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Pokemon Court Chapter 905

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 905th chapter of the Totem gas field, floating astronomy
    "The most worrying thing is finally here."

    There is now a word that sums up the mood of Terrance.

    Myocardial infarction

    The Totem gas field was initially maintained for only a year or so, but after being perfected by him and a group of international researchers, the elf can maintain the Totem Contest Condition for a longer period of time.

    However, this time limit still exists and the Totem gas field will disappear sooner or later.

    Terrance's "Magic Stone", which was preceded by the Rockets' three big celestial beings, was born out of Terrance's fear.

    Just what Terrance didn't think was that this very bad thing for him would come at this crucial moment. Isn't that awkward?

    Who is his Rival next?

    Known as the Hoenn barrier, Mr. Norman, and Hoenn's strongest Trainer group, Elite Four.

    After the Beautifly, Arcanine, Gallade, Mismagius, floating bubbles and other elves completely lost the Totem gas field, the strength will be weakened is inevitable.

    Terrance was able to enter the top-level field in his teens, and was inextricably linked to the increase in the power of the Totem gas field.

    It can be said that the Totem gas field allowed Terrance's elves to feel a higher level in advance so that they could explore the top areas.

    Especially in Beautifly, after losing the Totem gas field, the physical source skills will not be used anymore. Even if the vitality is greatly improved now, it will not stop the intensity of consumption techniques in the field of wind.

    “At present, Totem’s gas field has been very small for the growth of wizards such as Gallade, but it’s also relatively strong in terms of their strength when they just got Totem.”

    Terrance is caught in the Contest Condition of thinking about life. If it is just getting the Totem gas field, the Totem gas field will increase the strength of Arcanine by about 30% and 40%. Now, with the increase of Arcanine's strength, it is less than Khoury. Beyond Beautifly, the same is true of other elves.

    However, if this is not the case, Khoury's overall strength will suddenly have a greater impact on the Contin Condition of Terrance's elves.

    And each elf cut a knife, and together they cut a big knife, how can Terrance not worry.

    Because of this sudden incident, Terrance slipped away in the ultra-ancient pyramids without staying on the eve of the battle.


    Fallabor Gym research room.

    The only thing that makes Terrance smile even now is that Altaria is not affected by the Totem gas field.

    Thanks to Xerneas' Help, it has long integrated the power of Totem's gas field with the power of its own Fairy skin after Mega Evolution, completely transforming itself into its new ability, Fairy Aura.

    The strongest fighting power has not been affected, and it is a blessing in misfortune.

    "It’s going to be mixed sooner or later…"Terrance patted the forehead. Once the Totem gas field brought him numerous conveniences and honors, but now it has become the root of the headache for Terrance, he is helpless.

    The Totem gas field on these elves continues to dissipate, and now it is almost time-consuming.

    Terrance also contacted Mr. Handsome, and his Toro gas field in Croagunk dissipated, just like Terrance.

    "It's a pity that time is too late. Otherwise, the Assist Contest faction and the power of Interpol will get no problem with one or two Sparkling Stones, but the process of giving the process and finding Sparkling Stone is too cumbersome."Master Wicktor also heard the news from Terrance and went to the Napru Road Hall.

    "Forget it, this is also a no-brainer. The Totem gas field itself is an external force. Losing the Totem gas field is the real strength of the elves. This is a good result with Mr. Norman. Anyway, I have already Obtained the qualification to advance to the Elite competition, regardless of the outcome, this battle has little effect."

    Because of helplessness, Terrance wanted to open it, quickly adjusted his mindset and said: "That's it. I heard from the handsome guy that Sparkling Stone has become more and more difficult to obtain. It seems that the Island kahuna have been warned by the patron of Alola. No more Sparkling Stone outflows."

    "This way…In short, you can think about it. ”Wicktor nodded.

    "But ah…"Terrance still can't think of it, once again entangled: "Arcanine, Gallade, Mismagius, floating bubbles can no longer rely on the Totem gas field, but the two Beautifly problems are relatively large, the source of physical strength, the butterfly group form, if you lose Totem The gas field is not as simple as the strength."

    Master Wicktor also pondered, which is indeed a very serious problem.

    Beautifly's two areas of wind and physical strength are the fundamentals of its ability to beat the top of the top Trainer. The lack of one has a great impact on its combat power.

    The small Beautifly can be used as the core of the butterfly group form, because it was able to succeed as a Totem elf with the same commanding ability.

    "There is no need to worry about the shape of the butterfly group. These elves who form the butterfly group have almost been tamed by the Fallabor Gym. It is not so important to have the Totem gas field, unless the elves are old and dead, but that is already Things are a few years later."

    "And on the Beautifly side, if you just provide it to the Totem gas field, the problem may not be so unsolvable, but this is not a long-term solution. The best way is to find an energy core that can replace the Totem gas field to maintain the source of physical strength. ”Wicktor Master said.

    "I have thought about this, and it can only be done in the short term."Terrance nodded, the Totem gas field dissipated, and Beautifly should have missed the next battle.

    As the sun hit the window, Terrance sighed.

    Until now, Totem's gas field has disappeared, it has disappeared, and there is no way. The Totem gas field has already assisted him in this step. If he relies too much on it, Terrance will look down on himself.


    At the same time, Petalburg City, Petalburg.

    Mr. Norman is sitting in the back garden every day to massage the elves, one, two, three, and the Slaking around him at this time, there are three.

    "Dad, you have to fight against Terrance Big Brother in a few days. Why are you still giving the elf a massage? You have to hurry up and train."

    May, Xiaosheng is already unaware that the first time he ran to Mr. Norman, especially the small victory, and saw what Mr. Norman did, and immediately dissatisfied.

    "Do not worry, your father will not lose."Norman smiled and looked at the two people and said, "I said May, I am going to get you the date when you get the beginner's elf to travel. Is it so busy?"

    I…I have seen a lot of videos from the Contest contest. ”May is dodging, some guilty

    "In short, don't worry about your sister, Dad, you can't lose this time."Xiaosheng both hands and fists, excited to say, although he also knows Terrance, but he still does not want his father to lose the game.

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