Pokemon Court Chapter 890

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 890th chapter vsBrandon, three dozen battles, floating astronomy
    "It's all things in the past…It is worth mentioning that the degree of danger of the ultra-ancient pyramid is between b and a, second only to Mt. Silver is the number of places in the b-level hazardous area that are at the top of the danger level. ”Brandon Road.

    The Trainer, capable of conquering the products of the ultra-ancient civilization, has not only its own strength but also the quality of its exploration. Mr. Brandon was hailed as the first person in the expedition because he conquered the pyramid.

    He took out the real strength even if he defeated the incumbent Elite Four, and few Trainers would be confused.

    Although Battle Pyramid is not a class lost, it does not mean that the degree of danger is not as good as Mt. Silver, Mt. Silver's rating is a, because Mt. The size of Silver is too large, almost spanning two regions of Kanto and Johto Region, except Mt. Silver's special places, in fact, even other ordinary Trainer can explore, this a level, considering Mt. Silver's overall threat, while the rating of the Super Ancient Pyramid is not contaminated with water, because every area is dangerous.

    After being conquered by Mr. Brandon, the ultra-ancient pyramids were listed as prohibited areas, and for most trainer, it was almost nine dead lives to get in, but given the honed value here, it still faces trainer and becomes Alliance direct trainer Place of experience, but the usual level of trainer difficult to reach the place.

    But in fact, as long as you have a deep understanding of Mr. Brandon's experience, you can investigate the existence of the super-ancient pyramid from his achievements in conquering a lost b-level Region. The most important thing is to see if there is such a fate.

    Mr. Brandon is the gatekeeper of the ultra-ancient pyramid. In order to prevent people without strength from entering, he has a job to screen out incompetent people.

    "It sounds so interesting, what are the conditions for entering the pyramid?"At this time, the four adventurers showed their expressions of interest. As the person who loved the adventure, they heard the place for the first time.

    "You don't want to think about it. It's not where you can explore. If you want to go to the ancient pyramids, you can barely reach the threshold by mastering the strength of Battle Frontier."Mr. Brandon is talking to these younger generations.

    His words instantly made the opposite person shy, and their strength did not touch the level of the threshold.

    I remembered .The condition is to win Mr. Brandon in the three-player match. I am ready for this. I will send out the application after I go back, I hope you can fight. ”

    Terrance smiled a little, and if Mr. Brandon promised it, he would be qualified to enter the ultra-ancient pyramid as quickly as possible.

    The three-player match is a test. Mr. Brandon Normal will not make every effort, as long as he can confirm that the entrant has the self-protection strength in the pyramid.

    In addition, this three-player match is not a traditional 3vs3 match.

    Instead, the Trainer on both sides of the battle commanded three elves at the same time to fight.

    In a sense, this kind of battle is close to the real combat, and it also tests the ability of the Trainer to command the battle. Only after completing this test can you judge whether a Trainer can protect itself in the ultra-ancient pyramid.

    "Three fights?"

    Several adventurers are amazed. Hoenn is a popular doubles match, but rarely sees three dozens. The doubles have already tested Trainer's command and elves. As for the three dozens, isn't it harder?

    So it is

    Mr. Brandon spoke again: "Since you are ready, I will take time out of it, although I also want to let you go directly, but one of my jobs is this, I have to fulfill my duties. ”

    "I will apply within three days, I need to prepare for a while, so I hope that you can also take it seriously."Terrance suddenly became serious.

    Compared to directly gaining access to the ultra-ancient pyramids, Terrance would like to enter into a full-fledged battle with Mr. Brandon.

    After three fights with Mr. Brandon, the gains were not necessarily smaller than those of the ultra-ancient pyramids. Terrance also wanted to learn the strength of the first Explorer before the Elite Challenge.

    Moreover, he is the first contact with three dozens of things, and it is inevitable that some expect a strong Rival to fight.

    Want to enter the ultra-ancient pyramids, most of the trainer Liandi A formalities are not approved down, can directly and Mr. Brandon to carry out three dozen PvP trainer, must have a certain backstage and strength of the trainer, after all, alliance Also will not throw any cats and dogs to Brandon to test, of course, Terrance certainly have this qualification, even this kind of thing, he only please ask Assistant Sharan, the other side can be perfect for him to solve.

    "Since you said this, I will fight against the most stringent standards."Brandon Road.

    The conversation between Brandon and Terrance is over, and the four adventurers are excited, even though they don’t know what happened, but…However, the coordinator and Pyramid King Brandon will have a three-figure match, but they feel very good.

    "Mr. Brandon, may I ask this match…Can we watch the game at that time? ”

    The female Trainer, who dominated the four, looked at three teammates and asked nervously.

    Brandon's strength naturally goes without saying, and Terrance's strength, they also met in the Hoenn Great Desert.

    This level of unprecedented three-player battle, if they missed, they feel sorry for a lifetime.

    "The test of entering the qualifications of the ultra-ancient pyramids will be carried out by the personnel dispatched by the Elf Alliance. The place of the battle will be carried out in the Battle Pyramid as usual, but there is no rule to watch the battle. You can ask about Terrance."Brandon Road.

    The Pyramid King fell, and Terrance instantly took four eyes.

    Two female Trainers are okay, what is the disgusting look of another muscular man and glasses man? !

    After a terrible cold of Terrance, the scalp was numb: "Since there is no regulation, I have nothing to do with it."

    "Oh yeah!!"For a moment, the four people jumped up.

    In the Battle Pyramid, Terrance didn't stay long after talking about the most important thing with Mr. Brandon.

    Unlike the casual four-person adventure team, he has to carefully prepare for the three-player match.

    For Terrance, this match is much more interesting than the next Masters match.

    Beautifly, Altaria, Mismagius, Arcanine, Floating Bubbles, Gallade, Ninetales, Banjara, Gardevoir, these nine can be regarded as the main elves. In theory, which three are combined, and the combat strength that comes out in the battle is the strongest. ?

    In response to this problem, Terrance is still considering…

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