Pokemon Court Chapter 910

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 910, Hoenn Alliance Speaker, Astronomy
    Ever Grande sports field, many eyes are watching the two elves in the field.

    Gallade came to the rear of Slake through Teleport, and as it appeared, a brown glow followed, turning into an arc that fell onto Slaking's back neck.

    Norman This Slake is the ultimate in exercising its weak parts, so it's very straightforward. The muscles under the Bulk Up Contest Condition are tight, especially the part of the Gallade attack, which contains almost all the power of Slake.

    So when attacking Smack Down to Slake, Gallade only felt a numb in his arm, like what reinforced iron bone Normal.

    But even the reinforced iron bones will never have such strength. During the Gallade horror, Slake's arm has already taken the opportunity. At this time, the place where the Gallade attacked also broke out, and the Gallade's blade bounced off. Let Gallade be exposed to the opponent's attack route.

    Without thinking, Gallade immediately Teleport!

    "Don't worry, this trick is very expensive for Slake and continues to be guerrilla."Terrance gives instructions.

    Slaking's Brick Break has no unexpected hollowing out.

    This blow allowed Terrance to see the power of this Slaking. The Brick Break slammed into the air and squeezed a strong wind. The scene shattered many cracks like Spider Web Normal, which looked horrible. Very incomparable.

    The collection of power and defense is a feature of this Slaking. If it is not fast, Gallade is dangerous.

    Compared to Gallade, which masters Teleport as instinctively, Slake's response speed is not as fast as Gallade's attack speed, and it can only withstand the Gallade attack with a strong body.

    The collision between the muscles and the blade continued. By the third time, Slake broke out with a stronger force, and the Gallade bombs flew out in an instant. At this time, Slake's expression was extremely embarrassing, as if suffering a lot of pain, muscles and muscles violently, A turbulent force actually pushed the Gallade to the edge of the field, and the Gallade suffered a lot.

    "This Slaking…"Terrance clenched his teeth, and this hand-counter trick combined with Slake's control of his strength, directly damaged the Gallade, and for Gallade, this move is simply impossible to prevent.

    "Poisoned, Slake is poisoned, and its action seems to be slower!"

    When Gallade was repulsed by the shock, a frost filled the Slaking arms, and Slaking couldn't help but bow. Host saw this scene and immediately lit up.

    “Gallade mastered the Toxic move, combined with the changes of Ice Punch, and successfully injected the toxin into the Slaking body in the last attack, so that its mobility was reduced again. It seems that the Terrance player has planned to guerrilla.”

    "Facade!"Norman saw the order quickly.

    This trick shows excellent tactical value on Spinda, but it has not been applied to other elves by Mr. Norman. Terrance guesses that it may be because the Spinda is special and can master the toxins that have a gain effect on themselves, but other Elf, there is no such talent.

    Now, along with Terrance's attack, Norman has reinvented this trick, but Slake's poisoning Contest Condition is the frost toxin planted by Gallade. Under the influence of each other, it is better to say that Slake is better.

    "Mr. Norman, this Slake has no flaws in strength and defense. It is the ultimate in strength. Gallade can only find the chance to win with guerrilla tactics, just…"During the fight between Gallade and Slake, several Elites were silent.

    What is the intention of sending Slaking in the third?

    "Mr. Norman has three Slakes with similar strengths. The fighting styles are different. Each one is his own Trump Card, enough to face any situation. In the Ordinary Masters, Mr. Norman usually does not send Slake, Rival has a little strength, he will send one, like the battle of the current Elite Four, he sent two Slaking each time, and In the battle with Mr. Steven, he sent all three Slaking! The strength of each of these Slaking was enough to suppress the ordinary elves. At that time, Steven was also able to break through the past with the help of Metatags. In that battle, Mr. Steven even played harder than the Elite. ”

    Norman has also experienced several wars in several Masters. His Trump Card Wizard is no stranger to most high-ranking people. Three Slackings with different fighting styles are the nightmare of all Masters players. Now Norman sent a Slaking to the third, and many people began to wonder about Norman's thoughts.

    One, two, three?

    At this point many people want to understand Norman's thoughts…

    As time went by, Mega Gallade and Slaking each consumed the other's physical strength, and at the same time fell, this scene made many people stunned.

    "Mega Evolution has lost in front of Mr. Norman's Slaking."

    "But in the end, the continuous Teleport that Gallade broke out was really handsome. Actually, Slaking couldn't control the body and resist. He could only force the whole body and be beaten."

    "But the combination of Counter and Bulk Up also makes Gallade really unbearable. Slake and its body have accumulated countless injuries, and it is not surprising to return to this result."

    The fall of Slaking and Gallade made the audience in the meeting talk. At the same time, the two sides lost three elves, and the game also entered the intermission period.

    During this time, Steven left the seat and found Mr. Raoul Contesta.

    "How many Slaking are there in Mr. Norman's lineup this time?"

    "Three, his three Slakes, all in the team, it seems that the speaker has not withstood the pressure."Raoul Contesta shook his head: "But Terrance has also qualified for the Elite competition. Even if the game unexpectedly loses, you can't decide the final result, or watch him perform, I believe him."

    Before the second half had begun, an old man came out on the rostrum.

    The old man had a short, hard character, a pair of tan eyes deep in his eye sockets, a unkempt gray hair, and looked ordinary, but his arrival made the four Elites unexpected. The expression, stood up and greeted.

    "The Speaker of the House."

    "Don't worry about me, I am just a whim, take a look at the game."With the voice of cognac, the old man smiled and waved his hand.

    The Speaker of the House of Representatives, the chairman of the Hoenn Alliance House, and the highest-ranking person in the Hoenn Alliance, has made a significant contribution to the development of the Hoenn Region, and although it is already old, it still has a very large influence.

    Such a character will hardly appear in this kind of competition, and only the top president of the Elf Alliance, Dharma, likes to run around in the basic conference. Of course, this is related to another position of Charles Goodshow, and only him. The identity is only qualified to manage the flames around the world.

    The appearance of the Speaker of the House of Representatives made this battle confusing. Elite Four had their own thoughts, sitting in the seat and looking at the empty space below, showing the original expression.

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