Pokemon Court Chapter 895

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 895th chapter of the Light of Ruin, floating astronomy
    Autonomous Mega Evolution.

    Brandon's face seemed to be unable to see anything unusual, but he was very surprised.

    Altaria's defensive skills, combined with Mega Evolution's sudden "softness", instantly weakened the magnetic sand tactics.

    If it is not the change of the game too fast, whether it is Zhucun or the four adventurers of the battle, they want to scream and pause to ponder.

    "Ninetales, ice mirror, Mismagius, mess!"

    At the moment when the Altaria Mega Evolution waved cotton feathers, Terrance quickly issued two instructions. This time, Ninetales did not condense snow on a large scale, but partially used ice and snow to shape several ice mirrors to float in the air.

    At this point, the magnetic sand was blocked from the cotton feathers, and the ice mirror began to reflect the strange light. So far, although there was no abnormality, Brandon smelled the dangerous taste.

    Soon, the magnetic sand directly broke through the cotton feathers. Although the combination defense of the Cotton Guard and Feather Dance is amazing, the magnetic sand tactics combine the tactical core of the common strength of Mr. Brandon's three elves. The penetration is terrible. However, the destructive power of the magnetic sand has been seriously degraded through the obstruction of cotton feathers.

    But even so, when the shuttle comes, the magnetic sand is still like a line of life, the purpose of the other party is very clear, is to destroy the ice mirror, but the final result is unexpected.

    Brandon hesitated to see that the magnetic sand that had attacked the emptiness had dissipated.

    "Sure enough, it is an illusion."

    Not waiting for Mr. Brandon's reaction, Terrance continued to order: "Ninetales, reflecting Confuse Ray, Altaria, bursting with big characters, Mismagius, using Ominous Wind."

    Terrance's offensive has been incessant, and for the first time he launched his own three-core tactics, he naturally wants to command it once.

    Seeing the serious expression of Terrance, the opposite of Mr. Brandon's expression of emotion, the young people have grown to such a point?

    Observing that the remaining ice mirrors began to turn, aiming at his elf side, Brandon directed the opening: "Use Thunder Wave."

    The reflected Confuse Ray has a strong disorganized effect. If it hits, the next moment is a very good chance to attack, but Brandon obviously has a way to crack, directly let the three elves use Thunder Wave to interfere with the transfer of Confuse Ray.

    Terrance's order echoed in Brandon's ear at this time, not waiting for Terrance's next offensive. Brandon quickly shouted: "Magnezone uses Electric Terrain, followed by Thunderbolt!"

    As the electric Terrain came into effect and countless currents filled, altaria, with cotton feathers as fuel, devoured the remaining magnetic sand in the sky with a large large explosion of the fire of life, and then the fire was ominous wind Blown to the unmatched trend, rolled up a layer of fire waves, covered thunder wave, if not Brandon judgment speed is very fast, add an electric Terrain to strengthen the Thunderbolt power of three elves, The fire of life will pose a deadly threat to the three steel elves.

    The extremely high temperature of the heat wave swept through, causing the shocking Explosion, which suddenly covered the entire field with white smoke from the aftermath.

    The heat wave is blowing, and a few people can feel the temperature of this flame!

    "What is the big word explosion? Did you block the Thunderbolt that the three elves started together? ”Bamboo Village is surprised, even if the fire elves use big characters, there is no such terrible power.

    He knows that cotton feathers contain a very rich life energy, which is consistent with the fire of life. The power of the explosion is not as simple as one plus one, even compared to the potential of the grass star that Terrance encountered. The skills are also tyrannical.

    The white smoke dissipated, and to everyone's surprise, Terrance didn't let the Altaria in the air take the opportunity to attack, but returned to his side.

    “Snowstorm, Sandstorm disappeared, there were Electric Terrain and number of ice mirrors on the field, and the first layout did not have the upper hand!”

    "No, no, the venue is covered with weird gas fields, and the ice mirrors begin to merge."

    As a referee's Zhucun, it is incredible to open the mouth, and the six elves are dazzling in the chaos. Now they have not started the battle of each other. Both sides are attacking around the team battle system they have built. This is to match the details of both sides! ! Bamboo Village is completely seen.

    "First defeat the Ninetales."Brandon, who is conscious of Ninetales's tricks that may play a vital role, immediately issued the order: "Zap Cannon, Lock On it."

    Three elves jointly launched lock on, through the special Thunder Wave constitutes the trinity of the lock on tactics, can achieve the purpose of sharing lock on Contest condition, it can be said that this is a hundred-hit attack technique, the next moment, Brandon One side of the three elves absorbed the remaining in the field of the electrical, the previous electric Terrain layout of the absorption of a wiped, launched this strong blow.

    "Are you aware of anything?"

    Terrance smiled, and although Mr. Brandon predicted his purpose, he did not retreat because he believed that Altaria, the next moment, a huge icemoon blocked Ninetales.

    The combination of several face ice mirrors completely forms the ice moon!

    "There can be many attacks on Mr. Brandon's attack. I haven't seen who is in the bottom now. This coordinator is better than I expected."Take a glimpse of Takemura, "but three enhancements to Zap Cannon under Triple Lock On, how to hide?"

    Three tracks common lock on Ninetales, cut off the possibility of its avoidance, can only facade, but in the face of this tricky scene, Terrance unexpectedly without changing, in three violent Zap Cannon launch, dazzling light unexpectedly filled with ice mirror, soaring in Above the sky, Altaria released Moonblast, Nothingness, Mismagius also released dazzling Gleam, just a moment, Terrance this side condensed high-intensity energy, ice moon contains including Ninetales In the inner two moonblast, a dazzling Gleam, reflected a huge beam of light, wise vast run over.

    Compared to the three trajectories, but it constitutes a "triangular attack" Zap Cannon, this Light of Ruin is completely combined, the power has been unimaginably strengthened, with a crushing trend!

    "Not good."

    Just as soon as I saw the power of Light of Ruin, Brandon changed his face. Sure enough, the huge Light of Ruin instantly swallowed three Zap Cannons, almost disintegrating one by one, and Zap Cannon into Light of Ruin. The stone casts the sea and only stirs up a little bit.

    If the three Zap Cannons are merged together, they can interfere, but if they are dispersed, they will not be able to become a climate.

    Zap Cannon's power is good, but Light of Ruin is enhanced by Fairy Aura's intensification and reflection from the ice mirror, which brings together the power of the three elves, no matter how fast or powerful.

    I saw that in the face of this powerful slam, the magnetic force, Registeel, Magnezone, Probopass quickly changed position, and Magnezone resisted the front, rolled up the magical light and withstood the blow.

    Mirror Coat ! The ability to take a special attack from Rival will return 2 times back to the trick!

    This is a theoretically invincible move, but in the face of this tyrannical Light of Ruin, it shows a weak side.

    With the sound of noise, Magnezone inspired countless Sparks, and Fairy's light collided with Mirror Coat, causing everyone to sweat.

    Just as everyone was breathing tightly, Probopass and Registeel quickly retreated. The next moment, Fairy's light shrouded Magnezone, ignoring the effects of Mirror Coat and completely consuming the Magnezone.

    "A good blow."

    This light of the Light of Ruin, the power beyond the champion's Trump Card Elf's full blow, even the Brandon's main spirit Magnezone used the theoretically invincible Mirror Coat failed to withstand.

    Although the triple-positioned Zap Cannon is terrible and well-coordinated, it is still inferior to the core of Fairy Aura. Coupled with the Mega power of Altaria, Terrance interprets a totally unreasonable violence. aesthetics.

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