Pokemon Court Chapter 916

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 916 Diancie is awesome! ! Floating astronomy
    Just after the end of the battle between Terrance and Norman.

    Naplu Road Museum.

    Because of the tourist season, the tourists who are enjoying the flowers are crowded with the whole town.

    In one direction, the street performances of 36 Ribombeee attracted a large number of tourists, leading people to encircle an area and lively.

    The performances of Beautifly, Dustox and Ribombee around the flower fields are the main tourist attractions. Of course, the most important thing is that the performances of these elves can bring a very comfortable feeling to the tourists. This is why they are willing to spend a long time watching the performances. .

    What happened

    Ribombee was in the area where people came and went, rubbing shoulders, but just as the tourists watched, the Ribombees suddenly stopped performing, slugged and looked at Mt. Chimney direction.

    Then, it was the explosion of "Boom" from Mt. Chimney rushed on, and the tourists looked up and was shocked.

    At this time, Mt. At the top of Chimney, a shocking light column rushed into the sky, shocking, and this amazing energy fluctuation made many elves could not help but tremble.

    The sound is running through the world, not only Mt. At the foot of Chimney, the Naplu Road Museum, even the towns farther than the Naipuru Road Museum, heard this loud noise.

    |||UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_START|||“恐怖袭击?”|||UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_END|||In the Fallarbor police station, Officer Jenny quickly recalled a large unresolved case on the Nepro Road Museum.

    Five years ago, Hoenn’s illegal group, the Fire Rock Team, was at Mt. Chimney blasted, and the accident was so raging, but so far it has not caught the murderer.

    This time Mt. Chimney came again to explode, so that the Napru Daoguan police station, the office responsible for local security, Jenny immediately led all the police officers to take action, not to miss a chance.

    “But it always feels not that simple…”

    Even the doors didn't open, and Office Jenny turned over and quickly sat in the driver's seat, staring blankly at the distance.

    One of her partners, Granbull, came out of the explosion and is still upset.

    Fallabor Gym.

    Another coach, Trainer Kathrine, walked out of the pavilion and came to the town to cooperate with the police to appease the tourists. At the same time, she was worried and worried, looking towards Ever Grande City.

    Although Mt. Chimney is not under the jurisdiction of the Napru Road Museum, but because of its proximity to the Fallarbor Forest, it also has a major impact on the Napru Road Hall.

    Also because Terrance often travels to Mt. For Chimney's sake, Kathrine vaguely felt that the explosion could not be related to Terrance.

    That amazing energy fluctuation, if she is not wrong, it should be Fairy energy.

    "He is now fighting, I don't know if I can get back."

    Mt. On Chimney, the only thing that can cause a change is the diamond of Carbink.

    It took more than four months, according to Rotom Pokédex's speculation, although there were subtle errors, the diamonds eventually changed during this time period.

    The first to perceive the turbulence of the diamonds is the Rotom Pokédex, followed by Gardevoir, Ninetales…

    Carillonk is not safe in the arms of Terrance's elves, but even Rotom Pokédex did not expect it. Today, a huge burst of energy erupts through the clouds. vast!

    The top of the diamond is naturally crushed by this huge energy, and secondly, because of the envelope of the energy column, it is in Mt. The elves at the top of Chimney couldn't see the situation, and there was no way to learn about Carbink.

    However, they can feel the rich vitality emitted by the light column.

    “Scanning to life is fluctuating Rotto.”

    Rotom Pokédex keeps flying, and the solidified expression quickly spreads out. Gardevoir, Ninetales, Beautifly, Froakie, Togepi, Altaria are carefully close to the light column, and finally, as the light column gradually dims, they see a figure.

    This is an elf with a pink round diamond on its head, and around the diamond, there is a crown made up of four octahedral diamonds and two long strips of diamonds, making this elf look very noble, like a princess. Normal.

    This elf has a gold-colored arc ring with an octahedral diamond on the neck. Secondly, it has a white skirt on the upper part of the body. The lower part of the body is similar to Carbink. It is a diamond ore with some diamonds. It is no doubt that this is exactly Carbink has been successfully mutated.

    Seeing Diancie's figure, Rotom Pokédex was so excited that he quickly recorded the picture of Diancie's birth, but before the Rotom Pokédex, the Diancie of the Diamond Princess Normal suddenly opened his eyes, like Ruby Normal. The pupils are very deep and their eyes are fascinating.


    Diancie opened his eyes for a moment, and his hands were intertwined, aiming at the elves such as Rotom Pokédex and launching an attack in an instant.

    Then, the endless Fairy energy listened to Diancie's order, and the countless elements in the air were squeezed by Diancie. In a moment, a Hurricane made up of pink diamonds like a tornado Normal, swept toward the spirits such as Ninetales! !

    The Diamond Storm condenses very fast and is extremely powerful. It is a destructive force for unprepared elves such as Ninetales and can threaten its own attacks.

    In the face of Diancie this let people confused behavior, Ninetales shake tail, Blizzard attack, gardevoir powerful confusion crush past, beautifly create a huge silver wind, against it, for a moment, Diamond Storm and these moves collide together, let Rotom Pokédex dare not believe the scene is, Diamond Storm instantly will these three tricks devour, with an unrivalled posture let ninetales they fell into a big crisis, forced three elves fast full resistance!

    "What happened to you, Rotto!!"Rotom Pokédex is screaming.

    The elves such as Ninetales and Gardevoir looked at Carbink's changes and were puzzled.

    Carbink seems to be a bit strange because of the mutation, just like losing memory.

    At the same time, Trainer, police officers, and wild elves came to the mountain.

    Because Terrance is at Mt. The arrangement on Chimney has never been told to anyone completely, so no one knows about the countdown of the Carbink mutation.

    The rapid development of the Naplu Dao Pavilion has become a town with a large population. It has not been as many as dozens of households as it was a few years ago.

    There are also a lot of Trainers, Coordinators, and adventurers gathered here. This shock has naturally attracted their attention, and they all move toward Mt. Chimney is coming.

    Although the police stopped it, the Trainer was not an obedient profession. The Flying Elf and the Elves that can be used have become their help to get here quickly.

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