Pokemon Court Chapter 906

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 906th Hoenn barrier, floating astronomy
    As the Totem gas field dissipated, Terrance's short-term training program was changed to help the wizards adapt to the current Contest Condition.

    Although the decline in strength is not very serious, it will affect the performance of the elves to a certain extent. Fortunately, as a master of coordination, Terrance is very serious in controlling the power of the Breeder elves from beginning to end. With this foundation, before the battle, the Totem gas field is lost. The elves have all been adjusted.

    Beautifly is the elf with the most serious damage. The last game of the Masters had its chance to play, but because of this accident, Terrance gave up this plan and decided to change his playing chance. Go to the Elite competition.

    Arcanine's monster body is from the Mimic Totem Elf Breeder. Although the Totem gas field is lost, the monster body does not cause any inconvenience, thanks to the flame armor exercise device and its own months. The tempering effect brought about by continuous combat has made it more perfect for the control of the body.

    "Okay, let's go!"

    On the day of the game, Terrance began to go to the Ever Grande battlefield.

    "Mr. Terrance, please come on."Assistant Sharan is nervously behind Terrance, although Terrance has qualified for the Elite, but the outcome of this battle is also very important.

    If Terrance wins, then its total score will be equal to the Elite Four, but if it loses, it will be lower than the Elite Four's score, which means that the Elite game requires Terrance to beat at least two Elite Fours. This undoubtedly increases the difficulty of the challenge.

    And I will!

    Terrance is keeping his eyes closed and he is very concerned about this battle.

    The Hoenn barrier, Mr. Norman, is a leader even in the top Trainer.

    Strong enough to be known as the next Elite Four, becoming Elite Four is just a matter of Mr. Norman's thoughts, such rumors, people have to be cautious.

    When Sidney Elite and Phoebe Elite challenged the Masters, they won the game with a win, including the Steven Challenge Masters. They also lost five elves and finally managed to turn the tide by Flash Metagross.

    This is a strong player in addition to the current Elites, and his battle with Sidney and Phoebe has also shown a lot of tricks, making his real strength full of doubts.

    When facing Sidney and Phoebe, Norman was in lineup selection, and the lineup against Steven was completely different. It seemed that the lineup was weaker, like deliberate.

    In three matches, Mr. Norman sent three styles. Since the different Slaking, each Slaking can be regarded as his Trump Card with the strength shown at that time, but no one has seen it in the same match. Norman sent the three Slaking together.

    Some claim that if Mr. Norman is willing to put all three Slaking in the team in the same match, he is invincible.

    In the Ever Grande stadium, this time the lineup is extremely luxurious.

    In the presidium, the winners Steven, Elite Four Sidney, Glacia, Phoebe, and Drake all gathered together.

    There are also many group representatives, senior Trainer, top Trainer to watch the game.

    None of the comers are simple people. If you want to find a few words, Terrance's friends and relatives are barely.

    "This Norman is really weird."Above the high platform, Raoul Contesta said weirdly.

    Norman is a Johto Region person. He didn't join any faction. He was alone in Hoenn, and then showed great strength in the Masters. Norman's performance immediately attracted the attention of several old guys at Indigo Plateau. I hope he will return to the Johto Region, but Norman does not seem to have this idea.

    At the same time, Norman did not accept the confrontation of the major factions.

    I have to say that his behavior is very strange. In addition, in the Masters, he will choose a different lineup based on the strength of Rival, just like…The same is true for the Dojo.

    In the race against Trainer's highest event, Norman showed the attitude of the appraisers, which is as mysterious as the intention to eliminate the Trainer who is not eligible to become the Elite Four.

    "It has been speculated that Norman is related to the highest speaker of the Hoenn Alliance. Whether it is performing well in the Masters or not challenging Elite, it is the inspiration."

    "Can the highest speaker not have interfered in parliamentary decisions very little, does it mean to have abdication?"

    Who knows?

    Under the eyes of the public, Norman and Terrance boarded Battle Hall together. This dark-haired middle-aged man, although looking ordinary, is more common than any of the previous Terrance Rivals, but has Terrance one. An unspeakable sense of oppression.

    "Norman is a natural Trainer, and he talked to the top Trainer he has ever played, 'He is born for the elf' to describe Norman."

    “It’s strange to say that everyone who defeated Mr. Norman has successfully become the Elite Four, but he has lost his hand. Even if he successfully entered the Elite, he could not become the Elite Four.”

    When everyone talked to each other, the Ever Grande stadium burst into a warm cheer.

    Under the cheers, it was Host's excited cry: "Okay, Norman player sent the first elf, Spinda!!"

    "And the first elf sent by Terrance is Banguila!!"

    Terrance's Bangui is unfamiliar to the audience. It is a powerful elf that perfectly shows the nature of the Sandstorm beast. Norman is the Spinda of the Normal system. Many Trainers are no strangers.

    The short man, like the spotted panda, looks like a circle of eyes that fainted in the past, and the stance of the east and the west is also a non-threatening creature.

    But the appearance of this guy made the Elites look unexpected.

    "It's the tough Spinda, just look at Terrance's real skills. After all, Norman and our Elite Four have no problem at all. Is this Terrance qualified to be our Rival? Mr. Norman is the best. Judge."Sidney looked at the venue below and said with a sigh of relief.

    "The first time is Banguila…This is not good. ”Steven saw Terrance's debut elf, showing a worried expression, the strength of this Spinda, he personally learned, it is not easy to deal with.

    "Hello everyone, this is the last round of the Masters. This season, the two consecutive players have finally met inevitably. Who can keep the winning streak and make the match points equal to the Elite Four? Please watch this game carefully! ”

    The venue was very noisy, the sound of fireworks explosions, the audience's arguments, all kinds of voices mixed together, if the ordinary Trainer was affected early, but the two parties at this time, but calm.

    As the game started, Norman and Terrance made a short-term confrontation. When Banjara's Yangsha Ability was launched, Terrance took the lead in launching the offensive!

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