Pokemon Court Chapter 909

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 909 chapter reversal, overbearing Slake, floating astronomy
    Although space perception is confusing, Exploud, who has tried his best to narrow the sound wave range, has no problem in detonating an intensive explosion around the body.

    Compared to destructive power, the combination of Milsagius' Will-O-Wisp and Ominous Wind is clearly resistant to Boomburst, and only one of the results of the collision is that Mismagius falls.

    But at this great time, Norman gave up. Under his quick command, Exploud's Boomburst converges rapidly and transforms into a super-destructive Supersonic.

    Supersonic also interfered with Will-O-Wisp and Ominous Wind. Under Exploud's force, even Supersonic almost let the two tactics of Mismagius dissipate.

    Obviously, Supersonic's strength did not resist the Mismagius attack, let alone hurt Mismagius.

    But this change, however, succeeded in getting Mismagius into chaos, and the Destiny Bond volatility dissipated in an instant, failing to follow Supersonic's sound wave Lock On Exploud.

    Seeing this scene, Terrance changed his face.

    “Ice Punch !”

    Even if Mismagius quickly dispels the Contest Condition by illusion, it is still not as fast as Exploud. I saw that Exploud took two big tricks directly from the body and strode forward. Mismagius instantly appeared in the other side's attack. Within the scope, the fist that has been condensed with rich ice energy is smashed to Ground.

    Along with the blow of the frozen Mismagius action, the Exploud hole made a loud noise that caused Earthquake. Under the double impact, Mismagius fainted directly.

    "Mismagius loses combat power…"

    The short-lived changes made Terrance hope that the idea of replacing this tricky Exploud with Destiny Bond was lost. Two command mistakes made Terrance feel changed. As he took a deep breath, Gallade appeared on the field.

    "Mismagius, hard work for you, then hand it over to Gallade."

    When Gallade appeared, Norman didn't seem to have the idea of replacing the elves, and Terrance simply and eclecticly evolved Key Stone, resonating with Mega Stone on Gallade.

    Gallade, Mega Evolution!

    When the edge of the red blade and the white cloak appeared on the Gallade, it immediately exuded an astonishing murderousness, like a sword that had just been bathed in blood.

    "Did you send the Gallade so early?"

    Dealing with the Normal Master Norman, Fighting and Mega Evolution's Gallade was regarded as Terrance's last Trump Card by all the audience, but it was unexpected that Terrance released the Gallade in the third.


    "Close Combat !"

    As the light shone and the violent noise rang, Gallade's attack collided with Exploud's condensed sound waves.

    Close Combat's collision with Boomburst was fierce. The two elves fell into the center of energy entanglement, and they were under endless pressure. Even the aftermath of the collision caused the Confusion shield around the edge of the field to smash.

    In the collision between the tricks, Gallade's momentum continued to increase, the power continued to rise, the power skill was used by it, and began to suppress Boomburst. As the sound waves were opened, the Gallade succeeded in gaining the upper hand.

    With a single blow, Gallade directly aimed at Exploud's mouth, but at the moment of the sound wave burst, countless ice energy gathered, and Exploud launched Ice Fang to resist this trick.

    The ice energy entangles the Gallade's arm and erodes its body. If this happens, even if it succeeds in Exploud, the Gallade will abandon its arm. The cost is too great. When many people show their worries, the amazing scene Appeared.

    YesIt is Fire Punch! ! ”

    Gallade's transformation of the blade's energy is beyond Norman's expectation. The flame energy is instantly dissipated, and the energy of the Gallade is unobstructed.

    With a successful hit, Gallade's Teleport was quickly connected, and under the three-way Smack Down, Exploud completely lost its ability to move.

    Compared to Banjara and Mismagius, the Mega Gallade has shown an amazing advantage over Mr. Norman's elves.

    "With this Gallade, even Mr. Norman will be embarrassed."Phoebe laughed.

    "Although it is not big, the power of the sniper is very destructive. I am very curious. What kind of scene will it be if Mr. Norman's Slaking and the Gallade meet?"

    "Your Rival is it."

    In the face of most people's expectations, Mr. Norman made a very exciting decision. When the Slaking, which looks like a gorilla with a pink nose and beige skin, appeared, the venue immediately burst into exaggerated shouts. . Slaking's eye circles are brown, with two white hairs like buds on the head, and a white coat on the neck, with brown hair on the limbs.

    This Slake is taller than the normal Slake, full of strong muscles, thick and fleshy, and more importantly its eyes, without the laziness of other Slaking, but it looks very spiritual and oppressive.

    "Appeared!! It is Mr. Norman's Slaking. It may be very strange to have a new audience. But in the past, Mr. Norman's Slaking broke the shield of the protective ground made by Confusion with many powers in battle! ! However, this time, we do not have to worry about, we have strengthened the protection of the site mechanism, there will not be the last battle volatility is too strong to affect the audience, in addition, this time our champion Mr. Steven's metagross also served as a member of the protection mechanism, even if everyone ran to the edge of the field to watch is no problem, Of course, it's just a joke at the end, and please sit in place … "

    With the explanation of Host, the audience heated up, and Terrance heard this shout and showed a smile with Gallade.

    Close Combat ! !

    Teleport cooperates with Close Combat to make Gallade's speed exceed the limit and reach an incredible point. The timing of the attack is almost instantaneous. The elves that can successfully resist must react before Gallade Teleport to block.

    Slaking, because of the special body, has a powerful force and also has some defects. The slow reaction speed makes it take a long time to gather strength. Mr. Norman, this Slake, although Breeder is good, far exceeds Normal Slaking, but compared to For the previous Spinda and Exploud, this Slake's reaction ability was significantly worse.

    But this is also relatively speaking. For most of the ordinary Trainer's elves, this Slake is very fast. Of course, this reaction speed can't stop Gallade's offensive, even if it is prepared in advance, but in the face of Gallade, Slaking showed his own hegemony.

    Slaking didn't want to block it, but condensed the whole body to use Bulk Up. The muscles of the whole body were stretched under the Contest Condition. Its power was transformed into a defensive force. The complexion resisted the Gallade, and then exposed the fierce light. Direct Brick Break! !

    "It's the terrible Bulk Up technique, which is said to turn most of the power into defensive power, so that every muscle in Slake's body can explode with amazing power while defending. In this case, I want to really hurt this Slake. The chances are minimal."On the rostrum, the top Trainers saw Slaking hard-wired Mega Gallade's Close Combat, then counterattacked and sighed.


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