Pokemon Court Chapter 919

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 919 Xerneas reproduction, floating astronomy
    Terrance shook his head slightly, and at this moment, a loud noise came from outside the pavilion. It seemed that the people were still in a hurry.

    After quickly rushing out, Terrance heard the description of the person.

    "Terrance Hall owner, Fallarbor Forest appeared in a never seen elves, there are tourists want to took demon it, but have been repelled, now there are many trainer to drive past, but Fallarbor Forest is, after all, a tourist area, Now has been banned by us and the police, you quickly go to see it, if the facilities inside the damage is not good. ”The administrator in charge of the Fallarbor forest, while explaining, gasps.

    "Thank you."Terrance nodded quickly.

    At this time, the Fallarbor forest has been blocked, and Office Jenny sweats on his forehead. The last two days have been one after another, and they are not stopped.

    The most important thing is that the Trainer group is basically a few obedient, not easy to manage, this is the most headache.

    "Sir, the staff has been evacuated, but the elf is very strong and shows a high threat. The guards in the Fallarbor forest have been defeated without even a face."

    In the report of the police officer under Rival, Officer Jenny looked at the black-painted Soaring in the sky and said, "It’s okay, then let the elves solve it themselves, then…Just wait for the master of Terrance. ”

    In the forest of Fallarbor, the butterflies danced in the sky, and they came in from all directions, forming a huge creature. The combination of Moonlight and Morning Sun highlights the shock of the wings. The red pupil and the yellow crown symbolize this one. The majesty of Fallarbor Totem.

    The strictly guarded Fallarbor forest was mistaken into alien creatures, and it was a threatening guy. After many tourists and individual elves were repulsed, the group of Beautifly and Dusto immediately launched a counterattack.

    Like the Bug Buzz of the torrent Normal, the Rival of the butterfly group, an elf like the symbiosis of the trees and the deer, swayed slightly, and the whole forest fell into a pink mist.

    Misty Terrain !

    The Bug Buzz attack, initiated by hundreds of elves, is like sinking into nothingness, without arousing half-dividing.

    But at this time, the Ground of the Fallarbor forest, but involuntarily began to crack, and then, more and more cracks…

    "Beautifly, you step back."

    Soon, the butterfly group and the mysterious creature had not played for the second time, and Terrance’s voice came.


    Terrance, who came quickly, saw the mysterious elf in this rumor and felt a shock in his heart. He did not understand why the Legendary Pokémon of the Kalos Region suddenly came to the Hoenn Region.

    Follow me!

    After seeing Terrance, Xerneas immediately used telepathy, and then did not return, the light lingered, toward Mt. Chimney flies in the direction.

    At the same time, the small Beautifly, who served as the core of the butterfly group by the Terrance command, also quickly evacuated the partners and returned the elves to their respective positions.

    "Don't worry, just hand it over to me."Gently opening towards the little Beautifly who fell on his shoulder, Terrance fell into meditation and then quickly moved towards Mt. Chimney rushed.

    Three minutes later.

    Altaria, Arcanine, Mismagius, Gallade, Gardevoir, Floating Bubbles, Beautifly, Banjara, Ninetales…All of Terrance's main strengths are concentrated in Mt. On Chimney.

    At Mt. Chimney saw a moment in Xerneas somewhere in the remote, Altaria and Gallade took the Mega Evolution, and several elves launched a strong offensive.

    Unfortunately, Altaria's Fairy Aura was suppressed by Xerneas, and Terrance's Fairy Legion was powerless for the first time and could only be confronted in other ways.

    Although there was not enough time to arrange the tactics, each of the elves here went through a battle, and the Xerneas fell into the wind.

    "What about that elf?"

    At the critical moment when Xerneas lost, it seemed to be enough to absorb it from the whole Mt. Chimney's energy, a sudden burst of powerful light, forced all the Terrance's elves.

    “It’s Diancie. It’s just because of the sudden mutation, the Contest Condition is still unstable and is currently resting in the Poké Ball.”Terrance Road.

    At this time, the two sides' hands have also stopped.

    Xerneas’s initial expression of war was the key reason for Terrance to ponder, and Terrance thought…Xerneas should want to test out their growth.

    "Xerneas, what was the trick just now?"Terrance is curious.

    In the face of nine top-level spirits, the Beat Up, even the legendary elves like Xerneas fell into the wind, but when Xerneas used that special technique, its combat power immediately increased tremendously. Retired 9 elves, the strength is terrible.

    "Geomancy, let me directly use the life energy in nature, Fairy energy to strengthen myself."Xerneas slowly opened his eyes and looked at Terrance seriously:

    "I am coming for you."

    "It is because of this."Terrance's screaming out, the Fairy mark given by Xerneas was gone by myself, I don't know if I can get another one.

    Under the gaze of Xerneas, when Terrance saw it nodded slightly, a Poké Ball on his waist swayed, Diancie…Suddenly, I got out of Poké Ball, and my eyes appeared in the Fairy Aura of Xerneas.

    "you are……"If the voice of Xerneas telepathy is a mature female voice, then the ability of telepathy obtained by Diancie mutation can convey a tender female voice, like a girl Normal, crisp and moving.

    The next moment, Diancie was wrapped in Xerneas' Fairy Aura, as if the final transformation was completed.

    “It really is Diancie. I didn’t think there was any other Diancie in addition to the inheritance of the mining country.”Xerneas looked away. "You Assisted the power of Fairy Aura?"

    "Yes.Terrance nodded subconsciously and then asked: "Xerneas, why does Carbink lose its previous memory after a mutation?"

    Because of the birth of Diancie and the disappearance of the Fairy mark, the arrival of Xerneas, one of the three gods of the Kalos Region, in charge of life, gave Terrance a lot of questions to ask.

    But these, Xerneas did not answer him directly, but signaled Terrance to take back the elf and sit on its back.

    At this point, Diancie had completed the bathing of Xerneas Fairy Aura and then received the same invitation as Terrance, which immediately made the two sides look at each other…

    "Let's sit up."When Terrance heard Xerneas' request, he nervously yelled, riding the legendary elf, would it be too much…

    Although somewhat puzzled, Terrance and Diancie finally sat on Xerneas, and then they were wrapped up in rainbow light.

    Under the rainbow light, he and Diancie seem to have entered the different world Normal. Although they have lost their perception of the outside world, Terrance can feel like he has experienced a long way and came to a familiar place.

    Opening his eyes again, Terrance looked around in confusion and couldn't help but say, "Here?"

    "Kalos."Xerneas walked slowly in the forest, the road.

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