Pokemon Court Chapter 917

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body chapter 917 welcomes back, floating astronomy
    Mt. On Chimney,

    Diancie seems to have lost the memory of the Carbink period, and he can't recognize the elves such as Rotom Pokédex, but it instinctively feels the threat and launches an attack.

    The tricks of several elves swept together, allowing Rotom Pokédex to sneak around and quickly connect to Terrance.

    Ninetales, Gardevoir, and Beautifly didn't do their best because they couldn't hurt Diancie. This reservation made them quickly suppressed.

    It wasn't until later that Diancie's amazing power was far beyond them, they did their best, but even then, they could barely limit Diancie, unable to control it and calm it down.


    "Shana ~~"

    Including Mt. Chimney The Altaria is inside, and the four elves work together to stop Diancie's runaway.

    As for Rotom Pokédex, Froakie, and Togepi, because of their lack of strength, they were unable to intervene in this battle and stayed aside.

    However, the movement here is too big, soon, Rotom Pokédex found someone close, it was the first to see a flygon male trainer, the other side of the face is strange, but probably nearby heard the sound of the explosion quickly rushed over passers-by, and then came a male, A female trainer, who rides the Flying elves, arrived here one step ahead of the police.

    这是The first arriving male Trainer looked at the battle below and was shocked.

    Gardevoir, Alola Ninetales, Beautifly, Altaria, the four elves, Beat Up, an elf that has never been seen before, broke out with a thrilling battle. The huge energy afterglow made him convinced that if his Flygon intervenes, it will be swallowed instantly. .

    "Sure enough, is the explosion caused by the battle? What kind of power is erupted by the elves…Even if I am so far away, I can feel it. ”Said by riding the tall man who came to the sculpture.

    "Ah, look at it, are the four elves, Beat Up, a super rare elf, a pink diamond…I have never seen this breed before. ”The female Trainer suddenly opened her eyes, squinting at the center of Diancie, and stunned her eyes.

    Although the three did not know each other, they did not prevent these Trainers from communicating. The three people noticed the speciality of Diancie. The female Trainer even wanted to rush down to Help Diancie, but was quickly stopped by a sudden flying figure.

    "Do not move Rotto."

    Rotom Pokédex opened his hands and stood in front of the three men. The tall man quickly calmed down and said: "There is a coordinator in the Napru Road Museum. His main forces are Beautifly, Gardevoir, Ninetales, Altaria. Now the situation is complicated. I have already heard the alarm ringing, and you still don’t want to rush into it."


    With the exchange of the three people, the following violent explosions broke out again. Diancie manipulated the mirror of countless face diamonds and rolled up the Flash to make it move towards the whole piece of Mt. Chimney spreads, and the huge energy is passing by, so that the three Trainers can't help but retreat. At this time, Diancie Stomp mirrors, and the deep eyes look at the elves such as Ninetales. They are not afraid of their own strength and are once again launching a strong offensive. .

    The Trainer has come to the fore, and this power is beyond their understanding.

    "Please don't let people leave here quickly, please don't let people leave here quickly!!"

    Officer Jenny drove crazy and finally rode Arcanine to the top of the mountain. She looked at the Soaring in the sky, which was filled with countless mirrors, and quickly took out the intercom and directed the police officers behind.

    Then she immediately opened her eyes to the Trainer in Soaring in the sky.

    "That is the elf of Master Terrance. What happened here is related to him."Jenny’s heart is dark.

    The four elves battled Diancie, even the police couldn't step in. Now the only thing Office Jenny can do is to prevent outsiders from interfering with the situation and dispel the irrelevant Trainer.

    Later, the people at Fallaboro Gym came in, watching Diancie's singularity against the four elves, and Troie immediately showed an incredible expression.

    The strength of Terrance's main elf is well known, even in the Masters, it is a first-rate player, but now…

    Mt. On Chimney, the situation once ran away, the gravel flew, and the hills were flattened.

    "You said that the elf is Carbink?"Kathrine heard Rotom Pokédex's reply, revealing an expression that he could not believe.

    Diancie, the body of the pink Lucas is praised as the most beautiful in the world. The carbon in the air is compressed between the two hands, and many diamonds can be created in a flash. Its fighting posture makes many Trainer come. I can't keep my eyes on it.

    "When will this battle stop?"

    Officer Jenny was very thoughtful. After a long time, a figure appeared in the air. At this time, Diancie was controlled by Gardevoir's Psychic, trapped in Silver Wind, frozen by countless frosts, and battled again. Trapped, but the onlooker Trainer knows that Diancie's breakthrough is only a matter of time.

    At that moment, there will inevitably be another round of war.

    DangerSuddenly, a police officer saw a figure jumping from the air to the bottom and hurriedly said.

    The figure slowly went to Diancie, and he was in the middle of the battle. It was almost a desperate move, causing many people to show their worried expression.


    The figure began to talk to himself. Since he appeared, the force of the frost dissipated, and his palm touched the quiet Diancie naturally, and it gave off a dazzling light.

    "Why don't you know me?"

    Terrance's tiny opening, Fairy's imprint and Diancie's body fit together. Under the influence of mysterious power, there are countless fragments in Diancie's mind. The Fairy imprint acts as a medium, awakening Diancie's memory in the Carbink stage.

    The memory torrents reunite, leaving Diancie no longer attacking.

    Who is that person?In Soaring in the sky, Trainer saw Terrance's bold move and was afraid to ask.

    Just now Terrance went straight into the battlefield and almost let them think that this person was finished, but the result was unexpected.

    HeHe is Terrance, the owner of the Ballabor Gym. ”

    When many police officers and Trainer were shocked, Terrance didn't have time to think about what was going on around him. He watched Diancie gradually recover his clear eyes. He smiled and smiled through Diancie.

    "It's okay, welcome back."

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