Pokemon Court Chapter 892

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 892th lineup confirmed, Banjara's second organ, floating astronomy
    "So now, maybe let Altaria, Ninetales, Gardevoir play?"

    Although Ninetales and Gardevoir are not as good as Gallade and Mismagius alone, they can definitely play a stronger role in the three-player match.

    Three elves, pseudo three cores!

    Even in the current Elite Four, Terrance is not the bottom.

    Terrance's talent in the team system is far beyond the talent of his regular game.

    Breeder and the accumulation of coordination, unexpectedly made Terrance very easy to build a team battle system, Terrance sometimes wondered, no wonder Joan Teacher highly respects the comprehensive development of Trainer, to a certain level, there are still many benefits.

    As for other lineup considerations…

    “Besides the fact that the Fairy Type is the core team, the weather is also the most important tactic I have studied.”

    “Rainy, sunny, Sandstorm, snowy…”

    “Floating bubbles and Ninetales can make the strongest snow days, but…After all, it is only around the core of snow, the change is too small, it is easy to be cracked, and it is difficult to integrate into other elves in the team. Although it can be tried in three fights, in the long run, it is still…"

    "Floating bubbles and Banjara, the same reason."

    "Now Altaria and Arcanine have mastered the sunny skills, with the fire of life and Arcanine's Morning Sun, adding floating bubbles can make a sunny tactic, but compared to the tactics based on Fairy Type, the gap is too big."

    The three-day tactics of the sunny day can be tried. The fire of life and Morning Sun can guarantee Arcanine's unrestricted runaway, but it completely puts the main force of Altaria in the auxiliary position…In terms of cost performance, it is not as good as the combination of Altaria, Ninetales, and Gardevoir.

    “Floating bubbles are involved in all four kinds of weather, and they are perfect. Because of their special ability, they can use the weather to achieve the ultimate effect, so it can be very well integrated into the weather created by other elves. , give reinforcement, maybe, in the future, you can build a second team battle system around floating bubbles."

    Ninetales, Banjara, with floating bubbles, is the prototype of the strongest snow and the strongest Sandstorm.

    "Gallade is the second-class elf in the team, second only to Altaria. Its fighting style is not affected by other tactics. The interference ability and lethality are first-class, and the enemy can't prevent it. Although Gallade can't play against other companions. To increase the role and get the increase of peers, but the tactical value is not cheap."

    "Mismagius is also true, its illusion ability is even more powerful…If you have two protections, you don't have to fear any dagger tactics. ”

    When Terrance discussed all the sprites and Rotom Pokédex, Rotom Pokédex gave Terrance an interesting suggestion.

    Altaria, Ninetales, Mismagius!

    “You once told me that Mismagius has the Dazzling Gleam move, and in theory can also get the increase brought by Fairy Aura, and incorporate the icemoon tactics.”

    "Besides, its illusion ability, in addition to interference, there are other uses, have you forgotten Rotto?"

    On the optical screen that Rotom Pokédex put out, a three-dimensional three-dimensional image is constantly changing, and with the deduction of Rotom Pokédex.

    On the optical screen, it is the demonstration process of the match between Altaria, Ninetales and Mismagius.

    Altaria's Fairy Aura covers the entire site, while there are several rounds of ice in the air, countless ice mirrors, and Mismagius is hidden in nothingness, releasing Confuse Ray and mantras on the ice moon and ice mirror.

    The appearance of this picture made Terrance suddenly startled, and his right hand clenched his fist in the left palm.

