Pokemon Court Chapter 912

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 912th chapter of the lava explosion reappears! Floating astronomy
    Flame, lightning, frost, shadow, water flow, Mr. Norman's second Slake, Terrance also had some investigations, although the information is not particularly detailed, but there is no doubt that a variety of energy is perfectly used by this Slake. Can not be underestimated.

    Obviously, this Slake's talent is completely different from that of the previous one. Two battles of the Normal Elf with multiple energies indicate that this battle will be a battle.

    "Rain Dance!"

    As soon as the floating bubble appeared, the venue was covered with dark clouds, and the rain fell instantly. The floating bubble itself transformed into a rainy day shape, and then sprayed a water column that was compressed to the extreme, like a water whip.

    "Thunder Punch !"Under Norman's orders, Slaking was furious and the power of thunderous lightning quickly communicated with the dark clouds, causing a thunder to fall and block the Hydro Pump before floating bubbles.

    Then, the power of lightning combined with Slaking's arm, an amazing arc erupted, and the Hydro Pump rushed toward the floating bubble.

    This change made Terrance show a dignified expression, and he underestimated Slake's control over energy.

    Can Slaking actually Assist the power of raining bubbles?

    “This Slaking is often paired with floating bubbles and it is very skilled at Assist's natural energy approach.”Norman smiled a little.

    Numerous arcs invaded, allowing the floating bubbles to quickly turn the weather into Blizzard. The force of the frost suddenly thundered the lightning along the rain, but when the floating bubble turned the environment into snow, the Slake also used Blizzard, Ice. Blizzard, led by Punch, instantly collided with Blizzard, who floated the bubble.

    The next moment, with a loud noise, the entire venue was covered in snow and fog!

    “Is it evenly matched?”

    The snow and fog dissipated, and many people were shocked. Not surprised by the strength of Slake, but the strength of floating bubbles.

    "Mr. Norman's comprehensive strength of Slake is theoretically similar to that of Slake just now, but it is incredible that this floating bubble has suppressed it on the control of energy."Glacia Elite opening.

    The Slaking that Gallade confronts, even after the Gallade Mega Evolution, is difficult to take advantage of. Slaking, which is equivalent to the Slake's comprehensive strength, must be extremely combative!

    But this is Slaking. Although it is easy to use the Thunder Shock to collapse the Hydro Pump and use Blizzard to resist the Blizzard of the floating bubble, there is an important condition in this situation, that is, Slake's Assist has the nature of floating bubbles. Energy, if not Assist, can it be more than floating bubbles in the power of tricks?

    The audience is not clear, Terrance is not clear, no one knows whether Norman has hidden power.

    "Interesting…"Terrance couldn't help but groan.

    Terrance came up with a solution around the conditions that Slaking and the floating bubble were evenly matched.

    The floating bubble converts Attribute twice, the Hydro Pump in the water system, and the Blizzard in the ice system. In theory, the power of the trick has been maximized.

    But still being resisted by Slaking, this Slake is surprisingly superior in its use of energy, and most importantly, it is the power of natural energy that Assists to float bubbles, and Terrance intends to limit this.

    Floating bubbles have a very high control over the weather. Even if his Ninetales and Banguia want the power of Assist weather, if you don’t make the weather to interfere with floating bubbles, it’s not so easy to eat from the floating bubble. But this Slake is easy to do, which gives Terrance an eye.

    Doesn't it mean that a weather can only be controlled by an elf Assist, or whether the two sides control the weather…If it is an ordinary water elf using Rain Dance, floating bubbles can easily Assist the natural energy brought by this rainy day, but converted, floating bubbles use Rain Dance, the ordinary elf wants Assist rain power, Not so easy, first of all it has passed the bubble.

    Floating bubbles have a high degree of control over rainy days, but Slaking's use of electrical energy is also not low, suddenly trigger the lightning energy in the dark clouds for their own use, even the ordinary electrical elves do not want to do, you know, floating bubbles made in the rain clouds of the lightning force, very violent, And also by the floating bubble spirit control, want to trigger, at least also into the top field of the electrical elves is possible, from this point of view, the strength of this slaking is self-evident.

    "If this Slaking can't Assist the air of the bubble, then the abilities of the Assisting Float of the Assisting Weather will definitely be stronger than this Slaking. Now what is Terrance going to do, dissipating the weather? It’s like floating bubbles, and you can’t Assist the weather….”

    The changes in the situation gradually evolved toward interesting aspects. Terrance thought a little and smiled, and the floating bubbles instantly dissipated the weather.

    But it itself has become a sunny form.

    Floating bubbles in the fire system!

    What does that mean?When I saw Terrance's move, many people showed signs of error.

    "Oh ?" Even if the weather has not changed, it has succeeded in letting the floating bubble change the Attribute. It is a master of coordination. The control of energy, climate and temperature is really top-notch. ”Sidney Elite was surprised.

    Sidney's voice just fell, the following scene completely shocked the audience's eye, including several Elite Four, all showing a surprised expression.

    Floating bubble to dissipate the weather between, slaking not idle, will water Pulse compressed into a water polo, hard shake out, water polo is not big, fast, but does not seem to deliberately aim at floating bubbles, sure enough, there are two changes in the back, in the water polo close to the floating bubble moment, changes appear, water polo instantly burst , and then rolled up the amazing waves, forming a huge water curtain, devouring it.

    Then, Slake stepped forward and Thunder Punch mobilized the power of lightning, going straight through, arc lasing!

    The water flow is matched with lightning. If the floating bubble is hit by this double attack, the consequences are unimaginable.

    "Although it is very strong, if you are destructive, floating bubbles will not lose…"

    Shocking water curtain shrouded, just when everyone lost the figure of floating bubbles, a heatwave erupted, the water curtain was directly through the countless large holes, exaggerated steam came out, the water curtain was evaporated in a flash, the power of endless lightning was also engulfed, the next moment, countless lava from the floating bubble that small body in front of the outbreak!!

    The dark red lava, with its extremely high temperature, spouted from the floating bubble under the pressure of the rolling black smoke, and the rumbling loud noise went to the surrounding layers, and the water curtain, the thunder and lightning, all disappeared under the terrifying lava, and the burning red lava burst around, pushed to the sky and gallop down, Leaving dozens of flaming scratches in Smokescreen's air, it ended up pointing in one direction.

    In the face of the lava that is condensed by the power of water, flames, and Sandstorm, Slake screams and rolls up the huge ice energy. A mighty Blizzard quickly descends and collides with the lava.

    However, Blizzard still could not stop the flow of lava, even if it was weakened three times, but the magma still fell down smoothly, burning the ground, burning Slaking, and instantly, the whole site became hot and rising, Slake's body Also burned out a few burn marks

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