Pokemon Court Chapter 901

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the first chapter of the text 901, the first exploration, good hemp, floating astronomy
    When he got the token, the old man Yoshino gave Terrance some attention. At the time of Terrance's departure, the old man's gaze was still watching Terrance.

    The ultra-ancient pyramids have been developed for decades, so far the top of the Hoenn Trainer no more than 20 people, in recent years, few people have come here, Yoshino as a talent is not outstanding Trainer, has been stuck in the threshold of the top field, but also slow to conquer the ultra-ancient pyramids, He made countless attempts, but after all, the enemy can not be the erosion of the years, the body has not been enough.

    "Young, it's really enviable."

    Continue to walk towards the entrance to the pyramid. As you continue to deepen, Terrance's heart gradually calms down, and through the surrounding plants, he can clearly feel the anomaly here.

    “It’s clear that it’s going up, why is it the entrance to the first floor?” Terrance wondered.

    Soon, he came to the location of the entrance to the map book.

    “Although the number of elves in the ultra-ancient pyramids is numerous and powerful, it is said that the most difficult thing is the environment.” Terrance walked while observing the surroundings.

    At this moment, the sounds of the various elves have been symphonic. After the noise is noisy, it is quiet again. It seems that some changes have occurred since the arrival of Terrance. It is very strange.

    He can conclude that the sound is not coming from outside…

    The entrance, also known as the gate, looked at the door to nothingness leading to another space, and Terrance swallowed a sip of water and stepped in directly with Mismagius.

    At this moment, Terrance felt like he was entering a new time and space. He was very uncomfortable and had a feeling of nausea and dizziness. As soon as he stepped in, the dim environment immediately made Terrance feel heavy and listened to the sound of creaking, Terrance. Unbelievably looking at Ground.


    The Ground here is actually winding around the electrical.

    Strong electrical through the shoes of Terrance, so that his feet and legs are quickly numb, but the power is not big, otherwise Terrance will be charged in a moment without the attention of Terrance.

    “Is this really inside the pyramid?”

    Forget itOn the first floor, the perched elves have the trick of getting the enemy into a contradiction. "

    Terrance remembers this key message, and as a red light flashes, the new Gardevoir quickly works with Mismagius to create a protection mechanism around Terrance.

    The intricacies of the ultra-ancient pyramids are that the elves and the environment are perfectly integrated, and it is almost impossible to detect the timing of the elves.

    Terrance They just didn't take a few steps, and the first attack followed. After a rock, a group of Plusle and Minun seemed to be expelling the outsiders who broke into their territory and threatened Growl.

    The movement of the elves, even Gardevoir and Mismagius did not notice that the golden current was injected, and the Confusion shield built by Gardevoir immediately filled Spark.

    "It turns out that the atmosphere of the elves here has been combined with the environment. No wonder you can't feel anything except electrical."Terrance's spirit is full of ambiguity, some incredible, these small and cute guys can leave traces on Gardevoir's Confusion shield?

    Judging from the attack mode just now, it seems that it is just a warning and not trying to do it.

    "It seems that they have not entered the scope of their deadly attacks, but the surrounding environment is interesting. Is this a paradise for electric elves?"

    Fortunately, Terrance did not come with Rotom Pokédex, otherwise the guy might have a short circuit in this environment.

    This group of Plusle and Minun did not arouse Terrance's desire to fight. These elves are estimated to be the weakest class of elves. The battle is of little value, and this time is short. Terrance's main purpose is to explore more layers, as soon as possible. Get familiar with the environment to facilitate the next practical training.

    Let's goTerrance shouted, Mismagius and gardevoir they immediately broke away from Plusle, Minun Alert range, toward the map book recorded in the next level of the entrance position.

    The electric elf's paradise, this is Terrance's first name to enter this environment, but he immediately regained the title.

    Paralyzed Aoyi, but not only electricity, I do not know when, Terrance they strayed into a foggy land, the horror is that the fog here are all stun Spore dust, and with stun Spore Dust hit, a group of Vileplume appeared.

    It’s clear that all the way down is cautious, but this group of Vileplume simply doesn’t make sense to attack directly…These spores are all traps for their hunting. This time it was not Terrance that they strayed into the other's territory, but was killed as a prey.

    One, two, three, although Oddish is not a rare elf, but Vileplume is also the final form, suddenly appeared more than 10 vileplume, but also let Terrance slightly surprised a bit.

    After posing in a formation surrounded by Terrance et al., the buds of Vileplume bloom with a bang, and the surrounding Stun Spore dust is more intense. If Terrance is not protected by Confusion shields, I am afraid it has already been recruited. It is said that in the season when Vileplume produces more pollen, every time it takes a step, the petals will roll down the thick clouds and pollen, and turn the surrounding air into yellow. The situation is more complicated than that season. This is not yellow or yellow. The problem, the rich spores, have begun to erode Gardevoir's Confusion shield. If Gardevoir does not resist, at this concentration, the disappearance of the Confusion shield is only a matter of time.

    "Hua~" "Hua~"

    These Vileplume were the first to encounter such a recalcitrant prey, and could not help but pat the petals of it to spread the pollen. These petal sprinkled with poisonous spores are their favorite weapon. Once the prey is paralyzed, Vileplume will catch and swallow it, and because of the huge size of its petals, it is difficult for Vileplume to lift its head, so In the view of Terrance, every Vileplume is so gloomy, and the environment here is combined with each other, which is very embarrassing.

    "Mismagius, let them sleep, then Gardevoir uses Misty Terrain to disperse these spores."Terrance sighed and ordered, unintentionally entangled, in this case, if there is no Psychic Elf body, it is really dangerous, with Gardevoir and Mismagius is really right.

    Terrance They in the first layer of walking, a total of 14 attacks, the good thing is that each time is shock, the terrible is the Elves attack methods are also endless, most let Terrance puzzled is their means must be linked to "paralysis", it seems that the environment here is very suitable for elves to master and " Paralyzed contest condition "related tricks, which led Terrance to begin to doubt the Ancients ' intention to build the pyramid.

    Sometimes, just a gaze, let Terrance and others fall into crisis. Sometimes, Ghost, hidden in nothingness, launched Lick…

    Within the pyramids, Gardevoir and Mismagius simply do not perceive the proximity of hidden enemies, can only be passive defense, compared to the face of Thunder Wave and stun Spore and other means, glare and Ghost Elves attack more let Terrance Headache, Gardevoir, who has maintained the confusion Shield, has now consumed a lot of energy, and so far, although they have not suffered any real harm, they have not even seen the entrance to the second floor.

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