Pokemon Court Chapter 904

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 904th chapter of the Carbink mutation, floating astronomy
    Four months ago, Terrance was still worried about the possibility of encountering several top Trainers in the Masters.

    With nine elves matching each other, will the combination be too small?

    However, it turns out that in the past few months, Terrance's strength has made a huge leap, so that his previous concerns have all dissipated!

    First, Terrance's old darlings all received the gene remedies carefully prepared by Wicktor Masters. After thorough digestion, they will be able to compete against Rival's Trump Card Wizard.

    The second is the arrangement of the Contest contest, which makes the strength of Terrance's Rival go up successively. If you don't come up, you will encounter the situation of the top Trainer, giving Gardevoir, Ninetales and Banguila enough growth opportunities. Now their strength has been Can be alone.

    As well, each of Terrance's battles is separated by a theoretically longest interval, giving him plenty of opportunity to nurse, so that every elf can play with the full-scale Contest Condition, most players do not have this treatment.

    The third is the practical role played by Terrance and his elves.

    First, fighting with illegal organizations, and then entering the ancient pyramids many times, Terrance spent a lot of time to hone the actual experience of the elves, plus the massive amount of nutrients and health products, so that the Terrance's elves can fight again. Rising, now you can play your own strength more perfectly.

    Conquering Elite's experience, even Terrance pays a lot of money, but there is a reward.

    "Congratulations, Mr. Terrance."

    Assistant Sharan ran to congratulate Terrance for the first time, and reminded me of the arrangements after Terrance.

    "Joy Ling, Jenny Lan, two search officers sent you a message, saying that this time only explored a negligible poaching organization and asked if you want to…"

    Forget it

    Terrance heard the adjective "insignificant", immediately lost interest, these two months of bubbling illegal organizations are still not many, in the exploration of the super-ancient pyramids, he was only with Joy Ling, Jenny lan out of two missions, for Terrance, The experience value of the ultra-ancient pyramids has completely transcended those poaching organizations that are like small shrimp.

    If the fire rock team and the water arrow team can still fight, but the two organizations are very different, even the Interpol does not have much information.

    "First go back to the Naplu Road Museum."Terrance Road.



    After returning to the Naipuruda Pavilion, Terrance immediately got the news from Rotom Pokédex, Hoenn all over the world has been because of their qualifications to get the elite once again boiling up, as a pure rookie has been challenged elite qualifications, according to the rookie of recent years In terms of performance, it is not that the invincible capital, the extraordinary potential to win the elite in the capacity of the younger generation, is to be educated to return to the fiasco.

    In terms of Terrance's performance, people don't believe that Terrance will be the fiasco of the kind of Rookie.

    So not only the Coordinator, but many Trainers who are young people have great expectations for Terrance.

    The seventeen-year-old Elite, although not the youngest Elite, is also very young and has little history.

    "Exaggerated."Terrance looked at the media's evaluation of himself, but he shook his head and said that his potential had the potential to hit the headline of the strongest Elite, and it was simply giving himself a battle.

    "Cynthia became the Sinnoh champion at the age of 18. At my current pace, it seems a bit difficult to catch up. Even if I can beat all Elite Four, there is still a champion under it, unless Steven goes abruptly…"Terrance scratched his cheeks. In the Masters, every time he encounters a steel elf, Terrance will struggle, unless the Gallade is played, although Arcanine, Altaria, who is in charge of life, can rely on it, but for steel like Steven. The Rock Master, Terrance still feels weak.

    Can Altaria's fire of life be more destructive?

    After all, the gap between the champions and the masters is not a star or a half.

    The invisible distance can also be drawn between the top Trainer and the top Trainer.

    "Thinking about what to do…"Terrance patted his face and came to Mt. Chimney settled in Carbink's place.

    Time is almost up to the time of the mutation predicted by Rotom Pokédex, and the brilliance of the diamonds is dimmed, leaving only a trace of energy.

    Looks like Snooper is still trying to help Boolee spread mean messages and making it viral. Better watch what we send!Carbink can complete the mutation right away.

    "9 days, 9 days later is my toughest match in the regular season. Rival is Mr. Norman. I don't know if Carbink can be abruptly changed within 9 days and bring me some surprises."Terrance looked at the diamonds still in the Contest and muttered to himself.

    "What are you going to do next to Rotto…"Flying to Terrance, Rotom Pokédex asked.

    So far, Terrance has completed almost all of the Elf training programs except Carbink, Froakie, and Togepi.

    The 50-day experience is not only in actual combat, but also in the practice of speeding up the practice and digesting the practice through combat.

    "The secondary development of Banguila's light and heavy mode has not yet seen, and Gardevoir's mist change has no clue. Then we will go around these two goals and go with the main players of the last battle. As for the location. ……Still a pyramid, it's good. ”

    Terrance thought for a moment.

    ButThe secondary development of the light and heavy mode and the special ability to impart mist are still only in theory, and have not been proven to be truly realized. Do not wait until the Elite game to continue to try Rotto. ”Rotom Pokédex is worried.

    "It doesn't matter, the next main elf is not Gardevoir and Banjara. I am fighting for distraction."Terrance smiled and said: "At this time, Altaria, Arcanine, and floating bubbles have killed the Quartet in the ultra-ancient pyramids. I am afraid that I have been fed up with such a dark fighting environment and can't wait to appear in the real venue."

    "Okay, Rotto…"Rotom Pokédex nods.

    One day later, Terrance took the Gallade, Mismagius, floating bubbles, Arcanine, Beautifly, Ninetales, Banjara, Gardevoir to the ultra-ancient pyramid again, and Altaria and Rotom Pokédex remained in Mt. Chimney

    Altaria is Terrance short time to conquer the ultra-ancient pyramids of the absolute force, where for the full outbreak of Altaria experience value is not too big, but to the other elves effect is not small, coupled with the current carbink mutation in the imminent, Terrance simply put Altaria Stayed, anyway, he's also very familiar with the interior of the super-ancient pyramids, and there's hardly going to be as dangerous a thing as it was when he first entered.

    Going to a specific layer of practice is the goal of Terrance this time.

    For example, on the 18th floor, almost all of them are dragon elves. The elf's individual strength is the strongest in the ultra-ancient pyramids. Go there to challenge a group and properly compete in high intensity.

    For example, the 20th floor, is the territory of the normal elves, here are all the elves of the normal system, and the few ethnic leaders have the instantaneous destruction of the dead, ignoring the main side of the effect of the background, here is Terrance in order to take on Mr. Norman's major experience, But Terrance in the super ancient pyramids have not been for a few days, an unfortunate news let Terrance the whole heart sank down.

    First Arcanine, then Little Beautifly…The Totem gas field of Terrance's elves is quickly dissipating.

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