Pokemon Court Chapter 915

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 915th chapter of the Curse armor, the rebirth of the fire, floating astronomy
    In the face of Altaria, where the ability changes and is at the same level, Mega Audino is constantly hiding, looking for opportunities, but the most proud Baby-Doll Eyes shock is cracked by Rival, and the collision is not the case of Altaria's Rival, defeated in the big Some people seem to be only a matter of time.

    In the battle with Mega Audino, Altaria showed its amazing physical quality, speed, strength, defense, control of the move, reached an incredible degree.

    Today, Mega Altaria's performance has led four Elite and Nakaju Speakers to look at Steven.

    This scene is similar to Steven's ascent to Hoenn a few years ago. At that time, Steven was also relying on a outstanding Trump Card. Flash Metagross was able to force Norman and force Elite.

    FormidableThis Altaria, the qualities have been tempered to the limit of the race of Altaria, no…It can be said that it has exceeded the limit. ”

    Just like Steven's silver Metasols, Fairia Aura's Altaria has become an "unconventional" elf, showing the horror of a far more extraordinary elf.

    Now Altaria, the strength has surpassed the Metasols at that time, even in the championship master team is also a decisive force in the absolute card.

    Terrance is right, Fairy Aura can easily crack Baby-Doll Eyes, the undisturbed Altaria, avoiding the other's simple light, and then suppressing and replicating its ability to become a key point in Altaria's reversal.

    The special attack power is strengthened to the ultimate Altaria. The destructive power is not comparable to Mega Audino. After several rounds of the match, Altaria also defeated Mega Audino in the completion of the layout, and the venue waited for Norman's last elf to appear.

    "Good job, Altaria."Terrance's heart.

    At this time, countless cotton feathers danced in the air, and Altaria's Dragon Dance dance had formed stable barriers, and Altaria did not consume much. Terrance was confident to fight Norman's most unsolvable Slake.

    "It will go this step."

    Norman felt openly, thinking that the Mega Evolution and the two Slaking had been foolproof, but did not expect to have their original old partner to play.

    Moreover, it seems that victory is getting farther and farther away from him.

    "I'm sorry for Xiaosheng. It seems that Dad has to renege on it. If this is the case, then I can only show you a wonderful battle to show you, please, Slake."Norman silently said.

    Norman's third Slaking combines the advantages of the first two Slakes. It has both tyrannical strength, defensive power, and control over the energy of each Attribute. Although the comparison is made separately, neither the power nor the energy mastering is better than the two. One-way Breeder's Slaking, but integrated, it gives this Slake a more special ability.


    Norman's last Slake came out instantly, his body lingered with electric awns, and the muscles of the muscles twitched together, and the sparkling Spark made the Slaking look look fierce.

    "Play Rough!"

    “Ice Punch !”

    With a brief confrontation, the two sides quickly ordered, the next moment, Slake broke out with amazing speed, reaction speed, attack speed, moving speed, catching up with Altaria!

    Using the power of thunder and lightning to stimulate the muscles of the brain and paralysis, and with the Facade moves, the power that exceeds the limits of the body is the direction of Norman's Slake's Breeder.

    Stimulated by the power of thunder, this Slake gained an incredible speed, coupled with a strong physique, and control of multiple Attribute energy, can make this Slaking burst out of the battle of two previous Slakes in a short time.

    However, after the outbreak period, this Slake could not fight. Everyone saw this. This is a kind of self-mutilation technique. The pursuit is the peak of the moment. When this is discovered, Terrance immediately gives instructions and gives Give orders and let Altaria fight in front.

    This slaking combat style is similar to Arcanine, but also belongs to put up their own not deadly category, the outbreak of combat effectiveness, extremely amazing, this lightning force to stimulate the body's practice, let Terrance think of ash that only fused beads Pikachu, also do not know Ash What happened to them, collected Johto Region Region's eight badge did not, when will come to Hoenn Region …

    The snow energy outside the fist became a whirlpool and collided with Altaria's claws. At this moment, Slake used the Bulk Up technique to concentrate all his strength on the arm. The most terrible thing is that it still has body Black air is emitted all the time, and the force of lightning collides with each other. It looks like it forms an armor.

    “This Slakeking is more tricky than in the data.”Terrance is awesome.

    "Have you hidden strength?"The top Trainers saw this move, dignified, and at the time of this Slake's last Masters, it only used the power of lightning, Facade, Bulk Up to complete its own reinforcement.

