Pokemon Court Chapter 894

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 894th chapter of the magnetic sand tactics, floating astronomy
    Battle Pyramid, still staying in the desert.

    In addition to facilitating Terrance's trip, Mr. Brandon apparently has not given up on the Mirage Tower.

    When Terrance returned to here, Mr. Brandon introduced the middle-aged man next to him.

    "This is Mr. Takemura."

    The man with a good-looking, big-bellied man immediately smiled and reached out after seeing Terrance.

    “Master Terrance, long-awaited, I am the general manager of the Hoenn Alliance for dangerous areas.”

    "Hello, Mr. Takemura."Terrance also reached out and shook hands.

    "This time Mr. Brandon will be responsible for your investigation."Zhucun said.

    "Trouble you."Terrance replied.

    This time, I didn't need people from the level of Zhucun to come, but Terrance's identity was special, which attracted the attention of Alliance and wanted to touch Terrance's foundation through three dozen battles.

    At the same time, Mr. Takemura took back his hand and followed Mr. Brandon's walk to the interior of Battle Pyramid like Terrance. He couldn't help but look at Terrance.

    The Trainer supported by the Contest Contest, the rookie of the Masters, had to challenge the danger zones that were set up by the Alliance as early as possible. Is it too arrogant?

    “The ultra-ancient pyramids are the places where Elites have been experienced. Even if they enter, they must be very careful. Can this Terrance pass the test of Mr. Brandon?”Bamboo Village shook his head in secret.

    Three dozen battles, actual combat tests, these factors together, the ordinary Masters players can not afford, this combat mode is not so easy to master for the Trainer who has only played a regular battle, just one heart and three, repelled 99,9% of people.

    As the general manager of the Hoenn Alliance for hazardous areas, Takemura once gave a new class to Elite, and he has his own set of evaluation criteria for Trainer.

    The evaluation standard of Takemura is the set of Agatha Elite.

    Many top Trainers have neglected this because they are too aggressive in pursuing the strength of the elf individual, but they do not know that the team battle can play a very important role.

    "Mr. Brandon, Master Terrance, Mr. Takemura."

    At this time, the four adventurers who had long anticipated this battle had already waited outside the battlefield. When Terrans and others finally arrived, they smiled instantly.

    Not too much wasted time, a few people went directly into the battlefield, and Zhucun looked at the two sides on the two sides of the venue, quite unexpected.

    Mr. Brandon did not say a few words from beginning to end. Although this is related to his character, it is too abnormal. "In the past, Mr. Brandon will give the challenger some advice, but this time, he did not even have What do you say more…"

    In addition to Mr. Takeshi, who is constantly changing, the Rookie in the adventure world didn't think so much. They just want to see a hearty battle and see the heroic attitude of Mr. Brandon.

    "Mr. Brandon, Master Terrance, you are ready, then the battle will begin."

    I can't think of it because of what, Zhucun is no longer too tangled, and immediately announced.

    Brandon and Terrance, once they looked at each other, also threw their own Poké Ball.

    "Go, Altaria, Ninetales, Mismagius!"

    "Go, Registeel, Magnezone, Probopass!"

    Mr. Brandon, as the Pyramid King, said that it had conquered at least three legendary elves. He even rumored that he had conquered six legendary elves, in addition to the three gods, Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos. This time, Terrance Ben I thought I could meet at least two legends, but he found that he wanted more.

    "Registeel, Magnezone, Probopass!"

    Seeing these three elves, Zhucun’s eyes flashed in front of him.

    Similar to Regirock, Registeel can restore physical strength and injury by phagocytizing metal. As a result, Mr. Brandon sent Magnezone, and the intention of Probopass is very obvious.

    The other two elves can easily produce metal materials.

    “Is Registeel at the core?”Seeing Mr. Brandon's combination, Terrance quickly calmed down, although it was somewhat different from the imagination, but it seemed to be inferior.

    At the beginning of the battle, the two weathers quickly condensed.

    On the side of Terrance, the snowy days inspired by Ninetales are rapidly invading. On the side of Mr. Brandon, the two elves jointly launched the Sandstorm moves.

    To the surprise of Terrance, countless currents were filled in the Sandstorm launched by Registeel and Probopass. People found that the Sandstorm contained countless metal particles, and Sandstorm combined with the electromagnetic force, these Sandstorm instantly violently.

    Terrance had long expected the other party to use weather tactics as a core. Sandstorm was the most likely. Snow and ice had a natural restraint against Sandstorm. Terrance didn't care too much, but with this change, he looked serious.

    Magnetic fit with Sandstorm, and this trick?

    "Mr. Brandon's strength is still so strong, this combination of flashlight and rock is amazing."As a judge of the village, I am amazed that Brandon is definitely one of the strongest Trainers in his mind, and will not be inferior to the Elite Four currently in the Hoenn Alliance.

    The two elves mobilized Sandstorm, and then the three elves jointly urged the electromagnetic force to strengthen Sandstorm, allowing Sandstorm's force to instantly pass through the snow, breaking the weather of Ninetales.

    "Unless you let the floating bubbles and Ninetales combine, or if you want to rely on Ninetales to crack this Sandstorm, the chances are not great, but the core of this tactic is not snow, or you lose half."Terrance calmed down. At the beginning of the battle, the situation was extremely tense. The collision between the snow and Sandstorm and the moment when the snow and ice were swallowed completely ignited the scene, letting the four onlookers take a breath.

    It’s really, the combination of magnetism and Sandstorm is so cool, and it’s infinitely flashing Spark’s Sandstorm. When have they seen it?

    However, in the face of this strong Sandstorm, Terrance did not show any coziness, only to see Altaria jumped out of the Mega Evolution, numerous cotton feathers scattered around the site with the light of evolution, resulting in numerous gravel in the flow room , suffered a very effective obstacle.

    This cotton flower is soft and incomparable, and even if Brandon's magnetic sand is very penetrating, it still has nothing to do with the defensive combination of cotton defensive and Feather Dance.

    The autonomous Mega Evolution, the cotton Feather Dance, originally dominated Brandon, suddenly narrowed his eyes and some were amazed at the changes in Altaria.

    "Mega Evolution ……"At the same time, Mr. Takemura also showed an expression of interest.

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