Pokemon Court Chapter 914

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 914 Trump Card, astronomy
    Based on the battle just now, Terrance has roughly analyzed the core combat skills of this elf.

    The combination of Baby-Doll Eyes and Psyshock can deter most of the elves' actions, giving Audino plenty of time to reinforce and restore itself, and through this process so that the qualities that are not strong are soared.

    The battle that violently suppresses the floating bubble has already made Mega Audino accumulate a good force, and the special attack power and special defense have been strengthened to its own limits.

    "There are only Arcanine and Altaria left…"

    Beautifly, Gardevoir, and Ninetales are not in the team, Carbink has not been able to mutate so far, and Terrance has only two choices left.

    In two or three seconds, Terrance quickly thought about the pros and cons of Arcanine and Altaria's development after the game.

    In the end, Terrance made a decision to throw Altaria's Poké Ball, and he planned to bet on Altaria's moves that he hadn't practiced since he mastered it.

    With Arcanine's Contest Condition, you don't necessarily beat today's Mega Audino. The risk is too great. He has to rely on Altaria.

    As the blue light flickers, Altaria appears, and the graceful figure occupies Soaring in the sky, Norman's expression is surprised, because this Altaria is stronger than Altaria.

    “Is Mega Stone hidden in the feathers?”

    Looking at Altaria, many people are looking for Mega Stone. You know, Terrance's Altaria is his first elf to carry out the Mega Evolution, and is more widely known than Terrance's Gallade.

    In Soaring in the sky, Altaria's figure swayed slightly, and the sky was shining. The third elf of Mega Evolution appeared on the field. The current situation is the struggle between two Mega Evolution elves.

    The strength of Mega Audino puts Terrance in a disadvantage. This situation can be seen by the discerning eye, but when Altaria's autonomous Mega Evolution exudes an exaggerated atmosphere, even the four Elites stand up and show their surprise.

    “Does this Altaria need no evolutionary stone?”Sidney is incredible.

    "There must be some reason for this, and deeper consideration, if the Trainer is not here, can the Elf be Mega Evolution?"Glacia asks a question.

    If you don't rely on Trainer, the sprite can also be Mega Evolution, then you have to redefine the value of the Mega Evolution system.

    “Simple Beam !”

    Audino's feet are also white in color, with a butterfly-winged structure on the heel. When Norman gives instructions, with Baby-Doll Eyes and Psyshock, Mega Audino immediately runs and launches an offensive, wanting to break Altaria's Fairy Skin Ability.

    Altaria's Fairy Skin Ability, in the Mega celebration, showed a good tactical value in the Terrace against the Laiyue Elite. Norman naturally didn't want to give Altaria the advantage. In fact, if Norman breaks Altaria's Fairy Skin Ability, Terrance It can also be a headache because he doesn't know if Altaria can still master Fairy Aura if she loses Fairy skin.

    Therefore, he is naturally not prepared to give Norman this opportunity.

    "Play Rough."Terrance opens directly.

    In the air, Altaria burst into a huge air wave, forming a huge air column to cover it, running through the ground and the sky. Fairy Aura played an amazing power under the action of Altaria, Baby-Doll from Audiin's pupil. Eyes Psywave is moving, and even Altaria is not close enough, let alone hinder Altaria's actions.

    Playing Fairy with Altaria, this Audion is even worse than the Mega Evolution.

    Under the cover of Fairy Aura, Altaria's wings are powerful, and the claws quickly extract the Fairy energy from Fairy Aura. They wrap themselves, and the combination of white and pink forms the illusion of Altaria's fall. Almost immediately, Altaria escaped the Simple Beam. The claws collided with Audino's Ice Punch.

    Altaria's tremendous strength, a face-to-face effort, Audino was slammed out and left a deep and long trace on the ground, which barely stabilized his figure.

    "This Altaria…"

    Altaria's power is beyond the level of the usual Trainer's main elves, and many people think about it.

    “Ice Punch is not effective against Altaria…”Glacia Elite sees this scene with an incredible expression. Mega Audino's Ice Punch is not as simple as physical damage, the perfect combination of strength and ice energy, plus the special attack power that lifts to its limits, let Mega Audino A blow is theoretically an invincible gesture, but…Still easily broken.

    This is an invincible blow in the top Trainer's main elves, and it is so weak in front of Altaria.

    "There is a shadow of flame under the light of Fairy."

    A moment later, Steven said: "The main thing is to rely on the flame to resist Ice Punch. Even so, Audino is worse than power."

    In one round, Altaria's hegemony was announced, but what everyone did not expect was that Altaria's momentum was even bigger after a blow.

    At the palm of Terrance, no one saw it, and a mark was flashing. In the complicated confrontation, it was clear that Terrance also hid a command to remind Altaria through telepathy.

    Looking at the rising Altaria, Phoebe snorted, and many Trainers also showed a playful expression.

    "Psych up, is it all about Audino's efforts to become Altaria's wedding dress…"At the moment of this crisis, Norman did not forget to make a joke. This move did indeed surprise him.

    No one expected that Altaria would repel Audino in a short period of time and copy Audino's ability to change.

    Psych up is such a trick, "Psych up", and the Contest Condition of the ability change is the same as Rival. The Calm Mind effect and the Amnesia effect of Audion are all copied by Altaria.

    Someone once wanted to make the elf quickly become stronger through this trick, but in the end it failed, because the ordinary elf couldn't bear the impact of the multi-layered ability changes that were instantly acquired. The heavy blow is light, the vitality is overdrawn, and the ability to copy to the limit is changed. Even Mr. Norman has to admire Terrance's bold behavior.

    Terrance and Altaria are also the first time to use this trick in regular combat, worry is still there, but Terrance believe that Altaria's physical quality will not be worse than Mega Audino, bear this power, will not be too difficult, and for the development of their own potential, Mastering The Independent mega Evolution Altaria is certainly far more than Audino, this reproduction, can be said to be Terrance a deliberate tactical choice.

    "Yeah…"Seeing the changes in Altaria, the Speaker of the Hoenn Alliance’s House of Representatives scratched his head and felt how things went in the wrong direction for Norman.

    "Altaria, Dragon Dance!"The next moment, Terrance repeated his last Norman command style with his own way and his own body.


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