Pokemon Court Chapter 913

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 913th chapter Norman's Mega Evolution, floating astronomy
    "Water, Flame, Sandstorm…Can the three forces be so integrated? ”

    At this moment, a layer of exclamation broke out in the venue. This lava was much more terrifying than the lava flowing in Volcano, and the temperature broke through the limits of lava.

    "Sidney, you are too surprised. You can say now that 'I don't think it's a master of coordination'. You may be able to show your insights, hehe."After Phoebe was amazed, don't forget to sing aside Sidney.

    "The energy of this group of lava is extremely violent. Even if it is successfully integrated, it needs to stabilize its structure after launch. If you can do this step, I am afraid that there will only be floating bubbles that perfectly control the three weathers."Drake felt.

    The lava suppressed the Slaking, giving Terrance an edge, both the top Trainer and the Nakazaki Speaker, all with an unexpected expression.

    “Five years have passed and Terrance has progressed to this level.”Steven slowly spoke. He once had a friendship battle with the Weather Institute, Steven and Terrance. It was also a guided battle. Terrance was undoubtedly the one who was slammed, but now the lava bursts with floating bubbles. Look, Terrance has the conditions to devastate his Metasols.

    "Sure enough!"Seeing floating bubbles suppressing Slaking, Terrance's heart.

    Although the comprehensive strength is not as good as Gallade, but on the destructive power of the trick, Gallade and floating bubbles can be far worse, this type of lava burst, perfect coordination of floating bubbles mastered the rainy day, sandstorm, sunny, destructive power, and slaking battle, Even the gallade against that, floating bubbles can play a greater advantage than Gallade, which can only be said that the situation is different, elves can play a different value.

    The top coordination skills of floating bubbles show Thorman's hard work.

    Immediately afterwards, floating bubble take advantage, rolling high-temperature steam covered the site, lava although the destructive power is amazing, but the floating bubble physical energy consumption is very large, this one hand and the flame perfectly coordinated high temperature steam, is the scald of another use of the trick, not only a huge range, but also a continuous injury, the same destructive power, When the steam field shrouded slaking, directly forced it to retreat, pain!

    The water flow, the flame, the Sandstorm coordinate into a lava, the water flow and the flame are coordinated into steam, and the floating bubble can show great destructive power without the Assist weather. The two techniques are presented to meet the current situation.

    Soon, Slake couldn't support it, and Mr. Norman had to take back his old partner and admire Terrance.

    “The Rookie Coordinator, which was originally boarded at the Petalburg Hall in order to participate in the Contest competition, has grown up.”

    Seeing Terrance's changes, Norman thought of his two children, his own idol win, and also wanted to be the Coordinator's May, I hope they can be as good as Terrance.

    "Go, Audino!"

    Norman's fifth elf, an elf he rarely sent, was mainly because Audino was rare on Hoenn. As a member of the two major teams in the Norman team, Audino was the first to appear in the master. On the stage, there is another Blissey, and the frequency of appearance is not low.

    Audino's hearing is very strong. Through the antennae on the ear, you can sense the elf's heartbeat, and even the small radar-like movement. Audino can also use the perception of the antennae to feel the emotion, similar to Ribombee, this perception ability makes Audino be Unova Region. The Elf Center is the universal elf Nurse, replacing the Chansey here.

    Of course, if the gentle image of the genie Nurse is substituted into Norman's Audio, then his Rival will regret it, at least Norman's Blissey, let all Rival change the impression of the common partner of the Joy family.

    "I have heard that Mr. Norman has mastered the Mega Evolution. I have guessed that it may be his sculpture, perhaps his bag dragon, but he did not expect it to be Audino."Steven was surprised.

    When he played against Norman, neither of them mastered the Mega Evolution, which was why he was struggling, against Norman's last Slake, and if his Metasols could be Mega Evolution, it wouldn't be that hard.

    "Mega Stone?"

    “Can this Audio carry Mega Evolution?”

    Obviously, with the advent of Audino, the audience also found the problem.

    Audino quietly stood on the ground, the pink and beige body was lovely, the sea blue eyes were watching the floating bubble seriously, and at its neck, a collar with Mega Stone was visible.

    Terrance has already demonstrated the Mega Evolution. What the audience didn't think of was that Mr. Norman also showed the Mega Evolution. This is the first time Norman has carried out the Mega Evolution in the Masters. With Mr. Norman, he has evolved Key Stone from his clothes. Out, the dazzling light came into the eyes of Terrance and made him squint.

    The body of Mega Audino is covered with white skin, beige is below the abdomen, the blue eyes are transformed into pomegranate red, and the ends of both ears and white fur have white to pink gradients, compared to the cute image before. How many changes still look very cute, but from the volatility of its blinking eyes, this battle will be very difficult.

    "Floating bubbles, praying for rain!"After Slaking went off, Terrance immediately changed the concept of combat, but the next moment, the Mega Audino Baby-Doll Eyes exploded, and Psyshock shocked the floating bubble and returned the floating bubble back to its original shape.

    "A good and subtle attack, Norman, this Mega Audino seems to know the physical condition of the floating bubble, and it limits its changes."

    "No…This is not the most terrible…"

    As everyone looked around, I saw that Terrance had fallen into meditation on the field and suddenly stopped the command.

    “Simple Beam?”The Psyshock that Mega Audino broke out is far from being so simple. When the floating bubble loses its ability to transform, Terrance finds that he is very strange to this elf. The information he obtained does not have this record of Audino. If you have no resistance, you will be recruited.

    "Simple Beam, send a wave to Rival. Rival, which receives the Nian Bo, will become simple, and it will be a fatal blow to the floating-dependent Bubble, which is extremely dependent on the Ability. ”Phoebe Elite pouting.

    The floating bubble's Ability changes from a smoky change to a simple one, which is equivalent to destroying the combat power of half of the floating bubble. Even if the lava breaks out, the high temperature steam can't be easily coordinated.

    "Audino, Drain Punch !!"

    Norman and Audino immediately launched an offensive as they couldn't react to the floating bubbles.

    This Audino is very strong, very dexterous, and more importantly, it is controlled by Light Screen, which is a very powerful way to make today's floating bubbles. With a lot of auxiliary tricks, floating bubbles are almost completely suppressed, and Audino attacks. While strengthening itself, in a short period of time, Stat Modifiers accumulated to a terrible height.

    "Floating bubbles lose their fighting ability…"

    As the referee announced the results, the situation between Norman and Terrance was greatly reversed.

    "This Audino, in the battle, Role Play has a simple Ability, using the simple addition of Ability, quickly using Calm Mind and Amnesia to strengthen itself…"

    The simple Ability effect is that the ability change will become a multiple of the usual. In this case, the use of the enhanced class moves is amazing. With pure light and Role Play tactics, the Mega Audino immediately gains more strength.

    "shit……"After recovering the floating bubbles, Terrance frowned, and Mr. Norman's grasp of the moves was very clever, which was a headache.

    At this point, both sides have two elves left, and the result of the battle becomes unpredictable.

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