Pokemon Court Chapter 896

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 896 chapter stunning team system, floating astronomy
    The power of Light of Ruin is not imagined, Brandon is like this, and Bamboo Village is also like this. When Magnezone is swallowed up, Brandon’s team system has a huge loophole. Altaria directly attacks, with an enemy two, two-clawed fire of life, body Every part has become the weapon of Altaria.

    With a powerful fire of life, Altaria attacked with the pressure of two elves.

    "Mr. Brandon has been suppressed."Four adventurers exclaimed.

    "If I didn't make a mistake, this Terrance built a dual-core system, and both cores were built around 'destructive power', which is undoubtedly the most violent group battle concept."After all, Zhucun was a master of the theory of team battles. After Terrance and Brandon played against each other, he immediately discovered the clue.

    Mr. Brandon's three elves constitute the limit-enhanced pseudo-three-core system. The full-scale explosion is not inferior to the tri-core system, but even so, it is still crushed by Terrance's dual-core system. It must be said that this battle is very ornamental.

    The core tactic of Mr. Brandon's three elves is sandstorm, a magnetic-fortified sandstorm that can explode with a very powerful destructive force, and can also be combined with three of elves to sandstorm the weather increase, in addition to Probopass And Magnezone can continue to provide a steady stream of physical supplements for Registeel, which is very unsolved, moreover, these three elves can be through the special Thunder Wave dynamic sharing lock on, can play a hundred hits, inescapable attack means.

    The three tactics come together, and the strength of the three elves can be very strong, but Terraine is too enchanting.

    Mega Altaria is a strong individual. First, the core of the magnet is cracked. Brandon wants to use three Zap Cannon Lock On Ninetales, but underestimates the tactical core of Terrance, unable to withstand Light of Ruin, causing Magnezone to be spiked.

    Terrance has only shown dual cores from beginning to end, namely Fairy Aura and Icemoon.

    Interestingly, both of these tactical cores have the power of the move, which is arguably the strongest spear, so this broke out an irresistible offensive.

    In this battle, the illusion of Mismagius has not yet played an important role. It is suppressed by the dual-core system of Fairy Aura and Ice Moon. It must be said that the gas field and the ice-moon dual-core battle system built by Terrance are The attack power is extremely incomparable, complementing each other and it is difficult to resist.

    "Mr. Brandon is in danger."

    The four adventurers showed an unbelievable expression. In addition to being attacked by Play Rough, Altaria's noisy fire, Mismagius reappeared, supplemented by illusion, interfering with Registeel and Probopass, causing them to distract with Thunder Wave. Resist hypnosis.

    But this gave Altaria a better chance to attack. The help of Mismagius is hard to see. In the eyes of a few people, Altaria is playing against the opponent! Mr. Brandon was not calm at the moment because there was still one Ninetales.

    At this time, Ninetales, just under no pressure, shaped the perfect icemoon to hang in the air. As Altaria rolled up a fire of life like the tide Normal, Mismagius and Altaria retreated.

    After struggling to withstand the horrible flame, Mr. Brandon said:

    "Probopass, Magnet Bomb! Then use Flash Cannon Lock On together. ”

    Altaria and Mismagius receded, giving Brandon a dignified expression. He realized that Terrance was ready to use that skill to attack. The power of Light of Ruin, even if Attribute dominated, could not resist the two elves.

    Soon, Probopass created countless Magnet Bombs, but anyone can see that the Magnet Bomb is a semi-finished product that is not used for attacks, but is scattered next to Registeel.

    Second enemy three, although lost a main force because of misjudgment, but Brandon did not give up the idea, decided to continue to fight the end, the next moment, the ice of the moon filled the light, gathered a Light of Ruin, crashed!

    In the face of this devastating blow, Registeel and Probopass struggled to resist, Flash Cannon swept past, but the Light of Ruin was amazing, that is, using two Flash Cannons only weakened some of its power, when Light of Ruin swallowed Next, Altaria, Ninetales, and Mismagius launched an offensive together!

    The three elves moved forward together. Under countless offensive methods, Probopass was unable to fall in a steady stream of attacks, but before the fall, enough metal was made. Registeel absorbed a lot of residual metal and recovered its strength. The three elves opposite, made an unwilling roar.

    Although Magnezone and Probopass paid a great price to get it to the end, the hope of winning was almost zero…

    "This result is so shocking. It seems that I have to reposition Terrance's strength. He has never shown such a stunning team battle talent before, which is more valuable than his regular game performance!"The heart of the village was overwhelmed, and Terrance was not optimistic before, and was suddenly shocked by the power of Terrance.

    Although it is only a test battle, it can also see the strength of Terrance.

    The final result of the match was not unexpected. The strength of a single Registeel was not to say that facing the three elves, even if it was weak in the face of Altaria alone, Brandon would soon be defeated.

    "Yes, your performance can be unimpeded in the ultra-ancient pyramids, and it really is a master of coordination."

    Mr. Brandon took back the elf, and he clashed with the team. The team system built by Terrance was much more valuable than the team system he constructed. This is because the tactical core is taken out separately. Have different levels.

    For example, the magnetic sand system constructed by Mr. Brandon is far stronger than the ordinary Sandstorm, even Terrance's airflow Sandstorm system is not necessarily comparable.

    In addition, the value of the opponent's Lock On tactics and recovery tactics is not high. Compared to Fairy Aura and the strongest spear of the Ice Moon, it is justifiable to be defeated. It has to be said that Terrance has taken it out. This team has far more power than the team that combines Registeel, Probopass and Magnezone.

    "Mr. Brandon, you have won the prize."Terrance smiled slightly, not proud. Even so, the lineup sent by Mr. Brandon is, after all, the lineup. It is inevitable that he does not do his best. The other man, who claims to have six legendary elves, even narrows to three dozens. The other party may still be able to come up with a more perfect lineup.

    "No, your one-in-one combination of the strengths of the three elves is the most amazing system of team battles I have ever seen. This alone means the common strength of ten, one hundred, and one thousand elves. The value that can be exerted can not be summarized by the simple theory of group warfare."Brandon's eyes were sinister and he saw the value of Fairy Aura.

    In fact, the same is true. Fairy Aura is the strongest of Kalos x, the embodiment of life, Xerneas. Not to mention the ordinary Sandstorm, even the magnetic sand system is too late, and so far, for the development of Fairy Aura, Altaria also Not at the perfect level, that is, the extent of Xerneas.

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