Pokemon Court Chapter 900

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the text of the 900th chapter of the ancient pyramid, floating astronomy
    The Sandstorm shaping system with airflow as the core collides with Blaziken's big tricks, showing a very good destructive power.

    The constant flow of sand, the flame was cut instantly, running through Blaziken's defense, and violence drove it down.

    The Sandstorm giant sword, which is very rich in cutting Attribute, caused Blaziken's body to sag into it instantly and suffered a terrible horror. This shot is extremely fast, but because Banguia activates the second organ, Sandstorm energy is condensed and killing. .

    Seeing in the eyes of the audience, this match was almost one-sided, and Banguila successfully exposed its fierceness.

    "Come back, Blaziken."

    Tay's complexion retracted the elf, and then released a look that was mainly orange-red, with a light skin around the mouth. There were three bright blue circles on each side of the body, and the hump on the back resembled the Rock structure. Like the elves of Volcano.

    Camerupt, Fire and Ground, is also a good player in the Fire Elf.

    In the face of the new Rival, Banguia was caught up in the Contest Condition because of the victory. Terrance saw the Outrage command and turned Banguila into a real Sandstorm beast, and the red-eyed Bangui, released. An oppression that makes Camerupt almost impossible to breathe. I had a battle with Legendary Pokémon Regirock, and I tried to sneak in the Rival of Regirock. I was hesitant in front of such Rival. With Banjara’s screaming and Terrance’s command, in Tay’s unbelievable expression. , Banjara, a Bulldoze and sweeping tail, almost destroyed half of the venue, pushing Numel into a desperate situation!



    Two completely different commanders made this battle the most intense link.

    Time passed quickly, Banguila the Beast contest condition, not only camerupt powerless to resist, or even swept the Tay four elves in a row, in the other side sent the fifth elf only because of the chaos of the power down, and against Tay the remaining two elves, Terrance Sent a ninetales, although because of the attribute reason spent some strength, but in the end is a smooth solution to each other.

    The battle seemed fierce, but the final result was suffocating. The last Terrance sent four elves against the grass star, and this time it was only two?

    "After the evolution of Pupitar, the next Rival wants to force this coordinator to send new elves is not that easy."

    There are Masters players standing on the high platform, watching Terrance's back and even the sand scattered outside the venue, showing a contemplative expression, do not understand why Banjara has such a terrible combat power after just evolving…What happened to Bangjila?

    They don't understand, but this doesn't prevent them from judging the strength of Terrance. Beautifly, Banguila, Ninetales, Gardevoir, these four elves alone, become the barriers that Terrance can't break, not to mention the stronger Arcanine. , Mismagius, floating bubbles, Gallade, Altaria have not yet appeared.

    "Maybe only in the last few games, when several of the seed players who are best known as the Elite Four come together, Terrance will really make the most of it."

    There were Alliance executives who secretly observed the situation of the game. One of the white-bearded middle-aged uncles took the latest report, showing an unexpected expression.

    Coordinator Terrance applied for the qualification of the Super Ancient Pyramid and easily defeated Pyramid King Brandon in the assessment battle. This information can surprise many old guys in Alliance.

    Ultra-ancient pyramid is Hoenn Region a large danger again, Normal is the place of the past elite honed, into the lowest requirements, but also proficient in the regiment system of the elite strong, it is said that Brandon this test Terrance sent a higher level than the previous specifications of the lineup, But still be easily defeated, doesn't that mean that the strength of Terrance in the field of regiment warfare has gone to the top of the list?

    You know, this guy hasn't enjoyed the many benefits of Elite Four to Elite Four. It's not surprising that many people are shocked in advance.

    "Mr. Terrance, what is the next destination?"

    "Help me apply for a private helicopter. This time I need to get a lot of supplies."

    When Terrance stepped out of the quartz stadium, he immediately said to assistant Sharan.

    The ultra-ancient pyramid, located in the eastern part of Hoenn, is also in the windless zone east of Lilycove City.

    The area is very difficult for the elf world of the windsurfing era decades ago, but because it is far from land, few people dare to challenge the sea with a flying elf or water Elf, which leads to the trainer of the ancient pyramids that have been seen very little, There was no doubt that there was a very senior trainer to reach the area, but none of the group was able to completely conquer the super-ancient pyramids until Mr. Brandon came there.

    Terrance thinks that he will not be much worse than Mr. Brandon when he was young. This ultra-ancient pyramid can still go.

    "The 21-storey pyramid, each of which is isolated from the special altars of the ultra-ancient civilization, can only travel to a specific location to leave or enter the next layer, so that, according to the entrance position of each floor, it is necessary to cross a large area of each floor ah, I remember that the area of the island is not small …"

    A day later, Terrance, who had most of the supplies, came to the island where the super-ancient pyramids were located, for the first time he had come, he had made full preparations and had boarded the island with his big bag on his back, although other dangerous areas such as mountains, caves and monuments had been Terrance, But the island where the ultra-ancient pyramids are located gives Terrance a special feeling.

    This kind of Region, which seems to be shrouded in mysterious power, makes his mental power very depressed. It seems that he must be tense at all times to ease it.

    When boarding the island, Terrance finally knew what was called a giant, and this super-scale building was difficult to build with human estimates.

    Terrance looked up slightly and couldn't see the top of the pyramid at first glance. Such a building, he thought most of it was built by the power of the elves.


    Sure enough, because there is no wind belt here, the whole island appears to be particularly silent, a drop of water can be clearly passed into the ear, a few steps forward, Terrance looked at this with a strong historical traces of the pyramids, showing a stunning expression, to Terrance eyes and can only see a small part, But even so, it's like seeing a beautiful piece of art in front of us.

    The ancient pattern above is perhaps older than the Mirage Tower, and it immediately attracted him.

    "At least there is a history of more than 10,000 years."This is the initial judgment of Terrance.

    Picking up the map, Terrance walked slowly, and the entrance to the ultra-ancient pyramid was still far away. He followed the path and gradually walked toward Soaring in the sky.

    At the corner, an old man sat in front of a wooden house. After Terrance passed by, he opened his eyes and said, "Give me something."

    "Mr. Yoshino?"Terrance stopped and took out the voucher that he could enter the super-ancient pyramid and handed it to the other person. This old man was a partner that Mr. Brandon had explored. For some reason, Mr. Brandon was occasionally guarded here, according to Mr. Brandon’s instructions, as long as Give the token to the other party and you can enter directly.

    This method made Terrance secretly spit a lot of times. Now that the communication is so developed, it still uses such an old tradition and does not know how to keep up with the times.

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