Pokemon Court Chapter 911

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 911th chapter of the second Slaking, floating astronomy
    Norman, the talented Trainer, the owner of the pavilion at Petalburg, is a Johto Region, but in the Hoenn Region Ingrain.

    Most people understand that Norman moved to Hoenn with his family in order to fulfill the duties of the owner of the pavilion.

    But in fact, there is another truth, which makes Norman reject the invitation of countless factions of Indigo Alliance, Ingrain Hoenn, and clearly has the strength, but the reason for not challenging Elite is the Speaker of the House.

    No one knows the specific relationship between Norman and the Speaker of the House, but in these years, Norman’s choice was to complete the old man’s entrustment.

    Aided by the Speaker of the House of Representatives to develop the Hoenn Region, becoming the gatekeeper of the Elite race, maintaining the balance of the Hoenn Alliance's major factions, and becoming Elite Four when necessary, thus forming a stable pattern between the Hoenn forces is Norman's main task.

    Phoebe, Sidney, Drake, Glacia, Steven, representatives of five different factions, in addition to Drake, the old Elite, the other Elite experienced the battle with Norman before they reached the position of Elite.

    Because the rules of the Hoenn Region Masters were developed by the Hoenn Alliance Council, Mr. Norman's presence adds to the difficulty of many trainers who want to challenge the Elite Four. Normal, unless it has absolute strength, it is difficult to block Norman's deliberate block. Board the Elite.

    Norman, who is responsible for this task, has the strength to be in the forefront of the top Trainer.

    A few years ago, the company grew rapidly, in a short period of time to have the capital to rival the business Totem Silver, showing the strength to suffocate a lot of forces, this kind of heritage, the heir to the literary heirs Steven directly challenged the position of elite, want to let the text in the alliance at the top, the rise of the emerging power, Naturally caused a joint rebound of many factions.

    Under pressure, Steven's promotion path was blocked everywhere. If it wasn't for him to show his absolute strength and to win the championship, it would not be easy to gain a foothold in the Alliance.

    The Contest contest is in one sense and integrated in the text, because Devon is the main investor in the special competition of Contest, mastering many rights in the Contest competition, the rapid development of this emerging event, and the arrival of the text The influx of funds over the years will not be a problem.

    Nowadays, the promotion of Terrance, the master of coordination, has undoubtedly become the eye of many people.

    However, unlike in the past, now that Devon and Contest have established a foothold in the Hoenn Alliance, Terrance is in a smooth transition to the Masters, and has not encountered the situation of Norman in the first battle, but is approaching This convenience does not exist in the Elite game.

    It is normal for Terrance's pressure to increase suddenly, and it is not the Contest contest faction that can be controlled later.

    Norman and the four Elites were not affected by the Contest faction. As the gatekeeper of the Elite race, Norman had to come up with the instructions of the Speaker of the House.

    If Terrance becomes Elite Four, then the status of the Contest contest will smotherly suppress other factions. Although it does not lead Hoenn, it will certainly have great advantages in legislation, finance, and administration. This is something other factions do not want to see. The situation is also a situation that the Speaker of the House does not want to appear.

    Steven's strong rise has laid the foundation for the winning and Contest competition in the Hoenn Alliance, which has not changed. However, although the Devon and Contest competitions are developing rapidly, the Hoenn Alliance still maintains a relatively stable situation, but there is another person who eats meat, so that the interests of other factions are reduced a little, and nothing more.

    But if you let Terrance up, this stability will immediately wobble, the most important thing is that the Contest competition faction has two Masters, the two in the top trainer is also the forefront of Cascade Good, Terrance become elite Four, if Wallace Then become elite Four, then the Contest competition faction will be completely in the Hoenn Alliance occupies a pivotal position, to the development of Hoenn has a very high leadership.

    The reason why Norman makes the best fight is this. If you can give Terrance a total loss, then the chances of Terrance becoming Elite will be reduced.

    Of course, if Terrance really has the power to defeat Norman and defeat other Elite Fours, even if the Speaker of the House wants to maintain the balance of the faction, it is not so easy to do.

    "The text, Contest contest, it is really incredible."The Speaker of the middle residence squinted his eyes, looked down, the text and contest competition led to the overall development of Hoenn, from this point of view, the speaker is still very appreciative, and even early in the policy he also provided a lot of the contest contest, the development of the good help, his wise decision, also paid off, is the economic development of Hoenn Region, rapid progress, and even contest competition such events, far spread to Kanto, Johto Region, Sinnoh …

    This kind of power that plays an important role in the development of Hoenn, bent on Hoenn the Region of the middle resident speaker is not disgusted, nor does it mean to suppress, but most of the time he has to take into account the ideas of all parties, want to maintain a relatively stable pattern, to avoid the emergence of a single power, it is not easy, Sometimes the speaker of the middle residence is also very tired, especially after the old, coupled with only Hoenn Region to maintain this stability, these factors have led to some loosening of his mind.

    Now to do things also do, but also cut off the possibility of other factions gossip, just the attitude has been signed, as to the text, Contest competition can support two, three elite on the top, resist a lot of pressure, look at each other's own skills, anyway, he should retire the old man is not want to worry about, this arrival, He just wanted to see the text, the Contest contest, and whether he had the skill to break the stable pattern that he had maintained for decades.

    "The second half started."

    As time went by, the two players regained their place on the field.

    The elf sent by Norman is still a Slaking.

    Compared to the previous one, this Slake is almost the same size as the normal Slaking, but it is still a giant compared to the floating bubbles sent by Terrance.

    "Interesting, I remember that Mr. Norman also has Breeder floating bubbles. How would he let this Slake deal with floating bubbles?"

    Mr. Norman's three Slakings each have their own characteristics. This Slake is not known for its strength and defense. It is the master of the system's multi-Attribute tactics, showing the characteristics of the Normal elves, and in a sense. It is like a floating bubble, it is a good hand to control multiple energy.

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