Pokemon Court Chapter 898

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 898 chapter mist and spiritual integration! Floating astronomy
    Because of evolution, Ribombee's food needs to be re-adjusted. This task is naturally Terrance.

    In fact, Terrance has developed a number of recipes, in addition to the 10 main spirits such as Altaria, Rotom Pokédex, Froakie, Togepi, and even all the Bug Type sprites of Fallabor Gym. The recipes are all paired with Terrance.

    This time preparing food, a few separate preparations, all prepared, Terrance simply spent some time and prepared more shares.

    In addition to the elves and Ribombee, who had been with him, Terrance prepared eight more foods and personally sent them to the pavilion and stayed with them for a while.

    Little Beautifly, Poison Powder Be, Beedrill, Butterfree, Vivillon, Ariados, Forretress, Masquerain, these eight elves, all Terrance's Breeder, they are all hatched by Terrance from the Elvish Eggs exchanged by Tianguan College, compared to later The new Bug Type elves in the pavilions handed over to Kathrine Breeder have a deeper relationship with Terrance, and Terrance has occasionally taken care of it.

    Fallabor Gym, the 8 elves are also the strongest, normal is used to greet those who have experienced a number of conference experience old-fashioned trainer use, as for coping with rookie and ordinary trainer, Kathrine and new breeder A lot of new bug type Elves, in fact, even if not breeder, Naipuruda Hall and even Fallarbor forest thousands bug Type elves, can always listen to Fallabor Gym orders, one or two games are basically no problem.

    On this day, Terrance is going to be late, but the rest is good.

    As long as you don't do nothing during the day, you can sleep very well at night, and you won't lose sleep…

    The next day, Terrance began working with Rotom Pokédex on the training of the main elves.

    The Elite battle is imminent, and it can't be sloppy for a moment.

    Altaria has integrated the flames of the Orb and Sunny Day into the fire of life, and the fire system of life has been perfected. At present, its most important task is to practice the sound tricks.

    Beautifly needs to continue to develop vitality. Gallade needs to practice Mean Look and Shadow Sneak. Floating bubbles need to absorb the energy of fire, grass and rock. They are all elves that have not absorbed the genetic potion. The purpose of the practice is very clear.

    Ninetales continues to build the Fairy Domain with Never-Melt Ice, a new battle system centered on Reversal, Morning Sun, and Sunny Day…

    In addition, because of reaching the top level, Rival has more or less resistance to illusion, and Mismagius continues to develop its own illusion with the concept of “gain hypnosis”.

    This concept is easy to understand. When Mismagius uses Rest to restore strength and release the Status Condition, it is a technique in the “Gas Hypnotic Illusion” system to pre-hypnotize itself with a quick Smelling Salts instruction.

    In addition, hypnosis loses its pain and can also play a decisive role in some crucial situations. There are many similar uses, such as Mewtwo's means of erasing memory through Psychic, which is also a kind of hypnosis. If you use it in reverse, hypnotize yourself and change it, you can achieve the effect of Psychic's move Amnesia.

    At the same time, hypnosis is caught in a highly concentrated Contest Condition, which can achieve the effect of the Lock On enemy, making it difficult for the enemy to escape.

    Stimulating companions or their own consciousness through hypnosis can also achieve the effect of raising combat consciousness. These are the ways of using “gain hypnosis illusion”. Because of the intention to integrate Mismagius into the Fairy Domain team system, Terrance conceived a new illusion concept for it. If the positioning of Mismagius is just interference, it is too big to use.

    On this day, Terrance also reorganized Gardevoir's training program.

    After returning from the Hoenn Desert, Gardevoir began to learn to pray for rain, but it was not the version of the floating bubble practice. Gardevoir borrowed some of the principles and controlled the weather through mental power to achieve the effect of increasing and weakening the weather. Terrance gives Gardevoir the main direction of practice.

    Terrance found that this practice, compared to Calm Mind alone, allowed Gardevoir's mental strength to accumulate faster and has a more efficient tempering effect.

    Spiritual integration of other tricks…It seems to be a good fit for Gardevoir's special spirit.

    Spiritual control of the rain, the spirit of Gardevoir is more demanding, even Gardevoir is not so easy to do, but Gardevoir is a top-level elf after all, with a little practice, it can be controlled with mental power It’s raining.

    However, the effect is…It’s just plain rain, don’t say that it’s raining like Hurricane made by Mewtwo, even the rain of floating bubbles is better than nothing.

    The effect of spiritual integration and praying rain is unsatisfactory, and it barely achieves the effect of ordinary praying rain, but this is not in line with Terrance's expectations. Maybe the practice will be improved, but through this change in the use of mental power, let Terrance brain The hole is more lively Splash.

    If Gardevoir is alone against the enemy, it is definitely a problem with the lack of killings, but how to make it play a more perfect role in the team battle, Terrance chose this issue.

    If you want both the ability to fight alone and the battle of the team, the rainy sky is obviously a very poor choice. Even if Gardevoir can control the rain like a floating bubble, it really develops this special spiritual power by controlling the weather, then how is it? Still not integrated into the Fairy Domain.

    Soon, Terrance regained the direction because of the lack of strength of Gardevoir to control the rain.

    Misty Terrain !

    This is a move similar to Haze and Mist. Its purpose is to prevent the sprite from falling into the Status Condition. The power of the Dragon Type move will also be weakened in the mist.

    The core energy of Misty Terrain is Fairy energy. Since Gardevoir is not as talented as Mewtwo and can control the rainy days perfectly, then the second step is to use the mental power to control Misty Terrain, which is very good with its Attribute. Now!

    In fact, the same is true. When Gardevoir tried to blend Misy Terrain with spirit, Misty Terrain immediately changed dramatically. The concentration is on the one hand, the strength is also on the one hand, the mentally strengthened Misty Terrain, more perfect, and with Gardevoir The mental power of the operation, Misty Terrain is even free to be controlled by Gardevoir thinking and change.

    In other words, with the mental control of Misty Terrain, Gardevoir can do whatever he wants, turn the mist into his hands and feet, interfere with the enemy, even when Gardevoir uses the spirit to control the mist, the mist can quickly mold. shape.

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