Pokemon Court Chapter 891

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 891th pseudo-five nuclear battle system, floating astronomy
    When Terrance returned to the Naplu Road Pavilion, assistant Sharan had already set out to go through the formalities of entering the ancient pyramids for Terrance.

    After returning to the Napru Hall, Terrance called all the elves to Mt in order to prepare for the next three fights with Mr. Brandon. On Chimney.

    Before picking the elves, Terrance first looked at Carbink's situation. According to Terrance's observations, he found that as the diamonds changed, Carbink broke out and just arrived.

    “How is Togepi and Froakie?”

    On the other hand, Terrance asks about Rotom Pokédex about Togepi and Froakie.

    "They have gradually adapted to the training of Mismagius to Rotto."Rotom Pokédex Road.

    "That's good, first of all, don't give them more training intensity, and train more combat awareness. The strength is improved first."Terrance opens the way.

    The decision was made because Terrance's main elves are almost enough to handle regular battles. Even if Rival can't be dealt with, within a few months, he can't let Togepi reach the level of participation in the Elite level. Therefore, there is no problem in slowing down the training intensity. The basics are the most important.

    After the foundation is firmly fixed, through some special Breeder methods, they can also be ushered in a period of strength.

    At the same time, I learned that Terrance is back to Mt. After the Chimney, Altaria they from their respective training ground Qi came over, intimate to Terrance side, looking at these lovely little guys, Terrance hey a smile, informed them of the next three dozen combat things, however, he was not in a hurry to make a choice, Three dozen PvP is different from 3VS3 battle, and rival is Mr. Brandon, he has to and Rotom Pokédex carefully analyze a bit.

    "I brought some fruit from the town. Let's come over and eat."

    Mt. In the afternoon of Chimney, Terrance and his 12 elves gathered together to get a deeper understanding of their current situation.

    First of all, Froakie and Togepi, Carbink have to be thrown away, Terrance can see that Froakie and Togepi also want to participate in the game, but with their current strength, can not board such a stage.

    Considering it, Terrance intends to bring them two in a three-match match. Froakie and Togepi are proficient in doubles, but the level is not enough for Terrance. He feels it is necessary to open the eyes of both of them and see what is really The top fight.

    It didn't take long for Terrance to combine the current strengths of these elves.

    Then, it wasn't Terrance's work alone, responsible for selecting the best three-player members, and Rotom Pokédex, Terrance's number one think tank.

    Steven once suggested that Terrance participate in the Masters, because after getting the Elite position through the 6vs6 regular battle, the Elf Alliance will tilt the resources according to the specific circumstances of the new Elite, and assist the Elite Four to build its own team system.

    Terrance is not a leisurely person. Although he has not yet entered the Elite Hall, he has long been involved in the group battle system.

    The Fairy Corps, consisting of Altaria, Ninetales, Gardevoir, Diancie, and 36 Cutiefly, is a pseudo-tetranuclear battle system.

    Altaria's Fairy Aura is the first tactical core, and the strength of all Fairy Elfs can be greatly improved.

    The second tactical core that Terrance conceived was Ninetales's icemoon tactic. The icemoon acts as a container for Dazzling Gleam and Moonblast. It combines the power of all the elves and exerts great destructive power. It is the key to suppressing the Legendary Pokémon. means.

    However, the premise that Ninetales' icemoon tactics can be played stably is based on the existence of Fairy Aura, so Ninetales can't break away from Altaria and other elves to form a glacial tactical system, which alone becomes a tactical core.

    and the third tactical core of the Fairy Legion lies in Gardevoir's telepathy, computational power, Ally Switch, Gardevoir telepathy with Terrance Fairy imprint, can do the team to share vision, thinking, With Gardevoir's telepathy, computational power, Ally Switch as an aid, the fairy's viability and response speed in combat will be greatly improved.

    To be more precise, Gardevoir and Terrance together form a tactical core. The presence of Fairy's imprint and Gardevoir's telepathy allows Terrance to participate more effectively in combat, reducing the burden of his command, which is meaningful in team battles. extraordinary.

    In addition, when Gearevoir uses Misty Terrain, the core tactical value will rise, because the enemy's line of sight will be disturbed, but the Terrance side will not only be affected, but also because Misty Terrain immune to the Status Condition and weaken the enemy Dragon Type move. The power.

    As for the fourth core, it has not yet been formed and is under construction.

    However, Diancie has already booked this position.

    In Terrance's vision, Fairy Domain: The main implementer of Mirror Ice Crystal is Diancie.

    Ninetales's ice mirrors, Gardevoir's Light Screen and other moves are just the icing on the cake. Their main task is not this. Excessive distraction is a big taboo.

    Diancie is known for his defense, and Carbink himself is also very good at defensive tactics, so that after the mutation, Diancie's Light Screen, Reflect, and Magic Mirror can be used. Terrance is looking forward to it.

    But what is certain is that it must be very strong. In addition, Terrance has not forgotten that Diancie has the exclusive ability to make Diamond Storm and make diamonds…

    The defensive power of an untrained diamond made by Mega Diancie can even withstand the damage of Pokémon Yveltal.

    At that time, once the Fairy Domain is formed, the safety of the ice moon shaped by the second core of the Ninetales will be guaranteed, and the entire team's defense capabilities will be qualitatively changed. Secondly, with Diancie's Fairy Domain, the light. Mobility will also increase.

    "If you can perfectly integrate their four little guys into a team system, then according to Steven's description, even in the well-behaved Elite Four, we can be the top group!"

    Altaria, Ninetales, Gardevoir, Diancie, only these four elves can form a pseudo quad-core system! !

    “In addition, 36 Cutiefly can be perfectly integrated into the Fairy Legion. The most important thing is that they all have a baton move, half a year, enough for them to learn the composition of the Quiver Dance and Silver Wind moves from Beautifly. In the middle, the strength of the elf acting as the main force can be further strengthened! From this point of view, it is not an exaggeration to say that they have served as another core. Unfortunately, the strength of this core may be somewhat insufficient due to their own strength. However, after they evolved, Breeder formed it. The role of the situation can be reversed. After all, there is the existence of Fairy Aura. It is not difficult to bring them Breeder to a certain extent. What can't be ignored is the number of them! ”

    In this way, it is the pseudo-five nuclear battle system. The fifth core baton tactic requires a huge number of elves and the number of enhancements to be superimposed, so that this core effect can be maximized.

    Because the strength of the elves has reached the top level, the intensity of the increase in one or two intensive moves is not so obvious.

    Of course, if you let the old Elite strong know that in just two years, Terrance has reached this level, it will certainly make a lot of shock.

    In the history of the pseudo-five cores, the champions who reached and broke through this level were mostly champions. The Elite Four touched five cores.

    From this point of view, Terrance is very talented for the construction of the team battle system!

    Because the theoretical template of the pseudo-five nuclear battle system has been formed, and the specific construction is completed, it is only a matter of time. At that time, Terrance will be able to reach the peak.

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