Pokemon Court Chapter 918

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 918th Fairy imprint disappears, floating astronomy
    Mt. The summit of Chimney has become the exclusive territory of the Terrance training elves. If it wasn't for Diancie's movement from the diamonds, it wouldn't attract so many people.

    Ordinary Trainer wants to go all the way, even if it is riding the Flying Wizard, there are many obstacles, Mt. The wild elves in Chimney have a good personality, but they are confusing into Mt. The elves in Chimney are weaker and will be pinched as soft persimmons.

    The people who can come here in the first place are the elites in Trainer. Although they are not many, they are also people with certain visions.

    The police used their rights to limit these people, not letting them fight, but until Terrance returned, these people still did not disperse, but with the elf Pokédex, watching Diancie intently.

    Unfortunately, so far they have not been able to judge what the Diancie is.

    Most of the people here only hold Hoenn Pokédex, but even if you upgrade Pokédex to the top level configuration, there will be no specific information about Diancie, because there are only one or two elves in the world, even if you write the Pokédex. The major professors don't know much about it.

    Of course, with the improvement of the materials, many legendary elves are recorded in the Pokédex, and it should only be a matter of time, but the information of these elves will not be as perfect as other elves.

    "Officer Jenny, my elf had a little accident in the special training, but it has now been solved."Terrance touched Diancie's head and said slowly.

    At this point, Diancie had just swayed a few times because of the recent war. It was very tired. If it wasn’t quietly playing a Yawn, Terrance almost thought it was a more serious situation… …Instead of dozing off.

    "Yes, I understand."Officer Jenny nodded immediately, then looked at the few Trainers around him and said, "Everyone, this is the way things go, and I hope you don't send out other rumors after you go back."

    "Officer Jenny, this is fine, but I have something to ask about Master Terrance."

    The tall man jumped from the elf and wondered: "Master Terrance, this elf…Should it be your elf? ”

    "Excuse me, what is its name."

    These are in Mt. The Trainer on Chimney has this doubt, Diancie, even in the Kalos Region, only the knowledgeable scholar, Trainer recognizes that in the Hoenn Region, there are even fewer people.

    Just in the first battle, Diancie faced the four elves Beat Up just a little down, it was handsome and Contest, not to mention that these Trainer was curious, even the police including Office Jenny could not help but look over.

    "It ……Its name is Diancie, and I think you can learn more about it in a while. ”Terrance smiled slightly.

    "At the Elite Challenge."



    after day

    Diancie's business is still inevitable in a small area.

    The Hoenn Alliance's four Elites got a piece of information from their respective channels, looking at the fuzzy maps, and they all showed a dignified expression.

    The legendary elf, Diancie?

    "There are very few legendary elves, and Diancie's information is not much recorded. When did this Terrance conquer Diancie?"

    Glacia Elite reveals a puzzled expression and beats Norman with a 5vs6 record. Terrance has already felt the threat of the incumbent Elite Four.

    Today, whether it is Phoebe, Sidney, Glacia or Drake, there is no confidence that they will win Terrance.

    In this case, Terrance once again showed a Mega card that had never been made, and had to silence the four Elites.

    Although the Trainer, who has the ability to conquer the legendary elves, is not necessarily strong, according to Terrance's performance, these people really don't think they can convince themselves.

    Terrance's Diancie exposure undoubtedly made Terrance himself, regarded by everyone as a mysterious guy…Caused many people to be jealous.

    Of course, the most frequent action is the party of the Contest contest. After Raoul Contesta took out the details of Diancie, Lock On reached the most critical line of information.

    Suspected of a mutant of Carbink.

    This information made him fantasize, but in the end he was still sensible and didn't ask too much.

    "As a legendary elf, Diancie naturally does not need to say much about the rareness. The most valuable thing is that its ability to make beautiful diamonds at hand is simply born for the Contest contest."

    Raoul Contesta murmured, even if it was called Milotic, the most beautiful elf, he thought that there would be no elves like Diancie to be more intoxicated. The difference between the two is rarity.

    And the special abilities of Diancie!

    Milotic is very rare, but Diancie, there may not be a few in the world.

    In this case, Diancie can not only become the symbol of Terrance, Terrance can also become the symbol of Diancie, considering the Diancie's powder absorption potential, the two match each other, Raoul Contesta has predicted the birth of a coordinator who is faintly beyond Wallace.

    "This matter, let's talk about it later."Terrance declined Raoul Contesta's proposal.

    "But you defeated Norman, and conquered the legendary elf Diancie. It is a very good time to build momentum now…Don't you want to wait for you to successfully climb Elite's position…"

    Raoul Contesta contacted Terrance for the first time and talked to Terrance.

    "This is not…Instead, I have some conditions on this side, I really have no intention to deal with this, but what you said makes sense, it is not too late to do these things after the Elite Challenge is successful. ”Terrance talked as he looked at the palm and said.

    "All right."

    After ending the conversation with Mr. Raoul Contesta, Terrance looked at the disappearing Fairy mark and saw it again.

    The unexpected situation after the Carbink mutation was unexpected to everyone.

    Terrance and Rotom Pokédex don't know what happens after the Carbink mutation, and they don't think about it.

    Terrance, who rushed to the scene, did not expect to be able to solve it with the Fairy mark.

    But at the time, there was a special feeling that led Terrance to use the Fairy mark to try to wake up Diancie.

    After that, Terrance was a coincidence, and the Fairy mark by the successful Assist Xerneas brought Diancie Smelling Salts over…

    It was originally a matter of making Terrance very happy, but after that, the Fairy mark suddenly dissipated and dissipated faster and faster, and now it has completely disappeared.

    He also lost the ability to communicate with the Fairy Elf…

    "Is it a blessing or a curse?"

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