Pokemon Court Chapter 908

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 908th chapter of the hard-working Mismagius, floating astronomy
    "Mismagius, Mean Look!"

    Just after playing, Terrance blocked Norman's chance to retract Spinda, and a Haze instantly shook Spinda.

    This Haze can effectively isolate the retraction mechanism of Poké Ball. In the face of Spinda, who can't return to Poké Ball, Mismagius does not attack, but let Ominous Wind sweep itself and become the Ominous Wind Shield in the whole body. At the same time, through this opportunity, Stat Modifiers are enhanced by the special effects of Ominous Wind.

    "Zen Headbutt !"

    Spinda danced quickly to Mismagius. Unlike the Terrance command, Mismagius felt instinct in danger, and the rich Ominous Wind collided with the flying Spinda.

    What Terrance and Mismagius didn't think of was that Spinda could dance easily in the air, and Zen Headbutt struggled with Ominous Wind.

    This process, let Terrance blink in the eye, and instructed: "Ability exchange."

    The body merged with Ominous Wind, and Mismagius came to Spinda side by side, hard-wired Sucker Punch, who stalked the evil energy, and stripped it away from Spinda and replaced it with himself.

    "Spinda, come back."

    Lost my own Ability, Spinda's threatening dance steps suddenly messed up, Norman wanted to call Spinda to adjust the Contest Condition, but because of the power of floating Ability, Spinda missed the reaction time and could not land in time.

    With a bang, the Mysagi Fire, which was slumbered by the sleeping Mismagius, eroded and rolled into a flame that swallowed Spinda.

    "Spinda lost the ability to fight, please ask the Norman player to send the next elf."

    Mystical Fire burned Spinda's Toxic, which deteriorated the toxicity and quickly broke its first line of defense. Then the strong fire burned in the past, and the already weak Spida instantly fell, although it was powerful, but obviously it The physical strength is very normal.

    "Hard a trick to find out the attack opportunity, I thought it was a step of the game, but I did not expect this Mismagius to quickly enter the Rest Contest Condition and then successfully launch a combo, so that consumption is almost gone."

    Sidney Elite, the master of the evil system, unexpectedly spoke, and Spinda's rushed Sucker Punch was enough to cause damage to Mismagius, but Mismagius could start the Utility exchange without ignoring the pain and interfere with Spinda, so he couldn't help but look at Phoebe.

    "Look at me."Phoebe leaned against the chair: "This Mismagius' Breeder method is new and different from my Breeder method."

    As the Hoenn Alliance's Ghost system Elite, Phoebe is often involved in sneak, assassination, reconnaissance work, and she is much taller than Terrance and Mismagius.

    But applying the hypnotic power of illusion to paralyzing his own pain, forcing himself to be aware of Smelling Salts, and interfering with Sleep Talk's choices has made Phoebe shine.

    If the illusion that Mismagius had shown in the Masters was quite satisfactory, then the way it is used now makes Mismagius look special.

    "Spinda's Teeter Dance and Hypnosis seem to be ineffective against Mismagius, and the Mismagius's straight-to-face dance steps have not been affected in any way, which is the root cause of its success in winning the game."Glacia Elite curiously said: "Which next Norman is going to come up with an elf?"

    "It is Exploud!"

    Norman's choice made Terrance frown.

    What would be the Ability?

    Exploud's two great attractions, guts and sound insulation, no matter which one, are very restrained by Mismagius.

    The former is a sprite that allows Normal Type and Fighting Type to lock On to Ghost Type. The latter is shielded by sound and not attacked by sound.

    Mismagius's illusion hypnosis has two main means, one is through vision, and the other is through hearing.

    If the other party ignores the influence of the sound, the play of Mismagius will be greatly limited.

    Looking at Norman's calm expression, the top Trainer secretly nodded, a choice, let Rival into a dilemma, and sure enough.

    From releasing the elves to thinking about Terrance, less than two seconds later, Terrance had not had time to judge whether to retrieve the elves, and Exploud launched the offensive.

    The whole body's hole quickly vibrated, creating endless sound waves, the sound waves squeezed each other, and the deafening explosion sounded immediately, causing damage to the entire site. In this case, Mismagius had to rush to hide, but still Surrounded by the aftermath, it was squeezed together by strong sound waves.

    "It’s the guts of Ability. I’m negligent. Whether it’s soundproof or not, Exploud might lose in the sound.”Terrance looks dignified, which means that regardless of the other's Ability, Mismagius's illusion spells will be very weak. After all, the current sprites are not Normal Exploud.

    During the process of being squeezed by the sound wave, Mismagius suffered pain and launched a counterattack. However, the move was not issued, and it was crushed by the sound waves that were continuously beaten like the wave Normal.

    "It has been 6 seconds. Exploud has continued the big trick of Boomburst for 6 seconds. Mismagius still can't find a counterattack opportunity. It can only be forced to resist, but how long can it last?"Host speaks loudly.

    In fact, the situation at Mismagius was very dangerous at this time. The sound waves controlled by Exploud continued to bombard. Even if it forced the show, it did not have the opportunity to attack Exploud, and spread the sound waves to Exploud. It was through this intensive offensive. Mismagius reduces the chances of illusion success.

    "You can only gamble!"

    Mismagius passed the Rest and self-hypnosis against Exploud's fierce attack, but it also consumed a lot of energy, accumulated a lot of injuries, and Terrance, which was too late to consider, only allowed Mismagius Lucky Chant to add, and chose luck. Reflecting Confuse Ray interferes with Exploud's attack.

    Under Lucky Chant, Confuse Ray was lucky not to be swallowed up by the Boomburst that swept through the first time. Instead, he entered the Exploud line of sight along the sound wave. The change of this trick led to a turn for the better. Exploud suddenly lost space. The perception, the confusion, the sound waves are launched indiscriminately, and the gaps for the action of Mismagius gradually emerge.

    Right now.With Terrance, Mismagius quickly approached each other through Phantom Force, rolled up Will-O-Wisp and Ominous Wind. In the face of this quick blow, Norman wanted to make a direct breakthrough, but subconsciously he felt that Terrance's purpose was not such a simple attack. .

    In the last game, Terrance asked Bangui to give Spinda a ruin of death at the expense of losing. This time?

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