Pokemon Court Chapter 902

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 902th chapter of the fifty-day experience (on), floating astronomy
    The environment of the ultra-ancient pyramids really made Terrance feel the pressure. Compared with the lost Region that has been in the past, the killing here is more resistant to the outsiders. The slightly more savage elves will directly launch the Terrance line. Attack.

    Terrance has no doubt that if the elves of the ultra-ancient pyramids are all placed in a city, even if it is a big city, if there are not a few top trainers, there will be instant charity.

    The elves here are more suitable for the ancient humans to call the elves than the cute name of Pokémon.


    In the end, Terrance didn't know how much time he spent crossing the first floor and the second floor.

    The second layer is more threatening than the first layer. The former is paralyzed and the latter is a toxin. Compared to the former, the poisonous moves are obviously more frightening.

    The second layer is completely a poison hell, Gulpin, Roselia, Butterfree, Seviper, Skarmory, Ludicolo, Crobat, Gengar, the most unsolved is that this place is not just poison elves, There are even other elves in the department that make Terrance want to be invalidated by the plan to restrain attribute all the way through, but there is no doubt that these elves have a terrible poison in their hands.

    Crossing the second layer took Terrance longer than crossing the first layer, during which Gardevoir's Confusion shield was eroded several times. If only a single elf could not pose a threat to Terrance, but the elf here It's the most difficult place to live in a group and make the best use of the terrain.

    Just five days later, Terrance left the ultra-ancient pyramid.

    When he came out of the ultra-ancient pyramid, his hair was messy, and everything in the clothes was cut by the elves on the eighth floor, and even a slight scratch appeared on the back of Terrance's hand.

    For the first time, Terrance stopped at the eighth level.

    "Which time has it arrived in five days?"

    In the place of Mr. Brandon, the old man of Yoshino who guarded the ultra-ancient pyramids smiled.

    "On the eighth floor, my Gardevoir was badly hit and I wanted to leave and adjust the lineup."Terrance Road.

    This time he brought the six elves of Gardevoir, Mismagius, Altaria, Beautifly, Ninetales, and Gallade. The main purpose was to familiarize yourself with the layout of the ultra-ancient pyramids, so that you could find the place to experience the next time.

    As for the elves that have been with Terrance this time, Gardevoir and Mismagius, using these elves, Terrance has successfully explored the first seven layers, but in the eighth floor, they have suffered hard, Gardevoir was to protect Terrance. injured.

    Considering the elves' injuries, followed by Gardevoir's Confusion Shield's protection, Terrance had to choose to leave, not to mention the next Masters match.

    "The eighth layer? I remember that Brandon first entered, and it was also out of that layer, but at the time he looked much worse than you. All the elves were seriously injured and almost died when they returned. ”Yoshino showed such a strange smile.

    The eighth floor is a place for people to hang out, not because the strength of the elves inside is much stronger than the elves of the previous layer.

    Instead, all the sprites on this layer will use the "Destiny Bond" or "Self Destruct Explosion" moves. For this layer of play, Terrance chose to return immediately after the Hardevoir hit, he didn't want to go with this group of crazy spirits. Hard bar, I plan to find another way to break through next time.

    "I will come again, this time I will be here, and my supplies seem to be less prepared."Terrance patted the dry backpack and was helpless.

    The hot environment on the third floor almost caused him to consume more than half of the water. The elves there were proficient in flames and the temperature was very high. It was not a place for people to wait. The fourth layer of elves, the move is even more bizarre, on the first floor, Gardevoir's Confusion shield has almost no effect, Terrance is releasing Altaria and Gallade hard to pass, this did not put yourself in danger for too long.

    The fifth layer is relatively easy, the elves are all floating. The sixth layer makes Terrance more difficult. The special ability of the elves there can prevent them from leaving, so as long as the elves there want to leave them, the Terrance line has to fight. For this reason, it took a long time and spent a lot of physical strength.

    The seventh layer is the frozen world. If it wasn't for Altaria's fire of life, Gardevoir's Confusion shield helped him to keep out the cold, his Trainer was probably frozen to death there, and the temperature was colder than any snowy mountain that Terrance had been to. , and the third layer is the two extremes.

    Then go to the eighth floor, and you can't move it to “Explosion Self Destruct” or a group of elves and you use “Destiny Bond” moves. Even if Terrance is careful, Gardevoir and Beautifly are hit hard by protecting him. Eventually Terrance can only Relying on the absolute power of Gallade's Teleport and Altaria, the original road quickly returns.

    "It is good, the first time to successfully explore the ancient pyramids of the trainer has not been, the environment inside is too complex, any who also have to enter a few times to find out the situation, even the Brandon Guy, but also a full exploration of four times to successfully reach the top, In the process he is also constantly trying new teams to configure and prepare all kinds of supplies, so don't be discouraged. ”The old man Yoshino smiled slightly.

    Thank you

    Terrance nodded, then directly connected to the assistant Shalan, he did not know what he was, but he was a bit happy. This place is a honed place for the Elite-class Trainer, and it is well-deserved.

    It didn't take long for assistant Sharan to arrive at the island by helicopter. When she saw the terrible Terrance, she immediately worried.

    "Nothing, I just want to take a break now."Terrance waved his hand, and he didn't have much rest in the past five days. If it wasn't for Mimasagis to help him to sleep, recovering the Contest Condition, I am afraid that his energy could not climb from zero to the eighth floor in five days.

    "Alright!"OkSharan nodded hard.

    This time back, there are three days to be the next masters, Terrance naturally do not have time to travel again to the ultra-ancient pyramids, in the Naipuruda Pavilion, Terrance summed up the first 8 layers of terrain and dangerous areas, Mr. Brandon gave the map book is only about the direction, there is no detailed division, Otherwise Terrance would not have been so laborious to move forward.

    However, this also gave Terrance's elves a good experience. At least for five days, the cooperation between Mismagius and Gardevoir became more and more skilled, Gardevoir's Misty Terrain and the combination of mental power and Mismagius's reverse illusion were all brilliant. They are all benefits gained in actual combat.

    In addition, with the best route for this exploration, Terrance believes that the next eight layers will not be so troublesome, which will save a lot of energy.

    On the twenty-first floor of the pyramid, conquering there, Terrance had little interest. He mainly wanted to personally examine the specific conditions of all the layers, and then to find the best place to experience.

    For Terrance, who regularly participates in the Masters and constantly explores the ancient pyramids, the time flies…Unknowingly, it was the most important Masters match in Terrance.

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