient pyramid is located on an isolated island. It occupies more than 90% of the island. This is not the most important. The key point is that it is very high. There are 21 floors. In addition to the 21st floor, each layer is home to many good warfare. The elves, the 20-story place where the elves live, the environment and climate are also different, is it amazing? It has now been confirmed that this pyramid is a legacy of the ancient civilization. ”

    The environment inside the ultra-ancient pyramids is not understandable by the current knowledge system.

    For example, on the first floor, the perched elves have the trick of letting the enemy fall into the Constrict Condition.

    On the second floor, the perched elves have the trick of getting the enemy into the poisoning Contest Condition.

    The third layer, burns…

    The seventh floor, frozen…

    On the twelfth floor, four kinds of weather coexist…

    The sixteenth floor, Ghost's paradise…

    The 18th floor, the Valley of the Dragon…

    Every layer has a super-ancient pyramid that is different from danger and mystery. There are very few people who have successfully climbed to the top.

    "The discoverers and conquerors of this pyramid are Mr. Brandon."Terrance Road.

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