Pokemon Court Chapter 903

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 903th chapter of the fifty-day experience (below), floating astronomy
    "Okay, the important battle that everyone has been waiting for for a long time is about to begin!!"

    "Looking at this side first, the player who came out from the left is a player who has already won 14 wins and only experienced 1 defeat!!"

    "And the one that came out on the right was a winning streak. So far, I have got a 15-game winning Terrance player!!"

    "Reiterate that the next day's player has only lost to Mr. Norman so far, but if he can beat the Terrance player this time and then win another win, he can still advance to Elite in the order of points!"

    "Before the 15 games, the Pleiades showed great strength, and as the top trainer who had entered elite three times, his performance was palpable and one of the most powerful contenders for elite, and our Terrance contestant was the rookie of this Masters, Although it is rookie, but he has reached a 15 winning streak such a terrible record, the next he only needs to beat a contestant, you can successfully advance to the elite race, so this battle can be said to determine the fate of two contestants a battle!! ”

    As the Masters draws to a close, the level of the audience has become higher and higher. After the 16th round, there are always current Elite Four, Alliance executives, representatives of all parties come to watch.

    When the two players boarded the stage, Host shouted with a microphone and spit, and he was very responsible.

    It took nearly fifty days for Terrance to enter the super-ancient pyramid for the first time. He also came to the 16th round of the Masters to decide a round of fate.

    Sorted by points, Terrance's next Rival has only one person left, just like him, Petalburg Norman, who has always maintained a winning record.

    However, there are more than one place in the regular season to qualify for the Elite race, usually based on the number of people per season, but no more than three people.

    With this number of Masters participants combined with the rules of the game, two players will be eligible to challenge the Elite.

    In combination, players need to achieve a record of 16 wins or more. Currently Terrance is 15 wins, Rival is 14 wins, and the Masters regular season has two rounds left, meaning that only one of them can advance.

    This important event, Hoenn Elite Four, in addition to the task of the Glacia Elite, all three others arrived.

    On the rostrum, the three Elites each sat in a position, and they looked at the battle that had been heated up to the bottom, showing a curious expression.

    "Who are you optimistic about?"The oldest dragon Elite Drake opening.

    "Of course Terrance, he is younger."Phoebe laughed.

    “What does this have to do with young people?”Sidney snorted and said: "There are all the battles with the three of us on the following day. Your strength should be clear. There is little pressure to put some small Regions into the Elite Four. There are even a lot of current Elite Fours that are not as good as him. The accumulated accumulation over the years has been sufficient, and this Terrance is better than him."

    "Because he is good to Mr. Steven and Mr. Brandon."Phoebe held his chin and thought: "Did you pay attention to the game before? So far, Terrance has only sent the six elves Gardevoir, Ninetales, Beautifly, Banguila, Gallade, and Mismagius in the Masters. The top two Trainers who have also entered the Elite race have referenced his lineup. Fighting, but still not successful, can't this prove his strength? ”

    Sidney didn't talk, it was the first time he saw this season's Masters.

    "The same is true, that Mega Gallade, does not seem to be his Trump Card?"Drake Elite laughed.

    With a few people talking about it, the battle below has come to an end. Terrance has two elves left, one is the Contest Condition intact Gallade, a common injury to Mismagius.

    Rival, only one Contest Condition is the same as the Gallade, Trump Card, Aggron.

    "Well, Aggron is restrained by Mega Gallade, and this battle is very bad for the Master of the Day."Many people are worried about the next day.

    On the field, Terrance directly let Gallade carry out the Mega Evolution. In the Masters, Gallade has been the Terramp's Trump Card. It has not been defeated yet, and with Mismagius as the card wizard, Help Terrance has defeated one of the toughest top Trainers.

    Not surprisingly, this is a battle between Mismagius and Gallade.

    "Aggron, Autotomize!"

    "Gallade, Close Combat !"

    If the style of the next day is a masterful figure, then Terrance is like a sane beast, and has been attacking with a decisive, calm and aggressive tactic.

    "Compared with the battles in the previous games, his temperament has changed a lot. It seems to be interfered by external factors."Sidney wonders.

    "I didn't say it. He got Mr. Brandon's optimism. In the past few days, Terrance successfully conquered the ultra-ancient pyramid with four exploration experiences, and took the golden scepter symbolizing the honor of the pyramid tyrant from the top."Phoebe is powerless.

    "Super ancient pyramid, that place?"Sidney had some impressions of the ultra-ancient pyramids. When he heard the story of Terrance, he couldn't help but express his surprised expression: "Isn't that the experience of Elite Four? Did he go in? ”

    Alliance management has a lot of experience, the ultra-ancient pyramids are just one of them, the Golden Scepter as a symbol of the conquest of the ancient pyramids, so far has only sent out a few, Terrance has not yet become elite Four, has conquered the ultra-ancient pyramids, and in such a short period of time, Many people are also hard to believe when they first hear the news.

    "Look at it!!!"

    "Aggron fell and Aggron fell!!"

    With a loud bang, Host exclaimed excitedly, and the focus of the audience gathered in the calming Terrance compared to the seemingly lonely next day.

    "Working hard, Gallade."

    The Mega Evolution disappeared and the Gallade returned to its normal state. After nodding at Terrance, it dragged the tired body into the Poké Ball.

    At this time, Terrance and the next day also went forward and shook hands.

    "A very exciting match, I hope you can successfully win the Elite honor."I lost my smile on the next day, and I am used to it anyway, not bad for half a year.

    "Will do."Terrance is serious.

    Terrance is now very emotional. If you don't have these 50 days to practice and don't send other elves, it's really hard to beat this Rival. Choosing to enter the ultra-ancient pyramid is a clear choice.

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