Pokemon Court Chapter 899

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 899 chapter light and heavy switching, Banguia appearance, floating astronomy
    Outside the Naplu Road Museum, Terrance looked at the mist giants shaped by Gardevoir and had already closed his mouth.

    Cage, chains, shields, labyrinths, and so on, with the spirit of Misty Terrain can be easily done, as if guessing, mental control of Misty Terrain is much easier than controlling rainy days.

    "If you don't know, I thought that Gardevoir had eaten the smoke and smoke…Cough

    Terrance shook his head hard, then looked back at Gardevoir and finally looked at Rotom Pokédex.

    "Finally found, Gardevoir's perfect Breeder direction, Misty Terrain will be able to sublimate the Fairy Domain again, and with the computing power of Gardevoir, just to control the changes of Misty Terrain to take care of all the members, in addition, I think maybe Misty Terrain can be further changed ."

    Misty Terrain's composition is Fairy energy, and for the use of Fairy energy, Terrance called the second, I am afraid that no Trainer dares to be the first.

    In the combination of mental power and Misty Terrain, Gardevoir may be able to change the power of Fairy energy by the power of Assist.

    Just like the shape change just…

    In the Fairy system, there is a trick called Fairy Lock. In theory, Gardevoir's miraculous mist-shaped chain of Fairy energy is the result of Fairy's lock. This chain can be very effective. Live the enemy.

    Other than that,

    Crafty Shield, with magical power to defend against our changing moves, Gardevoir won't do this, but it will use Magic Coat, the Psychic trick, and the two tricks have similar effects, so Terrance wonders if Gardevoir can pass. Spiritual power, add this effect to the mist.

    Draining Kiss, with a force composed of Fairy energy, Absorb Rival, then restores his physical strength. This trick is also one of the uses of Fairy's energy. Perhaps, Gardevoir can try to give the mist Absorb physical strength through the Dream Eater technique?

    The origin of the Psychic movement is spiritual power, and Gardevoir, since it can blend mental power with Fairy energy, then an infinite possibility of Misty Terrain may not be a delusion.

    As long as strictly following the principles of the Psychic system and the Fairy system, Misty Terrain, why can't this be achieved?

    These are the uses that Terrance can think of in a short time. Terrance believes that there are certainly more tactics to dig, but it is imperative that Gardevoir put the current idea into practice and try the feasibility. If successful, Gardevoir can completely The fusion of Misty Terrain and spiritual power adds to its heritage.

    This kind of tactic, whether it is a regular match or a group battle, is a very difficult skill to crack.

    In response to this technique, Terrance and Rotom Pokédex rushed to develop a training program, supplemented by intensive training for computing power, all tailored to Gardevoir.

    Then, Terrance finally ushered in the 11th battle of the Masters.

    At the Ever Grande stadium, Terrance slowly walked to the playing field. His Rival is a senior Trainer who is proficient in the fire department. It is conceivable that this will be a very hot battle!

    Tay, the name of the fire expert, is a mature woman with a red-hot hair. Before the battle, she flattered her eyebrows and said: "Master Terrance, you have to hold Hold Back."

    I’ll try.Terrance smiled and threw Poké Ball. The next moment, all the remaining Float Stones of Terrance had been swallowed up, and Banguia, the master of the light and heavy mode, was shocked!

    Perhaps because of the accumulation of the Larvitar and Pupitar stages, perhaps because of the birth of the second organ, Banjara swallowed the Float Stone quickly and before the 11th, completed the Float Stone Breeder method.

    From the appearance of Poké Ball, Banguila's feet landed directly, which was directly reflected by the influence of more than three times the weight of the same kind. The huge vibration immediately caused the audience and Tay to cover their ears and watched with surprise. The light is Stomp Ground, and it raises the heavyweight beasts of countless Sandstorm!

    "Your Rival is it, Blaziken!"

    The elf sent by Tay is one of the beginners of the Hoenn Region. The final form of the fire chicken is Blaziken. This elf has a white feather, a bandaged Razor Claw and strong and powerful legs facing the wind of Sandstorm. Not moving.

    Blaziken's feathers are changed every year and become even more beautiful. Terrance can see that this Blaziken Breeder has a certain vintage.

    "Is that Pupitar evolved? If I remember correctly, it has a skill to change one's weight and cannot be fooled by its heavy appearance."

    Tay obviously knows about Terrance and knows the fighting style of Banguila.

    As the battle began, Blaziken's blue eyes exude amazing murderous, Spit Up's intense flame on his arms and feet, and violently used a critical strike.

    "Low Kick!"

    Blaziken full burst of speed is very amazing, almost turned into a red shadow, if the speed is slowed down several times, you can find that Blaziken arm lift, with flamethrower pushed away sandstorm to the line of sight interference, while the legs have also made a trick, It seems to have to stumble over the heavy guy with speed while Banguila hasn't changed his body shape.

    "Screech !"Terrance ordered the same time.

    In the face of Rival's movements, Terrance apparently knew that it was impossible to avoid. Hearing the command and looking at the enemies who were leaving, Banjara stood in the same place and immediately opened his mouth and a roar.


    The deafening sound of acoustic waves rolled over countless blast, strangely, these blast and quickly rolled up countless gravel, gravel friction between, emitting a very uncomfortable sound, sandstorm and sound waves of the combination, quickly let blaziken a lag, the next moment, Banguila suddenly turned back, shaking that stout tail , will fly out countless sandstorm, into a sandstorm blade, block the Blaziken offensive.

    "just!!"Blaziken can be said to be uncomfortable. Fire Punch hits continuously, which resists Sandstorm swept by Banjara's tail, but even so, it is pushed back to the original position by the power, and the two elves return to the beginning. situation.

    Blaziken felt the double boxing trembling, and Banguia quickly cut into the extremely light mode, bursting out the trick that made Blaziken feel astonished. In the process, Banguia rolled up Sandstorm and strode into it with great speed. Take a long knife and wave it!

    Knife extraction!

    More than ten meters of big knife, you run so I lose!

    In the face of this violent and rapid blow, Blaziken changed his face and tried his best to burst out of the hot flame using Flare Blitz to meet the blow.

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