Pokemon Court Chapter 907

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 907th chapter of the invincible Spinda, floating astronomy
    “Bangjila, Rock Tomb!!”

    The skystorm was rolled over, covering the sight of Spinda and Norman, followed by several Rock columns drilled from Ground, trapping Spinda.

    The trapped Spinda was immediately attacked again by Banjara. I saw a huge black shadow shrouded in it. Bangjila’s mode change was very fast, and I used the “Superpower” to punch and rock. Tomb of Tomb!

    The Superpower trick is a trick to attack Rival with amazing power, but your Contest Condition will slip and your power and resistance will be affected.

    Using the violent moves against the Spinda of the Normal system, it is clear that Terrance is not willing to prolong the battle time with this Spinda.


    In the face of Banja Lah's blitz, Norman's command was issued with a faint wind, and countless Rock columns slammed open. Spinda propped up his arm and directly resisted the Superpower of Banjara!

    No way!! The power of the Banguila, my elf has personally endured, how could it be blocked so easily! ”At this moment, there is a senior Trainer who has played against Terrance and can't believe the opening, Spinda? The fragile elf can compete with Banguia? It’s almost the same for Slaking.

    "Don't talk, take a serious look."The uninformed Trainer exclaimed, and immediately the people who were knowledgeable were dissatisfied.

    Spinda At this point, the faint red spots on the body turned into purple, which is obviously a sign of poisoning.

    Facade moves, when you are in a poisoned, paralyzed, burned Contest Condition, if you make this move to Rival, the power will double!

    Use Toxic moves to get yourself into the poisoning Contest Condition to inspire your potential, and ingeniously cooperate with the Facade, let Spinda show this Normal lineup with incredible destructive power.

    And few people know that the poisoning Contest Condition that Spinda is trapped at this time does not have a negative impact. Instead, the specificity of this toxin can provoke Spinda's greater power.

    The power does not lose the Spinda of Banjara, so many people are stunned. Of course, the doorway, I am afraid that only a few people can understand.

    "Pinch it!"

    Superpower and facade collision between, Sandstorm quickly condensed to Spinda body, seems to wrap it up, but who knows Spinda movement faster, direct force, rickety change force let Banguila suddenly lose center of gravity, and this moment Spinda Slightly sideways, stretched out his feet and used "low Kick", causing Bangelana's heavy body to immediately hit the field and suffer heavy injuries.

    When Banjara's attention could not be concentrated on controlling Sandstorm, Spinda easily broke away from Sandstorm and then swayed strangely.

    "Banjila don't look at it, Bulldoze causes Earthquake."Terrance shouted.

    Norman This Spinda is my own. The effect of the Ability is not going to get confused. Contest Condition. Around this Ability, this Spinda's Breeder method is very headache.

    Teeter Dance, hypnosis, Thrash perfect fusion, not only let this Spinda master a similar "drunk boxing" strange method of warfare, attack efficiency is amazing, most importantly, teeter Dance with the strange pattern of Spinda can let look at its rival Falling into chaos contest condition, and the integration of hypnosis, but also enhance the teeter Dance hypnotic means, resulting in very few elves can confront it head-on.

    With Terrance shouting, Banguila bulldoze, the terrain suddenly changed, so that Spinda did not shake the place, but only the change of terrain, but can not always stop Spinda, this only spinda coordination ability does not lose to beautifly, for the use of force, The unloading force and other techniques are very proficient, the earthquake fluctuation has not been able to make too much impact on it, and soon it swung to the Banguila, posing in attack posture.

    boom! ! !

    Spinda out of the fist, instantaneous condensation in the Banguila in front of the sandstorm shield directly disintegrated, stepping on the strange pace, Spinda's continuous technical offensive is very violent, this is thrash trick, this will let oneself into chaos in the trick, even a hint of the impact of the Spinda produced, with the " Teeter Dance "Seemingly" in a fit of rage "attack came, but everywhere aimed at the key of Banguila.

    "Fight!"Spinda's fierce offensive made Banguila mad. With the permission of Terrance, Banjara activated Outrage, directly showing his wildness, hand-shaved sand, and cut in.

    At this time Banguila has closed the eyes, according to the flow of air and sandstorm in the feeling of enemy position, which is to avoid the influence of teeter Dance, but teeter Dance this trick blends the psychic effect of the hypnosis system, Showing a very tricky ability, even if the Banguila closed eyes, still let Banguila body shape is not stable, the sand blade directly misplaced, chopped in the Spinda next to, just a few burst out of the gravel hit it, but the damage is not big, take advantage of this opportunity, Spinda has touched Banguila, this moment, It jerked hard, the fist turned to drain Punch, began to absorb Banguila's physical strength.

    This scene appeared, and many Trainers realized that Banjara had already lost. However, at the last moment, I saw that Banguila quickly opened the red eyes and endured the pain and launched the premature destruction of the dead light. This time Spinda was at the side of Banjara, there was nowhere to hide, and a strong explosion instantly covered the audience.

    With the bang, the Confusion shields on the parcels were roaring.

    "Bangjila lost his combat ability and asked Terrance to send the next elf."

    Terrance reluctantly took back Banjara, comforted it and took out another Poké Ball.

    The Spinde's Breeder degree is obviously above Banjara. If it is not the increase in combat consciousness brought by Outrage, I am afraid that the destruction of the dead before the final blow will not be launched.

    Although the last force of the absorption punch succeeded in causing Bangui to fall, the final destruction of Banguila also caused Spinda to be injured.

    However, the cost of the hit was a little bigger. At that time, it was difficult for Bangui to have a chance to defeat it. Terrance made a choice to use Banguila as a bait to launch a destructive light. It is also a helpless move. Unfortunately, Still unable to fight to the point of the same, Spinda successfully supported.

    "amazing."Even Terrance can't help but admire. Spinda is as common as Beautifly. These elves are much weaker than Banjara, but not only can they put Beautifly Breeder to Elite, but they can also be different. The thief can bring other weak elves Breeder to the terrorist power.

    "Does Spinda's Teeter Dance work for it? Come out! Mismagius! ”Terrance solemnly throws the Poké Ball of Mismagius.

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