    But nowadays, on the basis of that, a Curse trick has been added, which is simply going further and further on the road of self-harm.

    "Only the skills of the three moves can't fight this Altaria, and Mr. Norman is a last resort."Drake spoke.

    Use the Curse move when you don't have the Ghost Type, which will reduce the user's speed, attack and defense.

    However, in terms of the speed of the subsequent outbreak of Slake, there is no downward trend in speed. The only explanation is that Slaking has intensified the stimulation of the body by the power of lightning and forced a stronger maneuver.

    "Roar!!"During the rage, Slake used the Counter trick to transfer the power to the Altaria, which was extremely terrifying.

    Terrance's Altaria, even in the face of Diantha's Gardevoir, has not been unilaterally suppressed, and I can now imagine Slake's Contest Condition.

    In Soaring in the sky, Altaria's double-winged turbulence, the power of the Assist cotton feathers slowed the impact, stagnated in the air, and then swooped down again!

    At the same time, the Moonblast is quickly condensed in front of the body, forming circular fluctuations, which are quickly launched, and dozens of moon attacks are like a missile.

    "He actually took the initiative to attack. In the face of such Slake, Terrance, what is he planning?"

    Four Elites, including Steven, are all admired by Norman, and even a few Elites can ask if they can win the Norman who has mastered Mega Evolution and Ray's Curse armor, but the end result is…If they didn't play one game, they couldn't judge it at all.

    It’s such a Norman, but the battle with Terrance is at a disadvantage…The four-position Elite repositioned the threat of Terrance.

    Straking with lightning and Curse's power, muscle burst, destructive power, amazing defense, tearing attack and Altaria collided again. In a short time, the two elves are up and down, not Slaking, one hit, Altaria With a blow, the audience is full of blood.

    The collision of energy and energy, strength and strength, and the collision of the champion-level combat power, but rarely seen, this scene, is to make many people worthwhile.

    "Norman has tried his best. This time Rival is really not good. What surprised me is that Norman's Rival chose to face this kind of Slaking, instead of relying on the layout to delay time and adopt guerrilla tactics. By the way, he is called Terrance. ”The Speaker of the House of Lords wiped his beard.

    Under the Contest Condition, Slake was destined to be unable to support Terrance's last elf. In order to give Slake the power to pay for the huge price, Terrance and Altaria chose to face each other, play a punch to the flesh, and recruit hot and hot. The peak matchup.

    Such a battle is undoubtedly the most ornamental, so that the combat effectiveness of the two elves show the most vividly, soon, slaking Curse force more intense, with bulk up will be their own combat force to the peak contest condition slaking burst out beyond the altaria of the destructive power , in one fell swoop will Altaria pull down, Ice Punch crazy Hammer Smash, and Altaria, Nature also full resistance, fairy energy into flash burst away, huge energy field at this time exudes, cross roll out to let the protection site of the confusion shield violently shaken, Let countless protection sites of the psychic Elf Cold sweat shed.

    "Slaking in Curse itself, using the power of thunder and lightning to stimulate the body for a huge amount of combat, finally fell helplessly…And its Rival, Altaria is now frozen by the snow and ice energy, unable to fly…Then the same goes to the end, will this be the final result? ”Host slowly opens and looks at the venue where the fog rises again.

    At the same time, Norman looked at Terrance and couldn't help but say: "In just a few years, you have grown to this point. It's amazing, hey, just don't know how to go back with Xiaosheng."

    “Xiaosheng will be a good Trainer.”Terrance Road.

    "Yeah."Norman smiled and then returned to the field: "This flame has not completely broken out from start to finish. Is it another card for you?"

    "It will be available when appropriate."Terrance didn't explain too much. The next moment, the venue was full of blazing flames. The fallen Altaria was entangled in a fire, and the ice on it melted quickly. Although it still had serious injuries, it was more than Slaking, which was already powerless. Altaria is very dazzling, like a phoenix reborn in a fire, re-emerges a huge vitality.

    At this time, the entire quartz sports field is silent.

    Hoenn Region The 174th Masters regular season, the stadium of the Fallaboro Gym, Terrance, accumulated 17 consecutive victories, completed the regular season, and promoted the Elite Challenge in an invincible position.

    On this day, witnessed by the forces of all parties, the four major Elites, the champions, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Hoenn Alliance's Elite Four was attributed to a hard question.


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