    Terrance He knows less about his elves than Rotom Pokédex, but his personal energy is limited and he can't think about it in a short time. Now Rotom Pokédex puts forward ideas and gives primers. Terrance immediately understands and is surprised:

    "As it is, Mismagius's tactical value lies in the various uses of illusions, its ability to illusion, can greatly protect the ice moon, ice mirrors are not easily cracked by rival, creating countless ice moon ice mirror illusions, in addition, Ninetales Ice Mirror can act as barrier, Reflection Mismagius confuse Ray, echoed Voice mantra, in the field of the fantasy space, and, Mismagius can also reverse hypnosis altaria and ninetales, so that they through rest and sleep talk still play out of the force , this technique with my fairy mark, can be foolproof, in addition, Mismagius now master Destiny Bond moves, the most unfavorable case, there is also the possibility of a change, so that if Mismagius replace Gardevoir position, is indeed a more perfect pseudo-three core tactic, each of which acts as the centrepiece of an extremely important tactic. ”

    Terrance thinks more than Rotom Pokédex, Rotom Pokédex thinks, he wants to understand, but also came up with more ways that Rotom Pokédex didn't think of.

    This is a more powerful pseudo-three-core tactic. If Altaria does not have an accident, this combination is also the top-notch in the three-core tactics.

    As for why a pseudo-character is added, it is because the most important thing between the core tactics is that they do not interfere with each other and do not interfere with each other. Only in this way can the stability of the tactics be guaranteed, and this premise can be guaranteed. Even if a certain tactic is cracked, other tactics can be normal. use.

    For example, Sandstorm and rainy days are completely incompatible tactics. The combination of Sandstorm and rainy days cannot be called a dual-core team system.

    The three tactics constructed by Terrance, although all fused with each other, but encountered another taboo, ninetales ice Moon if you want to absorb the fairy of different elves of light, then can not be separated from fairy Aura transformation, so not completely do not affect each other, if fairy Aura was cracked, the ice moon tactics lost value, of course, with the strength of Altaria, want to rout its fairy Aura, it will be very difficult.

    "I recommend using these two days to run them in. If successful, Mismagius will even be the fifth core or sixth core Rotto of the Fairy Legion in the future."

    "Indeed, with the control of Mismagius, if it is run-in, with Gardevoir's telepathy, my Fairy imprint, illusion will hardly affect oneself, help, Rotom Pokédex."

    After the exchange between Terrance and Rotom Pokédex, they have not been idle for two days.

    This is not only for the next three dozen battles, the core research, but also a very important part of the future Terrance team battle system.

    In addition, Terrance has not forgotten Banjara, it has just evolved, the body is still unstable, with Nyrup Road Museum Nurse Joy, Rotom Pokédex, Terrance and others for a more detailed all-round inspection.

    "An old organ has been created in the body. It was still very small, but it has grown bigger now?"

    Terrance raised his brow with a report on the medical examination performed by Neptune Museum Nurse Joy to Banjara.

    "Yes, Mr. Terrance, but for now, this new organ has not had a vicious effect, but it does not rule out the possibility of deterioration in the future."Nurse Joy is worried: "Besides that, there is an organ that Banjara should not have next to that organ. I don't recommend rushing for surgery if I don't know their influence."

    "Nurse Joy, you don't have to worry."Terrance smiled and took up the picture of Banjara's body. He meditated. This photo is more clear than Gardevoir's Scan with Confusion. Using the current high-end technology, after seeing these two organs, Terrance Serious.

    These two stone-like organs are currently in the position of Bangui's stomach. One left and one right, one of them is naturally the organ that controls the weight of the body formed by the Float Stone Breeder method. As for the newly formed organs, it may be because An organ formed by the "Juan Stone".

    The Float Stone organ is not dangerous, this Terrance can guarantee, but the second organ makes Terrance extremely tangled.

    "Before this organ was not formed, Banguia did not produce any abnormalities after swallowing Juan Stone, but now it may be time for Banguila to feel it again, to control this organ like the Float Stone organ!"

    This is an attempt to make the feasibility unknown, but Terrance has to cooperate with Bangui, and the hidden danger of engulfing Juan Stone must be ruled out.

    "Thank you, Nurse Joy."Terrance thought and thanked Nurse Joy. With the smile of the other, Terrance left the Elf Center with Banjula's Poké Ball.

    Search, read the book!

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