Pokemon Court Chapter 893

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 893th chapter of the power of the sand, floating astronomy
    Fallabor Gym, back garden.

    After Terrance returned, he directly released Banjara.

    "I didn't think that the little pudgy had become so powerful."

    Kathrine leaned on a tree transplanted into the yard and said it casually.

    When Larvitar first arrived at Fallabor Gym, he almost did not even walk, and often fell down. It looked very rich. Now that Larvitar has evolved into a vicious Banjara, it is not surprising that Kathrine feels this way.

    "That is called heavyweight, not fat."Terrance corrected the opening and Banjara nodded after reacting.

    The heavyweight elf, sounds so good, you can scare Rival's name.

    … …

    Banguila looked at Kathrine and couldn't help but speak.

    Oh…Banguia said that it is just a matter of thinking that it is light, and you don't have to envy Rotto. ”

    EnvyKathrine rolled her eyes and continued: "How is the result?"

    "I can't say this well, or ask Banguila himself. Nurse Joy said that there is a new organ next to the Float Stone organ in your body. Can you feel it?"

    "If you can feel it, try it if you can."

    Upon hearing Terrance's suggestion, Banjara wanted to scratch his head innocently, but because the hand was too short to reach, he could only score two times and signaled to try it.

    New organs are growing in the body, and Bangui has become accustomed to it because of his previous experience.

    It is worth mentioning that because of the size of the body again, Banguia needs to eat more Float Stone to master the most perfect ultra-light mode, but due to previous experience and accumulation, it is now as active as normal Banjara. Basically there is no problem, just temporarily can not enter the most lightweight Contest Condition.

    “Banjila often uses the Float Stone organ, which is a new way of mobilizing this organ.”

    Looking at Banjara standing in the same place, showing a serious look, Terrance is also getting nervous.

    After a while, Banjara began to condense Sandstorm, and countless fine sands floated around it.

    “Related to Sandstorm?”Terrance guessed the opening.

    The change in Banguila, let Kathrine on the side of the side, facing Terrance: "It is good to converge the Sandstorm, the environment in the Naplu Road is not so suitable for Sandstorm weather."

    "This speed is much slower than it is normally condensing Sandstorm, but the situation seems not so simple."Terrance is slow.

    Soon, under Terrance's gaze, Banjara suddenly dispersed Sandstorm and then began to condense again.

    This time, the speed of cohesion is slightly higher than before.

    “哔哩哔哩~Terrance, the energy fluctuations around it changed, Sandstorm energy gradually became Rotto.”

    Rotom Pokédex surprised the opening.

    “Put out the volatility.”

    As Banjara condenses Sandstorm and dissipates Sandstorm, the ratio of Sandstorm energy at Fallaboro Gym is more intense than once. Now, it is difficult for Terrance to see it.

    Through the many attempts of Bangui, both Terrance and Rotom Pokédex understood the role of this organ.

    “Is it related to the speed and cohesion of Sandstorm?In this way, doesn't it mean that Banjara has an organ like 'Smooth Rock' in the body? ”

    Terrance has a wrong opening.

    “Bangjila, Smooth Rock?”Kathrine heard Terrance's speculation, and there was a hint of helplessness on his face: "Banjila itself is the darling of Sandstorm, and Banjara of Yangsha's Ability, if it adds a piece of Smooth Rock that can provide an increase at any time…Are you like the Breeder Elves? Do you still have a little awareness of the Bug Type owner? ”

    "This is really not my business…But you remind me that Cutiefly should be ready to evolve at any time. ”

    When Bangui continued to try, Terrance thought of the Cutiefly.

    Fairy Aura with Altaria has tapped the potential. They actually evolved when they first arrived at the Napru Hall, but Terrance slowed down their growth. After all, they were young.

    "Mm."When Kathrine nodded, Banjara moved again. This time, when it danced, except for the places where Terrance and Kathrine and Rotom Pokédex were located, almost the entire back garden was covered by Sandstorm.

    The Bug Type elves who were resting, playing, or peeking in the back garden were all rolled up by Sandstorm and suffered innocent disasters.



    In the next moment, Butterfree and Beedrill flew over, but when they saw the vicious eyes of Banjara, they flew away.

    … …

    At this point, Banjara's complexion suddenly relaxed, revealing a happy expression.

    It is already perfect for this second stone organ.

    In addition to the increase in Sandstorm, Banguia still has some hesitation, it feels that when it activates this organ, the body is still subtly changing.

    As for any changes, Bangui is still unclear.

    "Don't worry, take a look at Rotom Pokédex."Terrance breathed a sigh of relief: "I think it should not be a bad influence."

    Juan Stone is the product of Sandstorm's core energy radiation. It is hard to imagine any bad results by Banjara, the darling of Sandstorm.



    When the time came to fight against Mr. Brandon, Altaria, Ninetales, and Mismagius had already gotten together.

    At the same time, the full impact of the second organ on Banjara was also detected by Rotom Pokédex.

    In addition to the speed and intensity of the smashing Sandstorm in Banjara, the mastery of the Attributes of the Bandstorm weather, such as the Rock, Ground, and Steel systems of Banguira, has improved.

    Activate the changes in the second organ and let Terrance think of an Ability.

    Sand Power: Sandstorm, Ground Type, and Steel type will increase the power of Sandstorm.

    This special ability is simply a perfect match for Sandstorm.

    “Interestingly, in this way, Banjara is really a well-deserved Totem in the Sandstorm weather.”Terrance looked at the analysis of Rotom Pokédex and thought about it.

    Now, with the secrets of Sandstorm, and the fact that Banjara has mastered the Float Stone organ, plus the organ of the sand, it can become the main force in the Masters, against the elves who have entered the top field. It will not be weak.

    "The next Masters, it’s time to start Banjara. It’s time to let it go."

    During the Pupitar period, Bangui was badly abused in the Masters. Terrance was helpless, but then, Banjara should be able to regain his prestige.

    A few days away from the Masters, it was imperative that Terrance traveled to Battle Pyramid and planned to meet Mr. Brandon for a while.

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