Pokemon Court Chapter 897

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 897 evolution! 36 Ribombee, floating astronomy
    Terrance's victory made the Hoenn Alliance amazed at the general manager of the dangerous area, Mr. Takeshi, and changed his views on the coordinator. He suddenly admired the seniors of the Contest contest and was able to tap such a potential. Trainer, it’s a big luck.

    As for the four adventurers, it was a huge blow, but these are not things that Terrance needs to take care of. After getting the map of the ancient pyramids and the tokens of entry from Mr. Brandon, Terrance has resigned several people.

    "Altaria, let's go."

    Before leaving, Terrance glanced at the Hoenn Desert. Unfortunately, there were still a lot of things on his body. Otherwise, he might want Mr. Brandon to explore the Infestation of the ruins.

    "Unown, time and space cracks, anyway, you still owe me a fossil, this I will not forget…"

    Terrance gave a slight glimpse, apparently still having a Grudge on the lost fossil. As Altaria flapped his wings, countless dusts rolled up. As Terrance closed his eyes, they flew into the direction of the Naplu Daoguan. return.

    Under the blue sky, in the cotton feathers made by Altaria, Terrance lay down, very comfortable.

    When Terrance left, Brandon and Takeham walked out of the Battle Pyramid and looked at Terrance's departure. Bamboo Village couldn't help but ask: "Mr. Brandon, this Terrance, I think it's good, what do you think?"

    "The potential is extraordinary, but there is still a lack of polishing, and perhaps the ultra-ancient pyramids can allow him to grow, in addition to his need to play against more strong, that is to say, there is still a lack of pressure, the current experience has not been able to fully inspire his share of the potential, he is now trapped in the Cage of the Beast, need ”

    "So?"Bamboo Village nodded, Brandon experienced many life and death, and his words must be some reference value.

    During the conversation between the two, Terrance was already on the way to the Napru Road Museum. Altaria's Flying speed was very fast, and the desert was only a mountain and plain from the Napru Road Museum. It didn't cost Terrance them much time.



    "So far, in addition to you in the Masters, there are three people headed by Mr. Norman of the Petalburg Hall. According to the ranking of the points, the two sides of the regular season can already be judged to be in Norman and you. Between."

    At the Naplu Road Museum, assistant Sharan reported the latest information to Terrance.

    This intelligence made Terrance feel a bit of pressure and at the same time inspired his war.

    "Thank you, I will trouble you next."

    When Terrance was about to face the 11th Masters Rival, Terrance took the time to board Mt. Chimney, summoned 36 Cutiefly.

    In just a few months, these 36 Cutiefly have reached a very good level in the basic training and the potential mining and reinforcement of Fairy Aura. After the evolution, there is no problem in fighting the main elves of the Region Conference elite.

    To this day, in order to further improve the Fairy Legion, Terrance decided to let the Cutiefly evolve today.

    36 Cutiefly formed a circle in the air, and Ninetales made the moon, reflecting Fairy Lucas bathing them, under the fall of Altaria's Fairy Aura, Terrance and his geniuses, and Mt. Chimney's Altaria witnessed a grand occasion.


    These lovely little creatures lingered in the light of evolution, and the body shape began to change. Finally, they were shaped on a butterfly-like body shape, and they were separated from the shape of the dragonfly.

    "Ribombee, the name is like this."

    Terrance glanced at them, smiled, and heard Terrance's self-talk, a glimpse of Rotom Pokédex around him, and then nodded.

    Ribombee is still a very small elf. It has a pair of Black's big eyes with a square pupil in the eye.

    In addition, Ribombee's body is mostly yellowish, but the face and abdomen are creamy, and the cream on its face also forms a heart-like pattern.

    What makes Terrance feel the most cute is the brown fluff on its neck, like a long scarf, which is similar to a ribbon at both ends. It is very elegant.

    Ribombee's "butterfly" comes from a pair of large wings shaped like a butterfly wing. The wings are transparent and have a petal-like cocoa pattern near one end of the body. In addition, Ribombeee's four feet are particularly slender and shaped like notes. The pair of shuttle-like tentacles on the top of the head is like a Fairy.

    “Ribombee, the bee sting Pokémon, is able to predict weather conditions from humidity and wind direction. It can only be seen when it is sunny. There are also nutritious things in Pollen Puff. Sometimes Rotto is also sold as a nutritional supplement. ”In order to demonstrate his knowledge, Rotom Pokédex quickly opened his mouth.

    It introduces a lot of Ribombee's abilities, such as Pollen Puff, which can help the companion to replenish physical strength, and on the other hand can use it to defeat predators. However, Terrance is most concerned about its ability to sense the mood of the elves, and Ribombee can communicate its perception to the Trainer by vibrating the wings. Trainers can communicate with the elves by working with Ribombee.

    Terrance has a Fairy imprint that makes it easier to communicate with Ribombee, which means that he can easily feel the mood of other elves through Ribombee.

    This is incomparable to the telepathy of Rotom Pokédex and Gardevoir. Although they can also serve as translations, they can only describe what other elves want to express, and they cannot directly feel the other's mood to Ribombee, and go straight to each other's heart.

    The light of evolution dissipated, and 36 Ribombee flew around Terrance, bringing a scent of fragrance.

    "After the evolution, Ribombee's Breeder system has been further defined. The Flying system with Fairy Wind, Silver Wind and Quiver Dance as the core is mainly positioned to interfere and relay Rotto."

    “Ribombee is more proficient in controlling the airflow than the Cutiefly stage. With Fairy Wind and the Quiver Dance as the core, it should be able to reach the second stage of the Beautifly wind field in a short time: the ultimate Quiver Dance under the violent airflow.”When Terrance heard Rotom Pokédex, he nodded.

    This process, please also ask Beautifly and Rotom Pokédex to guide, Beautifly is also a Bug Type wizard, is also a gas pop, Rotom Pokédex is more perfect than Terrance in the analysis of details, they are, learning a well-developed skill system Not difficult.

    With this skill added, Ribombee is considered to be a force in the short term. Even if it is integrated into the Fairy Legion, it is a very impressive force, especially with the help of avoiding skills, so that their survivability has been greatly improved.

    "Go back, then baptize the flower field with a new attitude, I will wait for some new desserts for you."Terrance reached out and one after another Ribombee fell first, but because of the lack of position, several slow-moving Ribombeee could only be innocently swirling in the air, at a loss.

    After evolution, Ribombee will return to the flower field to complete today's mission, and Terrance will be busy too…

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